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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEFINITELY

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Fire, 335:the Earth's Primary to be fanned into something definitely human. We must always bear in mind thatFire, 363:effect that the five Kumaras or Heavenly Men Who definitely embody the manasic principle (or theFire, 379:manas), it is now possible for us to come definitely down to the consideration of our Earth chainFire, 386:during the third root-race, and that the definitely human family became present upon earth fromFire, 390:time, will have their center of consciousness definitely on the mental plane, [391] whilst twoFire, 467:this body it follows certain lines and produces definitely constructive results. ConstructiveFire, 480:animal forms into the human or consciously and definitely to bring about individualization. That itFire, 531:individual. [531] The four lower spirillae are definitely under the influence of the personalityFire, 531:they are not the permanent atoms which are more definitely spheroidal and are slightly flattened atFire, 550:this vast and stupendous subject, for, as it definitely concerns the evolution of man and his powerFire, follow:the vital pranic fluid; the vegetable kingdom is definitely a bridge between the conscious and theFire, 583:and inaugurated a new one, for it was the first definitely human race as we now know it. TheFire, 585:all egos. Each must pass some time on it before definitely remaining on his monadic Ray. In manyFire, 604:of the spiritual life increases, and as we pass definitely through the portal of initiation intoFire, 638:is seen. This will not be until science has definitely admitted the existence of etheric matter asFire, 640:The third group of these devas is very definitely connected with the control of the Manu'sFire, 646:devas (as far as man is concerned) who are definitely the constituent substance of his centers.Fire, 669:is produced that physical manifestation which is definitely objective, - one type of force workingFire, 678:devas - utilize cyclic opportunity to effect definitely constructive results. A group of devasFire, 679:permanent atoms in the causal body, but are very definitely associated with the central tier ofFire, 699:life of those planes. Another group is connected definitely with the causal bodies of all Egos andFire, 782:of lunar Pitris to the chord of the Ego. This definitely affects the spirillae of the atom,Fire, 789:of the vitality of their own centers who are definitely "Lords of Yoga" and can - through theFire, 804:fourth kingdom. Nevertheless, within limits, man definitely does "control his destiny," and canFire, 829:esoterically called "sitting for yoga," and is definitely undergoing certain processes of trainingFire, 889:of their thoughts and their spoken words they definitely produce effects upon other human beingsFire, 912:for those of the higher ranks amongst them are definitely making the attempt to contact the human.Fire, 912:with the violet devas are at this time working definitely, though temporarily, under the LordFire, 937:be called a mantric phrase. The building process definitely begins in a sequential threefoldFire, 938:for it brings the entire process of human birth definitely into line with established karmic law.Fire, 955:and with full knowledge of his work) definitely directs his thought energy towards some particularFire, 1035:the momentum is increased, the man is swung more definitely into relation with the monadic aspect,Fire, 1060:specific point in evolution, then they will very definitely approach Reality. Radiation is theFire, 1244:It will be found that each and all are definitely related and have a point of at-one-ment withGlamour, 13:polarized in the mental body, and no attempt is definitely made to contact or involve the soul orGlamour, 15:and planetary, which will enable them most definitely to work at its dispelling. That understandingGlamour, 18:"our" advisedly, brother of old, as I am working definitely towards these three ends as a part ofGlamour, 18:One of the things which will emerge most definitely during the next three or four decades is theGlamour, 29:a condition wherein the aspirant is being definitely controlled by: A thought-form of such potencyGlamour, 44:my brothers, these instructions must be of a definitely practical value and must leave the studentGlamour, 53:his consciousness on to the mental plane. Worked definitely at the task of intelligent service.Glamour, 54:of clarity and in order to distinguish more definitely and effectively between the forms ofGlamour, 68:you have to understand better and master more definitely the glamorous and illusions of yourGlamour, 71:desires, potent aspirations of some kind and definitely human-made forms which - fluidic,Glamour, 73:man's thought about it. It is likewise definitely Atlantean in nature, being brought to a very highGlamour, 78:of idealism which confronts them becomes [78] definitely harmful both to, themselves and to others,Glamour, 82:is of value. The qualities enumerated above are definitely breeders of glamor. They are occultlyGlamour, 109:of life was greatly increased and glamor was definitely established on Earth. It was that whichGlamour, 112:Note the phrasing. [112] 2. Those who are more definitely Aryan in their consciousness. This meansGlamour, 112:way, with the lowest layer of the human race definitely Lemurian in their consciousness, evenGlamour, 114:from the world of illusion and of glamor is definitely serving the race, and helping to freeGlamour, 124:reasons. They lacked group realization and were definitely occupied with themselves. They lackedGlamour, 143:wherein you stabilize yourself for the work, and definitely and consciously focus the lightGlamour, 146:violently anti-German; there are others who are definitely, though intelligently, anti-Jew. I wouldGlamour, 148:between Maya and Inspiration Here we come definitely into the realm of material substance. This isGlamour, 150:though the methods employed are (in many cases) definitely undesirable yet the developing tendencyGlamour, 152:these days of nervous tension and it most [152] definitely imperils progress and retards the stepsGlamour, 152:unconscious of the emanating source. Irritation definitely generates a poison which locates itselfGlamour, 152:that word, of the solar plexus center and it is definitely contagious to an almost alarming extent.Glamour, 156:is now beginning to pass out; but these have definitely and irrevocably conditioned humanity. YouGlamour, 166:of such a dispelling and dissipation is definitely centered in the two Avatars, the Buddha and theGlamour, 189:the revelations of what humanity calls the more definitely spiritual truths. One reason lies in theGlamour, 208:soul. The light in the head is produced by the definitely planned bringing together of soul lightGlamour, 210:of rationalization, though that precedes the definitely [211] scientific work I am outlining; it isGlamour, 213:that in service such as is proposed, they are definitely participating in a hierarchical activityHealing, 19:people's lives, but they are not to be classed definitely under any of the psychological causes ofHealing, 22:emerge out of the environment, or with those definitely physical taints which are inherited fromHealing, 31:these two points. One of the things which should definitely emerge in our studies is the fact thatHealing, 31:origin, unless a man misspends his life and definitely misuses his body (through drink or sexualHealing, 43:aspirant and the disciple, the process of thus definitely changing the direction of the forces isHealing, 56:above or below the diaphragm; this takes him definitely into the realm of occult as well as ofHealing, 64:hints which, though they may not be classified definitely as instructions in healing, yet fall intoHealing, 67:in the intensification of the astral body, which definitely produces abnormal effects upon theHealing, 68:there has been enough investigation, leading to definitely formulated conclusions, which will makeHealing, 77:All these will, in the coming New Age, be definitely considered and discovered, and this knowledgeHealing, 79:part of the human mechanism. It is thus definitely, with the blood stream, the instrument of theHealing, 82:this particular piece of information is not definitely related to the Science of Healing, yet theHealing, 95:appear in the physical mechanism and which are definitely rooted in the fact that activity (whichHealing, 97:body. As the race learns to think clearly and definitely, and as the laws of thought begin toHealing, 118:The system of helping people psychologically is definitely along these new lines, and might beHealing, 135:the disciples of the world. These we shall study definitely from the angle of the seven centers, asHealing, 170:of probationary disciple. At that point the mind definitely begins to function, however faintly. ItHealing, 190:diseases and cancer. Until the race is more definitely group conscious (something as yet farHealing, 193:might express it in this manner) and are not so definitely related to the herd or mass condition,Healing, 204:healing process in the New Age will start with definitely planned work with the centers, and theHealing, 220:been fantastic and fanciful in their claims and definitely unscientific in their approach. But theyHealing, 222:be increasingly the case. This development is definitely a part of the divine plan, no matter howHealing, 233:This had to be dramatized for them in some definitely objective manner, for as yet the masses didHealing, 238:in our [238] present cycle, the Aryan, is definitely a result of the activity of the lower concreteHealing, 239:all the other centers. Cancer is a disease most definitely related to the centers, and it will beHealing, 281:incarnation has - from the angle of the soul - definitely and consciously chosen his parents forHealing, 307:force, the gland related to the center will be definitely affected, and either be over-stimulatedHealing, 311:proper food values and effects. Diabetes is more definitely the result of wrong inner desires, andHealing, 311:the result of wrong inner desires, and is not so definitely the result of wrong outer desires.Healing, 312:of physical desire. Cancer and diabetes are more definitely in the class of diseases which areHealing, 312:smallpox or cholera are, curiously enough, definitely group diseases and are definitely allied withHealing, 312:enough, definitely group diseases and are definitely allied with the mental nature. This willHealing, 312:are to be seen in the case of disciples who are definitely and consciously endeavoring to [313]Healing, 316:down of the brain tissue. Far more of these are definitely syphilitic in origin than is generallyHealing, 324:the bodies of animals. That is most surely and definitely correct, and some day it will be
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