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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEFINITELY

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Discipleship2, 93:through the gates of death passed to a [93] definitely closer relationship; they had earned thisDiscipleship2, 93:them will not be kept waiting for admission to a definitely more positive penetrating in the AshramDiscipleship2, 98:years of instruction, do you feel that you have definitely advanced upon the Path? If so, upon whatDiscipleship2, 116:that the concentration of thought energy is definitely there. Then follows the conscious andDiscipleship2, 120:within the solar plexus field of activity become definitely related to each other, and the lowerDiscipleship2, 129:realize that they are one. II. From that point, definitely and consciously, assume the attitude ofDiscipleship2, 141:service and understanding, but you will definitely be cooperating in the task of externalizing theDiscipleship2, 143:the disciple who faithfully and with a definitely unbroken rhythm follows his instructions, canDiscipleship2, 153:tabulation with care. The fourth meditation was definitely directed towards bringing about a closerDiscipleship2, 157:advice is that in its presentation to a definitely Christian public (as for instance to theDiscipleship2, 179:at the center, radiating throughout your most definitely defined ring-pass-not. Then sound the OMDiscipleship2, 190:at much greater light on the matter if you will definitely realize that your daily life is based onDiscipleship2, 208:inauguration of the new civilization which is so definitely on its way. There are, as you mayDiscipleship2, 216:of spiritual, concentrated aspiration - do [216] definitely create that which is desired. This isDiscipleship2, 216:world order and for the manifestation of a more definitely spiritual civilization. 7. AshramicDiscipleship2, 232:the control of their soul ray; this affects most definitely the varying fields of service. TheseDiscipleship2, 249:in which at last the power of physical death is definitely broken and the signature of theDiscipleship2, 251:from two angles. About these two angles you definitely should have ideas. The angle of theDiscipleship2, 263:between the major initiations. They are definitely formulas of integration: They concernDiscipleship2, 264:unrecognized by you, until your focus is more definitely subjective. I did not say "introspective,"Discipleship2, 269:keenly alert and focused, and his higher mind is definitely en rapport with the lower, via theDiscipleship2, 269:changes in the requirements for initiation and definitely to lift the standard. Five hundred yearsDiscipleship2, 318:of A.A.B. There is also the teaching which is definitely given within the Ashram, and which is not,Discipleship2, 327:on different levels of consciousness, and are definitely related to the processes and effects ofDiscipleship2, 329:at the [329] knowledge that their limitations definitely provide a problem for those less limited.Discipleship2, 335:people shows a definite soul intention, all are definitely oriented in their personality life toDiscipleship2, 347:Precipitation. You can see, therefore, how definitely all the above processes involve a plannedDiscipleship2, 349:to the recognition of opportunity and prepares definitely and consciously for revelation. It willDiscipleship2, 356:the past few years, beginning in 1941 and more definitely isolated for your reflection since 1945)Discipleship2, 364:pattern of the initiate-consciousness. They are definitely formulas of integration, both universalDiscipleship2, 368:to the tangible senses of taste and smell begin definitely to demonstrate, but with them we shallDiscipleship2, 375:you realize the untold numbers of those who are definitely [376] oriented towards the light, whoDiscipleship2, 378:employ this aspect of light under the action - definitely directed - of the Will, in order to bringDiscipleship2, 406:by the aura and radiatory emanation of love, is definitely anchored on Earth, and is penetratingDiscipleship2, 424:the united group of Masters of the Wisdom bring definitely and consciously into the radius of theirDiscipleship2, 427:fact that response to these blended energies is definitely more rapid and inclusive than everDiscipleship2, 447:the past year, my brother, and your answers have definitely affected your personality life, yourDiscipleship2, 458:you have, and I believe will never lose it. Definitely planned meditation is not so easy for you,Discipleship2, 459:is your major handicap, my brother, and definitely limits your usefulness. The solar plexus is wideDiscipleship2, 464:of the time which appeared to you to have a definitely disintegrating effect upon your [465]Discipleship2, 465:ever recognized as yours), and I have shown you definitely how valuable has been to you the pastDiscipleship2, 470:meet all these requirements... This work is most definitely part of my work... and I shall be inDiscipleship2, 480:activity as an accepted disciple. Seek now - definitely and quietly and with a spirit of waitingDiscipleship2, 490:life cycle or during the past week or day; then definitely and with full concentrated interest andDiscipleship2, 494:or egoic expressions. This should be noted as definitely coloring the group and creating (if IDiscipleship2, 495:Withdraw from the physical brain, after definitely focusing your consciousness there. Withdraw toDiscipleship2, 498:lines. I would ask you to do so at first in a definitely personal manner, writing friendly andDiscipleship2, 501:also upon the work of the Triangles. Prepare definitely for the future, and seek also for those whoDiscipleship2, 511:the second incarnation wherein you have been definitely regarded by me and by my Associates as aDiscipleship2, 523:say so and will accept this statement) indicates definitely the dominance at this time ofDiscipleship2, 531:Much also that many regard as harmless is definitely harmful in its general effects. Ideals, asDiscipleship2, 534:and chosen line of activity (which was of a definitely determining nature) was, for you, quite theDiscipleship2, 535:evoke responsibility. This responsibility will definitely extend your field of service. Be willing,Discipleship2, 538:begins to deal with karma, consciously and definitely. He learns to recognize it when events andDiscipleship2, 539:themes should carry you far. You have, however, definitely over-emphasized creativity; you haveDiscipleship2, 540:point in [540] evolution wherein the disciple is definitely radioactive. He can no more helpDiscipleship2, 543:meditation work, I would like it to center more definitely on the Ashram and be less occupied withDiscipleship2, 548:you are one. It is not that each of them is not definitely personal in their application or thatDiscipleship2, 550:are now at a point where you need to fade more definitely out of your own picture of yourself as aDiscipleship2, 554:to act upon the comprehended knowledge. That is definitely the point that you have now reached. TheDiscipleship2, 557:were consciously standing before your Master and definitely aware of my presence, dedicate yourselfDiscipleship2, 565:you greatly and bring the Will aspect more definitely into expression. You will have realized thatDiscipleship2, 568:your case, a real handicap but a pronounced and definitely [569] planned role whereby the discipleDiscipleship2, 571:though it can be controlled. I refer to definitely constructive interest and help upon the physicalDiscipleship2, 572:between your powerful astral nature and your definitely illumined intuition. This I pointed out toDiscipleship2, 575:disciple to find out much. The type must be definitely pronounced and the investigator advancedDiscipleship2, 578:is apt to present more difficulties than a definitely clear-cut distinction. Relationships have toDiscipleship2, 584:activity in the world of forces. You are definitely penetrating closer to the heart of the AshramDiscipleship2, 586:thread and tracing it to the Ashram, thereby definitely strengthening the inner link. Even thoseDiscipleship2, 590:to the Hierarchy. Seek as you do this to link up definitely with your own Master, of whom I am,Discipleship2, 590:in the ajna center express to yourself in definitely formulated thought, the duty of the day in theDiscipleship2, 602:my intention to train them. This inner direction definitely precipitates [603] situations andDiscipleship2, 605:the group meditation. This meditation should definitely aid in increasing the activity of theDiscipleship2, 616:some extent - A.A.B. so as to free her for work definitely connected with the coming of the Christ.Discipleship2, 629:[629] It means that one possible danger can be definitely discounted and that along one line atDiscipleship2, 630:and - could you but grasp it - constitutes a definitely advanced form of meditation. You will findDiscipleship2, 630:Your work in my Ashram must some day be more definitely an aspect of my work [631] in the outerDiscipleship2, 631:right motive and intention, yet disciples are definitely pledged to certain hierarchical forms ofDiscipleship2, 631:and upon his citizenship. Have this definitely in mind, and remember that I need the assistance ofDiscipleship2, 636:time is the [636] need for you to recognize more definitely that the way into the inner sanctum isDiscipleship2, 652:Ashram. Disciples need to regard the Ashram more definitely as a place of spiritual enveloping, ifDiscipleship2, 652:the injunction "dwell in the eternal." I refer definitely to the place of a disciple within anDiscipleship2, 662:from my Ashram to develop and evolve your own definitely planned service, and therefore to beginDiscipleship2, 663:upon the Path of Accepted Discipleship and are definitely in preparation for initiation - whichDiscipleship2, 666:learn to cooperate, and it integrates him more definitely into the "lighted area" of our planetaryDiscipleship2, 671:it. Again - this is a right which you have definitely earned. I shall be in touch with you, myDiscipleship2, 687:The sun is substituted for the moon." Then, definitely throw the light and energy of the soul intoDiscipleship2, 689:further do; in this you are wrong. You can most definitely love more - with less devotion to theDiscipleship2, 693:a very difficult and subtle undertaking. It must definitely be learned, prior to mastering theDiscipleship2, 700:Let love and light and music enter more definitely into your daily life. Spurn not this practicalDiscipleship2, 718:with the soul, and upon this rapport you must definitely concentrate. You are making a real effortDiscipleship2, 730:for you to change. Yet you have changed quite definitely during the past year, and by your refusalDiscipleship2, 758:year you take them as the seed thoughts for your definitely planned morning meditation. I amEducation, 8:and of music. In the next ten years the mind is definitely trained to become dominant. The child isEducation, 10:intellectual caliber one that should warrant a definitely mental training in analysis, deduction,Education, 16:All that we have, however, emerging slowly and definitely through the medium of world education, isEducation, 32:and forces in connection with which man is definitely implicated. It is to these unifications thatEducation, 36:the Science of the Antahkarana will be brought definitely to the attention of the public. 9. TheEducation, 41:consecrated to material living, and with science definitely committed to the enunciation only ofEducation, 42:their attention. The Atlantean civilization was definitely religious in its attitudes; religion was
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