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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEFINED

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Astrology, 11:form through a septenate of energies" (as it is defined in the Old Commentary) is an unalterableAstrology, 57:be regarded as a mystery and therefore not to be defined. These signs and their relationship to theAstrology, 106:method, and finally enters upon that definitely defined process which we call spiritualAtom, 6:of mystery has never before been so clearly defined, and secondly, that that region can be enteredAtom, 22:and best moments. Evolution has also been defined as "cyclic development," and this definitionAtom, 33:you will usually find Newton quoted. He defined the atom as "a hard, indivisible, ultimateAtom, 36:was a word coined by Sir William Crookes, and is defined by him as follows: [37] "Protyle is a wordAtom, 54:If we turn to a dictionary we will find the word defined as follows: "The external shape orAtom, 57:translation is 'the Word,' and it has been defined as "the rendering in objective expression of aAtom, 59:For the purpose of our lecture, man can be defined as that central energy, life, or intelligence,Atom, 84:we are seeking to develop tonight. Man is there defined as "the Life and the lives." We have seenAtom, 99:and look up this word you will find it defined somewhat as follows: "The state of being aware," orAtom, 100:impossible of recognition. It has been defined in one book as, "That consciousness in whichAtom, 100:then, is universal consciousness? It might be defined as consciousness, thinking time and space,Atom, 100:unit. Finally, individual consciousness may be defined as just as much of the universalAtom, 137:Now what is psychometry? It might be defined [138] as the ability to take a tangible something,Atom, 138:system. To see in the sixth dimension might be defined as the power to take a pebble off the beach,Atom, 152:which we call mythological (and a myth may be defined as something which holds a great truth hiddenAutobiography, 88:was simply out of the question. The well defined caste system in Great Britain aided this position.Bethlehem, 3:trends of today are steadily becoming more defined. The hearts of men have never been more open toBethlehem, 48:realization of what lay ahead for Him, and He defined it clearly to His disciples, saying: "...theBethlehem, 113:is summed up. These dualities have also been defined as finiteness and infinity which are theBethlehem, 147:higher correspondences. Transmutation has been defined as "the passage across from one state ofBethlehem, 157:to be wrought out in the life before it can be defined or explained. When humanity as a wholeBethlehem, 203:large to elucidate at length, but it might be defined simply as adherence to that which we shouldBethlehem, 223:between the world and the kingdom was clearly defined. He had given us an example of serviceBethlehem, 252:selves. The resurrection therefore might be defined as the [253] persistence on into the future ofDestiny, 42:nevertheless be more rapid and more accurately defined in the mind of the magician. All, therefore,Destiny, 60:and to a pronounced progress towards a well defined humanitarianism. This they may call theDiscipleship1, 51:or is it a spiritual attainment? 3. I have defined for you the psychic powers. I listed six ofDiscipleship1, 91:you understand what I mean? Initiation might be defined at this point as the moment of crisisDiscipleship1, 126:earlier [126] instruction - has given you your defined mental focus, your critical attitude andDiscipleship1, 202:did in the last instructions, and required your defined answers. I will give you a fourth rayDiscipleship1, 332:you and R. S. U. have your problem clearly defined. The building of the antahkarana - more surelyDiscipleship1, 544:be more definite and your way more accurately defined. This, too, your friends may sense, and beingDiscipleship1, 582:Choose a field of service which has its defined limits - for all disciples are limited and cannotDiscipleship1, 590:not dissatisfied. Your choice is clear and well defined. You can either cooperate happily with thisDiscipleship1, 607:thought and desire. The two are not clearly defined in your mind. Discipleship1, 664:of a renewed consecration and a more clearly defined service - the "comradeship of the Path" andDiscipleship1, 752:- Part VIII The aura of any form of life can be defined as the quality of a sphere of radiatoryDiscipleship1, 771:and the Forces of Light must be clearly defined. When the contrast between the way of love andDiscipleship1, 771:and the way of cruelty and hate is being clearly defined on earth, disciples must exercise anDiscipleship2, XIII:new work with this objective and goal in your defined consciousness. I therefore stated theDiscipleship2, 7:brief periods of time each day to definite and defined meditation. One period (the most important)Discipleship2, 179:radiating throughout your most definitely defined ring-pass-not. Then sound the OM seven timesDiscipleship2, 186:truly shouldered their task or recognized its defined [187] importance. Their work and theirDiscipleship2, 294:of progressive revelation is more clearly defined in your consciousness and is at leastDiscipleship2, 339:In this connection, initiation might be defined as embodying three recognitions: A recognition ofDiscipleship2, 363:saying to you on these formulas: I. The Formulas Defined They are second ray presentations of soulDiscipleship2, 396:an entity" - as H.P.B. expressed it. When he so defined space, he gave humanity one of the mostDiscipleship2, 537:the lines of choice become clearer and better defined. The questions with which you are faced areDiscipleship2, 742:his pathway of life service should be clearly defined. Yours is not. You have, however, two yearsDiscipleship2, 757:but regard them primarily as the subject of a defined spiritual investigation - to be carriedEducation, 84:apparent that the coming education could be defined in a new and broader sense as the Science ofExternalisation, 99:and blended with and by the love which I have defined above, plus that esoteric sense which must beExternalisation, 120:and acquisitive man began to be more clearly defined. Gradually the mental element unfolded amongExternalisation, 125:the ranging of the opponents into two clearly defined groups is now so complete that the finalExternalisation, 209:and the practical work in each can be clearly defined: The interim between today and the cessationExternalisation, 213:the two objective attitudes are far more clearly defined than at any previous time in the historyExternalisation, 213:(or planetary) tendencies take shape, assume defined and pronounced outlines and becomeExternalisation, 217:spiritual objectives. This is now clearly defined. The second stage of their task now lies ahead,Externalisation, 220:world conflict under one or other of the clearly defined banners, their immediate action is clear -Externalisation, 325:for you are all adult souls and progress by defined service, not by being helped. Your task is toExternalisation, 356:dualism of manifestation can be seen clearly defined. Because of this clarity of demarcation, theExternalisation, 414:cry of the masses, and also by the planned, defined invocation of the spiritually orientedExternalisation, 447:of God is known and the purposes of divinity are defined and projected. This means that each of theFire, 33:can be seen as a fivefold demonstration, and be defined as follows: [38] Fire by friction, orFire, 44:(S. D., II, 538) "Akasha the astral Light can be defined in a few words: It is the Universal soul,Fire, 77:atomic. It is molecular matter. 33 "Karma may be defined to be the force generated by a humanFire, 186:the path of knowledge. The senses might be defined as those organs whereby man becomes aware of hisFire, 216:"The Fall" by religious writers, by which is defined in reality the involutionary process,Fire, 243:in the Scheme of Things? Consciousness might be defined as the faculty of apprehension, andFire, 278:a considerable stage of awareness. Time has been defined as a succession of states ofFire, 310:Them forth into objectivity. Manas has been defined as mind, or that faculty of logical deductionFire, 337:Purpose of an Existence Manas might finally be defined as the intelligent will and ordered purposeFire, 654:as it is desirable to have the thought clearly defined. We have touched upon the two lower groupsFire, 784:the ring-pass-not of each sheath is more clearly defined. The heat of the sphere becomes increasedFire, 986:be White magic. - S. D., I, 192. Black Magic is defined by H. P. B. as follows: Black magic employsFire, 1132:nearing their objective. This objective might be defined as ability to vibrate synchronously withFire, 1136:and will become to him ever more consciously defined. So with the planetary Logos and solar Logos.Fire, 1232:that there exists THAT which may not as yet be defined, to realize that a central life persistsFire, 1243:seven paths at a certain stage which may not be defined become the four paths, owing to the factGlamour, 54:and this I attempted partially to do when I defined for you the words Maya, Glamor, Illusion, andGlamour, 72:unique and separate existence, and more clearly defined and more definite outlines. The forms ofGlamour, 72:are even more substantial but are less clearly defined. Thought-forms are dynamic, penetrating,Glamour, 72:problem upon the mental plane is more clearly defined, even if it is equally difficult. [73] AstralGlamour, 90:ancient scripture calls it. The Dweller can be defined as the sumtotal of the forces of the lowerGlamour, 131:different thing. An illusion can, therefore, be defined as the consequence of an idea (translatedGlamour, 135:relationship, a subjective fellowship, as a defined and expressed brotherhood. These will produce,Glamour, 144:I will presently disclose. When this is clearly defined in your mind and inspired by your desireGlamour, 153:statements of the Old Commentary. I have earlier defined for you in as simple terms as possible theGlamour, 162:dualism of manifestation can be seen clearly defined. Because of this clarity of demarcation, theGlamour, 263:by a process of projection; this projection is defined as sending of energy, qualified andHealing, 43:It produces in the consciousness the idea of a defined form and a specific shape. The astral bodyHealing, 65:based upon astral causes or upon some clearly defined desire. A formulated desire is one that findsHealing, 65:counter in many cases to the normally sensed, defined desire. You will note from the above that itHealing, 76:and the kidneys, with the processes clearly defined in both cases of absorption, chemicalisation,Healing, 125:soul. This impersonality (which can be defined as a withdrawing of personality energy) produces itsHealing, 307:you esoteric truth. Congestion is perhaps best defined as the arresting of the free flow of theHealing, 371:definitions of vibration, either by inference or defined, and these you might search for, and upon
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