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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEITY

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Education, 40:is beginning to function. Their attitude to the deity was equally sensitive, and their religiousEducation, One of:[One of the three major centers through which Deity manifests: Shamballa, where the Will of God isEducation, 129:is, in its turn, an aspect of the will nature of Deity. Being therefore related to the monadic orExternalisation, 29:aspects of the consciousness of the manifesting deity. This impact of force has evoked a responseExternalisation, 41:who embodied the consciousness or soul aspect of deity and those who were similarly representativeExternalisation, 41:similarly representative of the matter aspect of deity. Symbolically speaking, the left-hand andExternalisation, 73:call Shamballa, will manifest the Will aspect of Deity intelligently through love. It isExternalisation, 93:directed towards the inscrutable ends of Deity - inscrutable as far as the human consciousness isExternalisation, 166:proceed onward towards a goal which is known to Deity alone, and thus eventually reach high placesExternalisation, 251:student it might appear that - given an almighty Deity or Planetary Logos - He could with littleExternalisation, 263:contact the Earth. Ponder on this and limit not Deity through the rigidity and finiteness of littleExternalisation, 269:an emerging revelation of the consciousness of Deity as revealed through some Great DivineExternalisation, 278:out of manifestation, fulfiling the purposes of Deity and yet limited and handicapped by theExternalisation, 286:is to be found in the fact of the nature of Deity itself. The Christian statement that "God isExternalisation, 287:- coming as He does [287] from the very Heart of Deity Itself - is the outer evidence and guaranteeExternalisation, 288:change because they are related to the nature of Deity Itself and have become apparent to mankindExternalisation, 289:of Myself, I remain' is the challenge of Deity and the eternal hope of humanity. This is the answerExternalisation, 299:nature of God Himself, the Love principle of the Deity. Prior to the advent of the Buddha, light,Externalisation, 299:and of God in humanity evolved. The Selfhood of Deity [300] and the Self in the heart of individualExternalisation, 301:They are an expression of the will nature of Deity; They embody divine purpose; the energy pouringExternalisation, 400:of desire, through worship, the recognition of deity, through affirmation of the fact of humanExternalisation, 404:West - a complete and perfect representation of Deity; by Their lives and words They guarantee toExternalisation, 410:Transcendent first conditioned man's concept of Deity. Then God as the national controller tookExternalisation, 413:through initiation, am identified with Deity. Therefore we have: The Buddha, the method:Externalisation, 511:It holds in its symbolism the ritual of Deity, and the way of salvation is pictorially preserved inExternalisation, 511:preserved in its work. The methods of Deity are demonstrated in its Temples, and under theExternalisation, 590:masses of people to accept the impossible Deity and the feeble Christ which historical ChristianityFire, 40:highest vibration of which our solar Logos or Deity is capable in this present solar system. It isFire, 145:stands to it as the Logos of its own system, its deity in the three worlds of experience. Later,Fire, 147:faint light upon the same problems raised to Deity, or expanded from microcosmic to macrocosmicFire, 240:of the third Logos, the Brahma aspect of the Deity, Who is an expression of pure energy orFire, 247:to the domain of metaphysics. - S. D., I, 559. Deity is within every atom. - S. D., I, 89, 183.Fire, 281:connection with a man, a planetary Logos, or the Deity. Space, again, is included in the idea ofFire, 445:Scheme to scheme, Chain to chain, this cosmic Deity pours forth His power and influence. In allFire, 534:one group which is the body of this lesser solar Deity. There is a multiplicity of these groups ofFire, 604:Indra (and sometimes, Vayu) the rain-producing deity, representing the fire of the firmament; andFire, 619:how the Heavenly Man, viewing Him as a solar Deity, a self-conscious Entity, works with HisFire, 729:unites within himself the three aspects of the Deity. He is, while in objectivity: The Self, theFire, 882:the ether of space. The "yajna" is the invisible Deity who pervades space. Perhaps this concernsFire, 1000:form. In the three worlds, man, the lesser Deity, within his limits, proceeds along analogousFire, 1028:which distinguishes the Vishnu aspect of Deity, or the motion of the Divine [1029] Manasaputras.Fire, 1115:and representative of a still greater cosmic Deity. All the above serves to demonstrate the onenessFire, 1117:life into the councils, and the Wisdom of the Deity, are no idle promise but are guaranteed by theGlamour, 13:evolving purpose) of the plan of the creating Deity? What are you yourself but the outer expressionGlamour, 40:seen as one, and naught is known but life and deity. In summarizing some of the information I haveGlamour, 66:the illusion of the personal, objective [66] Deity. At that moment, He entered fully into theGlamour, 137:of the Plan. Such great Representatives of Deity have the freedom of the Holy City (Shamballa) andGlamour, 203:stages of an anthropomorphic recognition of deity to the recognition of the real in man himself,Glamour, 242:great theological illusion of an anthropomorphic Deity and to the belief (in the East) that ourGlamour, 244:the will of God, the Destroyer aspect of Deity, is beneficently present. The act of abstractionHealing, 10:"imperfect Gods." Given the initial premise that Deity itself is working towards a perfection pastHealing, 11:have the expectant attitude and the open mind: Deity itself is on the road towards perfection. TheHealing, 14:a measure of accuracy: God, [14] the planetary Deity, is guilty of wrong thinking. But you will notHealing, 14:and matter, of life and form as long as the Deity Himself wills to incarnate within His body ofHealing, 15:equally futile desire to apprehend the mind of Deity. The psychological causes. Causes emanatingHealing, 146:a distributing agent of the will energy of Deity. Healing, 362:Virgin Mary. It is that substance which enables Deity to manifest. Nature itself, the mother of allHealing, 368:science to an universally diffused omnipresent Deity (the ether of space is an entity, she alsoHealing, 402:tenable upon the theory of an anthropomorphic Deity Whose will - as it works out in practice -Healing, 433:and is therefore related to the will aspect of Deity, as also the will aspect of the Monad. Only asHealing, 438:concerns the central "I" or the integrity of Deity. You will note that in this Rule, the emphasisHealing, 572:of the most beautiful symbols of the threefold deity and the threefold man. Healing, 659:they are an expression of the love aspect of Deity. That is essentially true, from the qualityHercules, 11:in the words: "The conception of a concealed Deity lies at the heart of all religions." This is theHercules, 12:the mystic also meet and testify to a concealed Deity, to a living Being, to a Universal Mind, andHercules, 12:of comparative religion, we see the plan of that Deity becoming significantly apparent. In theHercules, 12:another ends. The veil that hides the concealed Deity is wearing thin, and the work of those whoHercules, 13:enables a man to discover that the concealed Deity in the universe is identical in nature, thoughHercules, 13:in degree and consciousness, with the concealed Deity within himself. Man then can becomeHercules, 13:and can exclaim in unison with the Cosmic Deity: "Listen to this great secret. Although I am aboveHercules, 25:well as Neptune, the god of the waters and the deity of the watery, emotional nature, stand for theHercules, 31:forth of divine energy from the central deity, God, or from the human being, a son of God. ThisHercules, 32:consequent urge to create, that activity of the Deity which results in the formation of worlds ofHercules, 116:august and arresting words: "Under the will of Deity and the unalterable energy at the heart of theHercules, 211:every pair of opposites. The underlying love of Deity reaches our solar system through Gemini.Hercules, 222:world saviors, and the cardinal cross is that of Deity, crucified in the water of space. TheInitiation, 3:nature, and the Central Light which we call Deity, the one Ray of Divinity, manifests first as aInitiation, 5:mutation exists in the Mind of the Logos, or the Deity of our solar system, and governs all HisInitiation, 33:a distributor of the love and wisdom of the Deity. Initiation, 114:love-wisdom, and active intelligence - of the Deity. Therefore: At the first initiation theInitiation, 217:Deva (or Angel) A god. In Sanskrit a resplendent deity. A Deva is a celestial being, whether good,Initiation, 220:was the home of the third root race. Logos The deity manifested through every nation and people.Initiation, 220:planet of the third, or intelligence aspect of deity in its five activities. Mahamanvantara TheIntellect, 55:and Spirit, page 32. It is this revelation of Deity that is the goal of the mystical endeavor andIntellect, 56:itself, which is, in fact, the outer garment of Deity; he finds that his ability to love and toIntellect, 56:the differentiated manifestations through which Deity seeks to express itself. He possesses a [57]Intellect, 66:of longed-for virtues; they beg a listening Deity to assuage their troubles; they intercede forIntellect, 124:which [124] is a revelation of a Life and of Deity, and in which mankind plays its part in theIntellect, 126:known human experience, of a goal or quest, of a Deity. This subtle and indefinable awareness [127]Intellect, 128:in man a "growing awareness of an object, deity... a response, so to speak, to the impact upon theIntellect, 133:things, and identification with the indwelling Deity may be brought about at will. The race now hasIntellect, 137:conscious of its essential oneness with Deity. The Higher Self becomes active, and the lower orIntellect, 137:are known to be facts in nature; union with Deity is realized as constituting as much a fact in theIntellect, 155:Now the focus of attention changes, and Deity turns its eyes upon the waiting instrument, and seeksIntellect, 155:knowledge and with a realization of union with Deity and its apprehension of the laws which governIntellect, 158:realized and perfected, but the universe, the deity, of whom this apparent self is a part." -Intellect, 165:to that of our present concept of an immanent Deity. From the point of view of man and nature weIntellect, 181:and as the Life itself; let us regard Deity as that in which we live and move and have our being,Intellect, 194:there is the same basic goal: Unification with Deity; there is the same transcendence of theMagic, 18:intended to give man the clue to the mystery of deity. Through the Law of Analogy, or
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