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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DELAYED

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Autobiography, 113:me and kept phoning [113] for the doctor who delayed coming. The door suddenly opened and, withoutAutobiography, 303:of the New Group of World Servers was greatly delayed. The possibility of effective work in theBethlehem, 128:of the kingdom of God might be indefinitely delayed. This temptation was an attack at the very rootDiscipleship1, 132:planned group activity and thus for two years delayed this group of workers from arriving at [133]Discipleship1, 614:of world glamor. But this activity you have delayed. You have hindered the work in the group up toDiscipleship1, 769:interpretations, colored by personality faults, delayed by inertia and often selfishly based. ByDiscipleship2, 19:or else he failed to sense their import and so delayed his moving forward. In this group experimentDiscipleship2, 209:know the nature of planetary karma and of its delayed or rapid application, according to transientExternalisation, 158:to cooperate in its use, the results have been delayed and are regarded as "hovering." I know notExternalisation, 279:and naught can stop them. They can, however, be delayed by the reactionary types of people, by theExternalisation, 367:farsighted workers for world good and seriously delayed the ending of the war. The critical pointExternalisation, 493:the evolutionary process; you will have greatly delayed (perhaps for millennia of years) theExternalisation, 541:at the Wesak Festival April-May 1946 I have delayed writing my usual Wesak message until this lateFire, 651:necessitated, and some events will have to be delayed whilst others will be hastened. One of theHealing, 402:reply to all of them. Its acceptance has been delayed because, ever since the time of H. P.Hercules, 56:great test and failure met him and for long delayed his steps. For there he met Busiris, the greatInitiation, 105:as the karma of the planet would have been delayed should the strife have been ended too soon.Intellect, 254:any student of meditation being sidetracked, or delayed; he will inevitably enter some day intoMagic, 240:could be taken in this life, but may have to be delayed to another if due opportunity is not takenMagic, 266:in result; there will be no lost motion, no delayed reactions, and no tendency towards hesitation.Magic, 474:the paying of the price cannot be long delayed. The selfish words, sent forth with strong intent,Magic, 622:to withhold opportunity. When there is this delayed appearance the tragedy is that many othersPsychology1, 231:of the emotional aspirant. The Plan is oft-times delayed in its fruition by the ill-timed andPsychology1, 368:towards synthesis is now too strong to be long delayed. Under this seventh ray influence theRays, 34:which cannot be frustrated even if at times delayed, as it has been during the past fifty-fiveReappearance, 72:symptomatic of the "time of the end" may not be delayed. If one may venture to speak in such termsTelepathy, 195:circle, and this is right and good; they are delayed by the beginner and the new disciple fromTelepathy, 195:world of men, and this is not so good. They are delayed because the new disciple has turned his
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