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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEFINED

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Healing, 372:I shall have aided you far more than if I had defined vibration or pointed out to you just how muchHealing, 491:the man turns his attention to his more clearly defined emotional self - there ensues invariably aHealing, 536:promptness when attempting to heal. I likewise defined for you the nature of Law. This wasHealing, 567:this treatise of the words spirit-soul-body; we defined them as life-quality-appearance. Life isHercules, 5:in the oriental religions. Discipleship could be defined as the final stage of the path ofHercules, 6:In one analysis of discipleship, it has been defined as "a psychic resolvent, which eats away allHercules, 128:opposites (Esoteric Astrology, p.250) is sharply defined. The balance may swing from bias andInitiation, 9:Human and Solar - Chapter II - Initiation Defined INITIATION DEFINED The question anent initiationInitiation, 9:- Chapter II - Initiation Defined INITIATION DEFINED The question anent initiation is one that isInitiation, 9:so by the great Hierophant Himself. Four Words Defined When we speak of Initiation, of wisdom, ofInitiation, 10:five senses, and be correlated, diagnosed, and defined by the use of the [11] human intellect. ItInitiation, 12:by the understanding? The understanding may be defined as the faculty of the Thinker in Time toInitiation, 12:Human and Solar - Chapter II - Initiation Defined Aspects of Initiation Initiation, or the processInitiation, 15:Human and Solar - Chapter II - Initiation Defined The Place and Effect of Initiation The ceremonyInitiation, 18:Human and Solar - Chapter II - Initiation Defined At-one-ment, the Result of Initiation A pointInitiation, 21:of nature on the evolutionary arc might be defined as follows: the mineral kingdom, the vegetableInitiation, 34:the two forces of matter and spirit clearly defined; the inherent duality of all manifestation wasInitiation, 87:and vivify thought-forms that are clear and well-defined, pulsating with the spirit of service andInitiation, 121:Their united energy is working towards a clearly defined goal. Initiation, 157:in physical matter, consonant with the clearly defined purpose of the inner God. It is the shiningIntellect, 24:uninteresting aspect, education can briefly be defined as the imparting of knowledge to a student,Intellect, 52:effective. In Webster's Dictionary, the soul is defined in line with these theories, and theIntellect, 125:instructions forward, it might be of value if we defined the hypothesis upon which we will nowIntellect, 141:Stages in Meditation Contemplation has been also defined by Evelyn Underhill in her most usefulIntellect, 162:perception in these terms: "Intuition - defined in a quite general manner - is the directIntellect, 177:mystic can become the conscious knower, and have defined the sequence of the development whichIntellect, 187:whole, its elements stand out too conspicuously defined, and we do not view the whole 'in oneIntellect, 227:retire again within the sheltering wall we have defined for ourselves. This following of a form inMagic, 10:take up our subject it might be of value if we defined certain words which will be in constant use,Magic, 36:nature demonstrate. Therefore the soul might be defined as that significant aspect in every formMagic, 38:to him the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy might be defined as the sum total of those sons of men who areMagic, 159:as the purpose of the created form is mentally defined, and finally, the vitalizing of theMagic, 403:which the Masters are steadily working, might be defined as follows: - It is the production of aMagic, 405:definite and specific group work along clearly defined lines, with each group standing [406] forMagic, 436:energy which will bring him to his goal are thus defined. Through the medium of the lunar lords andMagic, 455:emanating from the divine Thinker; it might be defined as the dynamic purpose, the "thing" as thePatanjali, 195:is progressive in its manifestation. It might be defined as the demonstration on the physical planePatanjali, 322:the great evolutionary scheme. The senses may be defined as those organs [323] whereby man becomesProblems, 32:objectives and incentives and with well-defined goals and carefully considered ideals. Let usProblems, 36:to humanity everywhere. Civilization might be defined as the reaction of humanity to the purposeProblems, 57:apparent that the coming education could be defined in a new and broader sense as the Science ofProblems, 159:use certain forms of words, certain carefully defined invocations and who - as they do - focus thePsychology1, 9:the use of thought; they follow along the well-defined thought currents of the group. It must bePsychology1, 17:Son, the product of the two, is esoterically defined as "the One Who was third but is the second."Psychology1, 61:the purpose of each ray Life may be sensed and defined, subject of course to the limitations of thePsychology1, 90:is no free will except within certain clearly defined limits, which are defined by equipment and byPsychology1, 90:within certain clearly defined limits, which are defined by equipment and by circumstance. [91]Psychology1, 177:the inner structure of a world-faith so clearly defined in the minds of many thousands that itsPsychology1, 339:Intelligence or Adaptability. Man might be defined as a unit of conscious life, swept into tangiblePsychology2, 10:subject of individualization. It can be simply defined as the process whereby forms of life in thePsychology2, 12:therefore, is Initiation? Initiation might be defined in two ways. It is first of all the enteringPsychology2, 88:the expression of a divine impulse, leading to a defined activity, with its consequent andPsychology2, 124:of personality knowledge. Service can be briefly defined as the spontaneous effect of soul contact.Psychology2, 229:in a still more distant vision. This purpose or defined will is conditioned by His instinctualPsychology2, 299:of the soul and of the physical body are clearly defined. The other rays are regarded as onlyPsychology2, 312:ancient Scriptures call it. The Dweller can be defined as the sum total of the forces of the lowerPsychology2, 324:definitions, a personality might be simply defined as: An equipment which is becoming adequate inPsychology2, 329:only from the angle of consciousness and of a defined involutionary procedure. The second stage ofPsychology2, 333:limited and confined for purposes of defined, intelligent development, within an evolving form, andPsychology2, 451:It might be of value if, first of all, we defined the word stimulation, dealing with it from thePsychology2, 452:distinction. Stimulation might, therefore, be defined as the effect which energy has upon force. ItPsychology2, 471:earnest aspirant. It might be of value if I here defined for you the three terms which are appliedPsychology2, 584:of a more general nature than that of the defined powers. We have consequently: Physical PsychicPsychology2, 600:of this goal. This powerful dream, this defined thought-form (built year by year throughPsychology2, 616:say. The next century will see the problems more defined and the difficulties more clearlyPsychology2, 622:mystical nature of these groups) of so defined a nature that they can evoke understandingPsychology2, 736:of world cleavage are becoming more clearly defined and humanity is slowly forming itself intoRays, 48:our discussion with the thought of Tension and I defined it as the identification of the brain andRays, 50:Triad. This takes place in three clearly defined stages: The stage wherein the lower will aspectRays, 80:In an ancient book on numbers the initiate is defined as "the one who has experienced and expressedRays, 105:it is not yet possible for these concepts to be defined so that the mass can understand; even theRays, 187:astral lines, expressing itself as certain well-defined energies or force directions: MaterialRays, 187:or the seven separating energies became well-defined. When this differentiation was complete, twoRays, 226:the above realization, and the establishing of a defined group reaction to the divine purpose orRays, 265:disturbed. This takes place in three definitely defined stages when the fusion of personality andRays, 278:the fifth injunction in the rule) might be defined as follows: The ideas conveyed are those of anRays, 363:truths in terms of that which has been defined and which (to these higher states of awareness) areRays, 363:localized (and therefore limited) and defined within the etheric levels of the cosmic physicalRays, 425:seven Paths, at a certain stage which may not be defined, become the four Paths, owing to the factRays, 465:are related to the antahkarana and must become defined and conditioned upon the mental plane. TheyRays, 470:only arrived at when the distinction is sharply defined and recognized between the integrated andRays, 471:Life which moves within still other and greater defined limits) - are both understood andRays, 535:and growing proof he gives of definitely defined areas of attainment. It is demonstrated as effectsRays, 545:the desired fusion, falls into certain clearly defined stages: Rays, 562:periphery of the three worlds through clearly defined ray forms and relationships. He is aRays, 723:as we use that term. It has been occultly defined as something akin to "immersion in a realizedRays, 724:and the Major Initiations Initiation has been defined as "a progressive sequence of directed energyReappearance, 8:lead man nearer to the divine. They have been defined as "extraordinary men Who from time to timeReappearance, 85:Christ can draw upon the energies which are defined by the phrase "life more abundantly," becauseReappearance, 144:racial tradition and heritage, for it cannot be defined or conditioned by names. Human beingsReappearance, 151:cry of the masses and also by the planned, defined invocation of the spiritually orientedReappearance, 152:use certain forms of words, certain carefully defined invocations and who - as they do this - focusSoul, 21:bare the general traits of mind, where mind is defined as 'the sumtotal of human experienceSoul, 22:Normal and Abnormal, p. 116. Thus it is defined elsewhere as "a complex integration and successionSoul, 33:upon which the drama is played. It has been defined as "all that is not the organism, whetherSoul, 69:to the animistic theory of the West and will be defined later. The term animism has sufficed up toSoul, 135:summed up under the word harmlessness which is defined in the East by the Five Commandments. TheseTelepathy, 59:words: Contact and Impact. [59] Contact can be defined (for our particular purposes) as recognitionTelepathy, 59:it is revelatory in nature, and can be defined in its initial stages as the guarantee to the oneTelepathy, 154:prevalent in occult circles. Prana might be defined as the life-essence of every plane in the
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