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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEGREES

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Patanjali, 156:through them that consciousness in its various degrees becomes possible. We are here dealing withPatanjali, 259:upon the thought involved: "Out of the ascending degrees is the development of control. First therePatanjali, 405:and their various combinations in different degrees are enough to account for all that. In the casePsychology1, xxiii:but one substance, present in nature in varying degrees of density and of vibratory activity, andPsychology1, 58:stages of awareness are to be seen; developing degrees of sentiency emerge, and even in thePsychology1, 135:superseded by the word "awareness." In varying degrees man is aware, but [136] only man is awarePsychology1, 307:people of the world and the disciples of all degrees who must thus solve it. [309] Psychology1, 348:occultly quiescent and four rays are in varying degrees of activity. Let us recapitulate for aPsychology2, 17:awareness of vibration is set up. There are many degrees and stages in this experience, and theyPsychology2, 27:As we consider these various degrees of expanding awareness, the significant fact to be borne inPsychology2, 152:given under the symbolism of the first eighteen degrees. These can be divided into four groups ofPsychology2, 152:These can be divided into four groups of degrees: Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, (followed byPsychology2, 152:Mason (followed by the H.R.A.) and the grouped degrees, four to seventeen, in the Scottish Rite.Psychology2, 152:seventeen, in the Scottish Rite. These seventeen degrees prepare the man for the fourth [153] orPsychology2, 153:Herein lies a great mystery. These seventeen degrees, leading to the first great step, (taken byPsychology2, 153:The four lower mental subplanes. The eighteen degrees in Masonry, from that of the EnteredPsychology2, 294:expression of the seven ray qualities in varying degrees of force, the etheric body of a Master isPsychology2, 461:of the man. This condition is found in varying degrees, according to the point in evolution and thePsychology2, 522:advanced aspirant and the initiate of the lower degrees is connected with the creative center, thePsychology2, 523:the forced training given to disciples of all degrees. 2. That, within this major field ofRays, 25:are seeking initiation, in one or other of its degrees. In Initiation, Human and Solar I gave theRays, 53:of the loss in the three worlds (typified by the degrees of the Blue Lodges in Masonry) must beRays, 65:The disciples and initiates of the first two degrees work with soul force and through the medium ofRays, 75:sensed by disciples of the first and second degrees of initiation. What will come through thatRays, 97:Ashram has in it disciples and initiates of all degrees, but no probationary disciples at all. NoRays, 105:and in which the aspirants and initiates of all degrees freely move. Constantly the aspirant isRays, 148:the coming into incarnation of initiates of all degrees - some of whom are the children of today.Rays, 202:non-existent - at last for those of the higher degrees of initiation. This knowledge constitutesRays, 213:hierarchy, and a hierarchy exists in its various degrees in order to Permit of a wide range ofRays, 224:be composed of disciples and initiates of all degrees, though there must be among the groupRays, 249:to a Master or an initiate of the higher degrees. That involves the keynote of this solar [250]Rays, 259:the soul on its own plane is an initiate of all degrees. Initiation is, in the last analysis, theRays, 331:of Oriental prayers, giving the key to the three degrees of the Blue Lodge. I mention here theRays, 339:is registered by the initiate of the highest degrees when he undergoes the eighth and ninthRays, 346:evolutionary development and of all grades and degrees; these all work together in perfect unisonRays, 418:the Eternal Now. Its "Blue Lodge" with its three degrees is related to the three major groups ofRays, 418:Christian and should be neither. The Blue Lodge degrees are entirely Jewish in phrasing andRays, 418:wording, and this should be altered. The Higher Degrees are predominantly Christian, thoughRays, 481:of the exertions of all initiates of the higher degrees and the source of the sutratma, throughRays, 526:of Deity have been of all grades, degrees and differing points of spiritual unfoldment; They haveRays, 533:The ceremonial aspect can be related to the degrees of Entered Apprentice and of Fellow Craft, plusRays, 533:of Fellow Craft, plus certain little-practiced degrees, as for instance that of Mark Mason degreeRays, 533:the Holy Royal Arch and in one or two succeeding degrees; the higher degrees of the Scottish RiteRays, 533:and in one or two succeeding degrees; the higher degrees of the Scottish Rite constitute a vagueRays, 542:is followed by all disciple-initiates of all degrees, and even by the Lord of the World Himself.Rays, 561:still far ahead and of which only initiates of degrees higher than the fifth are the expression,Rays, 650:the rest of mankind; there are of course many degrees of this desired consciousness. What theRays, 735:Who compose these groups are all initiates of degrees higher than the fifth. Most of theReappearance, 8:I - The Doctrine of Avatars Avatars are of all degrees and kinds; some of them are of greatReappearance, 34:public and the world aspirants in their varying degrees - have, among them those who stand out fromReappearance, 122:a slight degree, the significance of the three degrees of the Blue Lodge, and the implications ofReappearance, 122:and will recognize the significance of the three degrees. I mention it here with Masonic purposeSoul, 58:energy takes on, or descends into, seven degrees or planes. Man exemplifies three. He has hisSoul, 83:are incorporated accounts for their various degrees of obscuration. Each buddhi, with its grasp ofTelepathy, 89:upon the minds of aspirants and disciples of all degrees and of all ray types. When he can
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