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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEFINITELY

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Discipleship1, 370:has to do with the lines of energy which are all definitely related to the first ray: 1-3-7. YouDiscipleship1, 371:act of a true friend and teacher. Disciples come definitely into the aura of the Hierarchy. You areDiscipleship1, 377:like to emphasize to you the necessity for your definitely grasping the Plan as the New Group ofDiscipleship1, 381:in yourself and through the process of definitely forcing yourself to serve where needed (and notDiscipleship1, 381:is far greater than ever before and this definitely tends to strengthen you. Your will nature,Discipleship1, 381:to work along the line of the will, potently and definitely for a while, as it will serve to roundDiscipleship1, 390:therefore, these tangible thought manifestations definitely produce effects in him. In theseDiscipleship1, 395:She is on her way out, but her mental stress is definitely affecting the group life. It will enrichDiscipleship1, 396:the rhythm of her life, becoming accustomed definitely to changed conditions, to loneliness andDiscipleship1, 399:Do I know my reasons? If this review work is a definitely scientific method of development, have IDiscipleship1, 406:with due care and real caution. We must work definitely and deliberately with a technique whichDiscipleship1, 410:too much for you. When you serve more truly and definitely, your problem will be solved. YourDiscipleship1, 410:with less care and good results. I am referring definitely to an inner attitude towards time whichDiscipleship1, 411:in love. Do this sequentially, quietly, and definitely, with no hurry. Then ponder for the next sixDiscipleship1, 411:most difficult for you to do, but I ask you most definitely to do it in the interests of your ownDiscipleship1, 414:release this banked up spiritual energy? It is definitely energy with which we are dealing, as weDiscipleship1, 427:body is interesting and provides you with a definitely difficult problem, for the necessity toDiscipleship1, 430:to you. [430] Your first ray mental body should definitely aid you in this work, provided you everDiscipleship1, 437:ideas, through an active intuition. These are definitely assets and are the hall mark of theDiscipleship1, 440:realization of incomplete service. This is most definitely a glamor. The power of an unimpededDiscipleship1, 441:OF MINE: For some few years now you have been definitely orienting yourself to the life and statusDiscipleship1, 441:undertook willingly and understood well. It was definitely self-imposed. The second, emanating moreDiscipleship1, 444:with dispassion? If this review work is a definitely scientific method of development, have I everDiscipleship1, 447:upon others that I would seek to have you most definitely consider. Upon the probationary path. theDiscipleship1, 450:in your mind, but your attitude towards them is definitely changed. You are not so sure and you areDiscipleship1, 452:and on realized mental levels; that is for you definitely a mental issue. Your task is to link theDiscipleship1, 468:in form as it affects your personality. You are definitely the observer and "look out upon a worldDiscipleship1, 469:one if your soul were not so constantly and definitely guiding, controlling and leading you awayDiscipleship1, 486:type and quality of your physical body which is definitely not a third ray type. Your rays,Discipleship1, 487:first in my group of disciples to begin to deal definitely with the problem of world [488] glamor.Discipleship1, 488:work could grow? I am asking you to link up definitely and consciously with certain of my disciplesDiscipleship1, 501:the third ray energy of your physical body is definitely one of your major assets. As I earlierDiscipleship1, 513:life by doing three things: By assuming more definitely the attitude of the Onlooker, who sees allDiscipleship1, 516:you to remember this. But you could help more definitely and consciously if you could free yourselfDiscipleship1, 516:This I earlier pointed out to you. I called you definitely to the Path of the Sannyasin. But youDiscipleship1, 525:These thought-forms sap your vitality and are definitely destructive - to yourself and to others.Discipleship1, 538:spiritual aspiration. You need to work more definitely from what might be called a point ofDiscipleship1, 542:you follow the meditation suggested below. It is definitely a fifth ray meditation and has for itsDiscipleship1, 546:consciousness: From the physical brain, after definitely centering it there, to the astral body.Discipleship1, 547:and stimulating your physical body. Do this definitely and slowly, using the will. [548] Then sendDiscipleship1, 554:interrelation must be prolonged, however. I definitely ask you to hold the group in the strength ofDiscipleship1, 562:clear to you. I seek to see you polarized more definitely upon the mental plane. I seek to see youDiscipleship1, 566:and later, we will deal with your problem more definitely. Your rays, therefore, are: The soul rayDiscipleship1, 570:not put this to you so baldly, crudely and so definitely, did I not know your deep inner love, yourDiscipleship1, 575:sought three times during the past four months definitely to help you. I wonder if you were awareDiscipleship1, 578:At three such moments, during the past year, I definitely intervened and interposed my help, thoughDiscipleship1, 581:remainder of this life, thus losing no time and definitely achieving constructive results withinDiscipleship1, 582:Path of Discipleship. But such a mind needs most definitely controlling, wisely correlating with aDiscipleship1, 585:which is little apprehended. You need most definitely the vibration of a second ray group at thisDiscipleship1, 609:the door to this cycle of work is for you definitely a following of the line of least resistance.Discipleship1, 610:large between you and your fellowmen and will definitely negate your usefulness. It is theDiscipleship1, 613:paralleling that already being done but definitely your own, or to organize some group, parallelingDiscipleship1, 613:those already existing but which will be also definitely yours. But, when asked to fit into theDiscipleship1, 614:It had been my intention to start some of you on definitely constructive work in connection withDiscipleship1, 617:has been slow but real. You can be trusted more definitely now than in the past and it is for thisDiscipleship1, 624:should give you encouragement. Let us work more definitely at that. I seek not to interfere at thisDiscipleship1, 631:with the Plan. I, your friend and teacher, am definitely preparing you and your co-disciples forDiscipleship1, 642:through those channels which are at this time definitely open to you. I would ask you to bring toDiscipleship1, 643:These changes are of an academic nature and not definitely personal and your motive is sound. ToDiscipleship1, 646:applied. Ponder on this. Your mental body is definitely on the fourth ray and it is through thisDiscipleship1, 648:adaptation and assimilation. This I think you definitely understand and accept. Proceed with theDiscipleship1, 657:center, the focal point of interest) will begin definitely to fade out. The above statement willDiscipleship1, 659:stable center of adjustment. Your astral body is definitely sixth ray and hence predisposes you toDiscipleship1, 659:your ray combinations, because second ray energy definitely predominates, 2.4.6, and though theDiscipleship1, 665:the personality registering the conflict more definitely and more aware of the strife and theDiscipleship1, 670:of desire. Interlude wherein you seek definitely to raise your consciousness higher and, whilst youDiscipleship1, 670:realizing that the attention of the soul is definitely turned to the personality and that it seeksDiscipleship1, 673:interview in the Master's Ashram. This is definitely the stage of Accepted Disciple. The stageDiscipleship1, 673:This is the stage wherein a chela is being definitely prepared for an immediate initiation or,Discipleship1, 682:towards the center, and accepted disciples are definitely a part of the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy isDiscipleship1, 694:I have been using the word "Ashram" quite definitely in my effort to lead you to discriminateDiscipleship1, 698:power for constructive work, the etheric web is definitely involved. It leads then to aDiscipleship1, 702:come to the disciple from the Master or are definitely transmitted to him by the Master. The goalDiscipleship1, 702:under his inspiration and upon the Plan, are not definitely and technically his Ashram. An AshramDiscipleship1, 712:interview with the Master in his Ashram. This is definitely the stage of Accepted Discipleship. TheDiscipleship1, 713:This is the stage wherein a chela is being definitely and consciously prepared for immediateDiscipleship1, 713:IV Stage I - Little Chelaship This stage is so definitely exoteric that many people have left itDiscipleship1, 714:shadow. When this happens, the egoic group is definitely affected and the Master (upon the same rayDiscipleship1, 719:are everywhere to be found; and people who are definitely Aryan in their state of awareness,Discipleship1, 719:Stage II - The Chela in the Light This stage is definitely one in which the consciousness of theDiscipleship1, 724:a zone or path of influence, so that they can be definitely useful and able to communicate with theDiscipleship1, 725:Where love and trust do not exist, they must be definitely and consciously developed. A second ruleDiscipleship1, 731:to work with the world disciples (who are definitely responsible to the Master of the Ashram forDiscipleship1, 736:etc. Throughout this phase, the attitude is definitely that of the will-to-love, coupled to a deepDiscipleship1, 741:I have taught in my writings most clearly and definitely the undesirability of the lower psychicDiscipleship1, 765:we are considering the last three stages, we are definitely dealing with that which might be calledDiscipleship1, 767:disciple is in close touch always; he is being definitely prepared for immediate initiation orDiscipleship1, 779:of the work of the future) that one could do definitely psychic work and be of a real intelligence.Discipleship1, 785:by these three aspects of the work has been definitely effective and useful. The sumtotal of theDiscipleship1, 787:fact of the Hierarchy and its membership more definitely before the public and in a more arrestingDiscipleship1, 787:public and in a more arresting way. Years ago, I definitely told A. A. B. (as did her own Master)Discipleship2, 4:of the divine nature in each of you is more definitely vital than before. I do not say that it isDiscipleship2, 9:previous instructions; others have given them a definitely cursory and perfunctory reading andDiscipleship2, 32:water mark and is passing through a period - definitely temporary - of retrogression or ofDiscipleship2, 33:P.D.W. - working on the inner side of life - are definitely sharing. The latter has moved on intoDiscipleship2, 35:not use it as an alibi; this, some of you have definitely done; you have regarded your complexDiscipleship2, 36:the relationship between the group members was definitely weak. Today, the lines of energy, carriedDiscipleship2, 42:were all younger and had availed yourselves more definitely of the teaching I have sought to giveDiscipleship2, 54:previous three days' work by the group) became a definitely proven possibility. By training you inDiscipleship2, 74:it is of testing importance for some. I have now definitely decided to disband the New Seed Group.
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