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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DELAY

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Destiny, 106:country. They will not finally succeed. They may delay and hinder the emergence of freedom. TheDiscipleship1, 98:from the standpoint of the Master. Any delay in progress and any final severance comes entirelyDiscipleship1, 98:over you; I have noted your progress and your delay. I have watched you succeed and I have seen youDiscipleship1, 173:MY BROTHER: The press of work has led to some delay in my writing my personal instructions to you.Discipleship1, 224:that service naught will turn your steps. But delay might eventuate until the needed lesson hasDiscipleship1, 276:expansions by the moves we make; we hasten or delay our growth by our enacted decisions. The trueDiscipleship1, 289:and reactions of any personality can delay, but they cannot negate success. Basically,Discipleship2, 246:and guidance. It has worked happily and with no delay so far. Another reason for the use of thisDiscipleship2, 319:of the initiate, and many thus in training delay their progress by not recognizing the revelationDiscipleship2, 388:training of the initiate. Many thus in training delay their progress by not recognizing theDiscipleship2, 606:would require too much adjustment and consequent delay in the work to be done, especially in thisDiscipleship2, 726:if you refuse to see the light, you will but delay the process and continue to exact the protectingExternalisation, 234:at the same time swell the tide of conquest and delay true victory by their violently utteredExternalisation, 256:which we call brotherhood. It is because of the delay in right understanding, and the slowness ofExternalisation, 451:tranquility and world understanding, and thus delay the day of their own final defeat. This defeat,Externalisation, 619:unless they are removed, there will be a long delay before Christ can return. They are: The inertiaGlamour, 49:for delaying the planned group purpose? For delay it, it certainly will. Whatever you decide willGlamour, 95:place which serves to deepen the glamor and to delay progress into freedom. The stage whereinGlamour, 106:from emancipation but they can and do hinder and delay. It is useless for men to speculate uponGlamour, 124:opportunity must be offered, even though it delay functioning in group service. Several of theGlamour, 223:responsiveness as a sin and failure and thus delay their liberation from it by a negative attitudeHealing, 484:true basis at all. There is no etheric need for delay. When the inner man withdraws from hisHealing, 485:to the creative work of the human spirit. If delay is necessary from family feeling or municipalHealing, 485:within thirty-six hours; where no reason for delay exists, cremation can be rightly permitted inHercules, 57:retard his steps? He pondered on the problem of delay; a year had now been lost; he felt the needHercules, 58:the sacred tree is passed. There has been no delay. The rule upon the chosen Path which hastens allHercules, 58:he only sought to aid the giant and that without delay; forward he rushed and eagerly removed theHercules, 63:himself had lain. Again we find discouragement, delay, failure and deceit characterizing this partHercules, 227:occur. The consequence of his mistake has been delay, but the day of restoration and of renewalMagic, 129:chelaship" serves to postpone that contact and delay the acceptance. Seek to equip your instrument,Magic, 461:forms. If they fail to respond, there will be delay or incorrect building; if they make mistakes,Magic, 461:there will be lost time and energy, and again delay; if they lose interest and cease to work, orMagic, 474:of life, lead to disease, and cause disaster and delay. Therefore, be sweet and kind and good asMagic, 483:reactions, and cause them much suffering and delay. One thing must ever be remembered. If anMagic, 635:world perhaps, a temporary failure may connote delay in expected help, but that again is brief, andMeditation, 88:will ultimately have to be offset. This entails delay and a recapitulation in work that (ifMeditation, 93:a shattering of the physical vehicle that will delay all progress for some one particular life.Meditation, 295:in his stars, and naught can hinder or delay. Equally, naught can really hasten, so the pupil needPatanjali, 410:work it out; without our cooperation there comes delay and confusion. Sometimes there comes muchPsychology1, 367:perform their undertakings in such a manner that delay may eventuate. They are permitted to havePsychology2, 260:ones who can at times be influenced to retard or delay their entry into physical life in order toPsychology2, 357:is for that particular life cycle arrested, and delay ensues. With this problem we will later deal.Psychology2, 695:do this, Time is a paramount factor. If we can delay the crystallization of an evil necessity, andRays, 36:so extensive an influence that he can hold up or delay or even prevent (in time and space) theRays, 121:- a period of one hundred fifty years - that delay may seem the rule. Such, however, will notRays, 212:such a demand and such an expectation delay the complete absorption of the group into the innerRays, 738:ways, and may you in due time and with as little delay as possible stand before the Initiator andRays, 751:the existent cleavages are now recognized; the delay comes in the task of bridging them and also inRays, 763:can dim. Seize on the cup and swiftly drain, delay not for the pain. The empty cup, the steadyReappearance, 166:unless they are removed, there will be a long delay before Christ can return. They are: The inertiaReappearance, 188:here that time is a paramount factor. If we can delay the crystallization of the ancient evilsTelepathy, 37 To:should aid the group blending without undue delay into an instrument of sensitive understanding. IfTelepathy, 80:out, but that they lead to conditions which delay what we - from our limited point of view - might
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