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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEFINE

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Astrology, 250:The characteristics of this sign are not easy to define or comprehend because they are in realityAstrology, 426:mean by that term. For our purposes, we could define Life as the energy emanating from certainAtom, 6:the world's ills, yet the very fact that we can define them, that we can point in the direction inAtom, 20:unrolling from an inner center, but we need to define the idea more clearly, and thus get a betterAtom, 23:that which is purely selfish. We might finally define evolution as ordered change and constantAtom, 99:of these three it is only possible, really, to define two in any way with clarity. [100] AbsoluteAutobiography, 138:about consciousness and I could not possibly define it but I kept six pages ahead of the class andBethlehem, 108:deal with the difficult subject of evil, nor to define the times when Christ was functioning as aBethlehem, 201:saviors of their fellowmen. How then shall we define sin? First let us look at the words which areDestiny, 22:by the ideas themselves. These you could hardly define if asked to do so. You are affected by theirDiscipleship1, 51:development of this required sensitivity? 2. Define impersonality. Do you know the distinctionDiscipleship1, 134:your thoughts and to give you the opportunity to define clearly to yourself the objectives andDiscipleship1, 190:is a waste of time, my brother. The attempt to define the undefinable and to measure the mind ofDiscipleship1, 199:day, what part has illumination played? How do I define the phrase "light of the Soul"? Light is aDiscipleship1, 205:1938 MY BROTHER: I feel that if you had to define just what the past year of experience and serviceDiscipleship1, 386:Little is known as yet anent the aura. I would define it simply as the sumtotal of the attractiveDiscipleship1, 392:my major assets and my major weaknesses? Can I define clearly within myself what I understand byDiscipleship1, 399:my day, what part has joy played? How do I define the word joy? Have I been ruled by joy, and hasDiscipleship1, 444:what part has observation played? How do I define the word "observation"? Observation in theDiscipleship1, 690:field and school of thought. I am not going to define for you active discipleship as ordinarilyDiscipleship1, 702:Ashram. It might be valuable if I endeavored to define an Ashram to you and so leave you with aDiscipleship2, 271:a definite goal, but it is one which will only define itself clearly in the third solar system, theDiscipleship2, 539:and (for your own aiding and help) analyze them, define accurately to yourself the conditioningDiscipleship2, 599:do so that keeps you where you are. If perhaps I define or indicate to you two glamors whichEducation, 59:it might be of service if I here attempted to define esotericism in terms of the general averageEducation, 68:functioning. It is therefore possible to define esotericism and its activity in terms of light, butEducation, 80:It might be of value at this point to define what education can be, if it is impulsed by trueExternalisation, 99:subtle evidences of the esoteric sense, and then define it and explain its processes and evidences,Externalisation, 215:clearly in your minds, and I would like again to define them. The ancient entrenched forces ofExternalisation, 663:in an outer differentiation. This synthesis will define the many aspects of the essential, basicFire, 309:it might prove of value to us if we sought to define this principle of manas and see what isFire, 334:Key to the Fifth Kingdom in Nature We might also define manas as the key to the door through whichFire, 1236:shall say what that impulse is? Who as yet shall define the purpose behind the soul or idea,Fire, 1267:door. The sacred phrases of the Sons of Light define it thus: "The portal of the luminous light,Glamour, xi:concerning the intuition, and attempts to define it are very common, but that a real appreciationGlamour, xi:I plead for a close study of my words: I seek to define for you the intuition. I shall deal withGlamour, 21:is regarded rather the same way, only (as we define it) we lay the emphasis upon the finiteness ofGlamour, 24:months I would suggest that you do three things: Define in your own words and as the result ofGlamour, 93:dispel glamor, and how can it be brought about? Define maya and give your understanding ofGlamour, 140:give you at this time. I will, however, briefly define illumination, asking you to bear in mindGlamour, 223:which is one of extreme difficulty. I might define their problem by saying that they tend to bringGlamour, 241:then is maya? This, my brother, is not easy to define because it is related to the form-buildingGlamour, 267:of the PRESENCE. There is no need for me to define the two aspects of the disciple's nature, forHealing, 65:Of these homosexuality is one of the clearest to define. The other diseases to which humanity isHealing, 65:is heir are sometimes not so easy to clarify and define. The man or woman is a victim but the causeHealing, 125:blood are esoterically related, and symbolically define the pulsating life of the soul whichHealing, 307:Answered On the Nature of Congestion How can I define congestion for you when the understanding ofHealing, 371:On Vibration Some students make demand that I define what is the meaning of the word "vibration"Healing, 480:medicine" will come into its own. I prefer to define this phase of medical [481] application as theHealing, 578:heart nor the head centers were used. Prana, to define it for your purposes, is the vitality of theHercules, 215:of the disciple, it might be helpful to briefly define the Zodiac so that we can follow his laborsIntellect, 3:march. That meditation is regarded, by those who define loosely, as a "mode of prayer" is,Intellect, 24:considering these two methods let us attempt to define education, to express to ourselves its goalIntellect, 70:and an event which he is careful not to define too particularly; he is waiting, too, with the fullIntellect, 75:The Enduring Quest, page 265. Again, we might define meditation as the method whereby a man reachesIntellect, 150:refers, there has usually been an inability to define or express clearly this state ofIntellect, 153:upon earlier, and Dr. Hall adds that "I would define illumination as an overwhelming sense ofIntellect, 161:field. The intuition is not recognized. We might define it as direct apprehension of truth, apartMagic, 22:main component differentiations? How shall we define that undefinable life that men have (for theMagic, 326:have recognized a Power and have attempted to define their relationship to that Power in terms ofMagic, 494:of the physical body. [494] Let us first of all define this mysterious process to which all formsMagic, 603:wide, constructive and inclusive. You ask me to define more clearly what I mean by the wordsMeditation, 340:of thought matter, and the capacity to define. It means the ability to make thought forms out ofProblems, 51:It might be of value at this point to define what education can be, if it is impulsed by trueProblems, 123:and unimportant; it is necessary also that we define the way of salvation which the churches shouldProblems, 141:of the human consciousness. It is not for us to define or limit it with our concrete thinking butPsychology1, 36:the reader. Question 1 What is the Soul? Can we define it? What is its Nature? Here I shall givePsychology1, 316:of him technically as Monad-ego-personality. We define him as spirit-soul-body. I should like toPsychology2is said in this connection is in an attempt to define and consider that which is really undefinablePsychology2, 67:clearly what occurs, it will be wise to define more accurately what that higher nature is, and ofPsychology2, 79:Certain brief paragraphs will suffice to define each of the stages of appropriation. The paragraphsPsychology2, 82:them. The following tabulation is an attempt to define that which it is almost impossible to makePsychology2, 88:Sons of God. Let us see if we can interpret or define the true significance of this law, which isPsychology2, 124:and as concisely as possible. [124] How do we define the word "service"? What is the field of thisPsychology2, 124:- The Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life How do we define the word "Service"? The definition of thisPsychology2, 124:is not easy. There has been too much attempt to define it from the angle of personality knowledge.Psychology2, 237:It is not easy to discover the right words to define its meaning. It is the quality of the innerPsychology2, 237:also bears silent witness. But what is it? How define it? Men are no longer satisfied to call itPsychology2, 238:of any school of thought - have sought to define the vision, and have endeavored to reduce God'sPsychology2, 348:human field, it might profit us for a moment to define it and seek to understand one or two of itsPsychology2, 472:is regarded in rather the same way, only (as we define it) we lay the emphasis upon the finitenessPsychology2, 480:of cases, blind leaders of the blind. We might define the problem of guidance as the problem of thePsychology2, 584:a somewhat inchoate nature and is difficult to define, but it is analogous to the general sense ofPsychology2, 720:so that they could Recognize the emergency [720] Define the plan more clearly Become more sensitiveRays, 80:appearance or incarnation. Its two figures define the method of evolution; 2 equals the quality ofRays, 143:present them with an analogous goal which they define to themselves as that of finding the light,Rays, 149:The initiate knows it not. First let us clearly define the various septenates referred to in thisRays, 149:them in the order of their appearance and define them, and then I will enlarge upon them in orderRays, 242:of divine purpose. As you will note, they really define nothing. Nor can I help you to recognizeRays, 452:terminology, for there are no words suitable to define our meaning. Just as modern sciences haveRays, 454:study and practical experience, we will define the antahkarana as the extension of the threefoldRays, 532:It will be obvious that these three attempts to define the process of initiation present only theRays, 700:activity for that which is new. He learns to define the Wholeness which is his divine right andSoul, 19:for we know at least fifty thousand years, to define and know him. self, that summary may beSoul, 155:current sense of that term. Positively one may define it as the higher immediacy that is known inTelepathy, 18:is most difficult in this transition period to define, or differentiate, the peculiar areasTelepathy, 129:unduly complicated when they seek to itemize and define, to separate into academic groups and
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