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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DELIBERATE

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Autobiography, 30:pulling the plug. I most certainly did. It was a deliberate crime. I was furious with her aboutAutobiography, 146:the fear that perhaps, unconsciously and without deliberate intent, I would make out a good caseDiscipleship1, XI:for the first time - consciously and with deliberate effort - to tread the Way to God. All areDiscipleship1, 98:[98] which can result in severance and that is deliberate and conscious effort by the disciple,Discipleship1, 357:Messengers. The gift of Being and the gift of deliberate Transmission of qualified powers must beDiscipleship1, 525:and your eyes are open. Only fear, plus the deliberate refusal to take the strong and right steps,Discipleship1, 534:upon a wider circle. This will be done not by deliberate effort but by the recognition of releaseDiscipleship2, 115:for their symbolic import. Stage II: Next, the deliberate dispatch of spiritual energy to the solarDiscipleship2, 189:intended to teach the disciple to create - with deliberate intention - his own cross, and in thisDiscipleship2, 303:hints or presented themes and concepts. The deliberate focusing of thought upon these ideas. AsDiscipleship2, 446:with the soul, his activities are results of deliberate spiritual intention. This is, therefore,Discipleship2, 504:no easy task; it requires understanding and most deliberate effort. I call you, therefore, myDiscipleship2, 506:aware of the changes which conscious, deliberate thinking will bring about in you. Think - if I mayDiscipleship2, 717:I have used the word "effective"? This has been deliberate upon my part, for the word conveysExternalisation, 95:The spiritual center, the Hierarchy, positive, deliberate and munificent - ready and waiting toExternalisation, 406:part of God, this was intentional, conscious and deliberate; on the part of man, it was largelyExternalisation, 643:world affairs have to be made through mankind's deliberate choice; no compulsion is ever exerted byFire, 365:scheme whose influence is desired, either from deliberate choice or karmatically necessitated. EachFire, 755:and development, and by a conscious deliberate banding together of groups in every land who embodyGlamour, 220:of alignment and of recognized integration. A deliberate turning of the searchlight of the mind toHealing, 29:my avoidance of medical technicalities will be deliberate, though we shall refer often to theHealing, 233:physical body, by misapplied energy and by the deliberate action of the man himself. The man whoHealing, 259:definite goal - the goal of free choice and a deliberate return out of matter to spirit andHealing, 386:though not the most important meaning. The deliberate eliminating of qualities, lines of thoughtHealing, 410:force of the spiritual soul as it - with deliberate intent - extracts the human soul from itsHealing, 435:worth remembering, is it not, that it is in the deliberate issuing of the command by the soul uponHealing, 464:there is no conflict, but simply a conscious and deliberate withdrawal. Curiously enough, if thereHealing, 495:the recipients of the inner forces. Makes a deliberate choice of those who will provide him withHealing, 524:for his hour to pass over had not yet arrived. Deliberate conscious healing, with fullHealing, 605:and the energy of the center involved requires a deliberate augmenting. There is, however, a thirdHealing, 697:much to bring about some definite relation by a deliberate act of faith and by the firm statementInitiation, 63:control. He is building the causal body with deliberate intent, filling any gaps that may exist,Intellect, 120:the perfection with which we can succeed in a deliberate attempt at producing a representation ofMagic, 343:linked up with the Master, there comes next the deliberate and concentrated effort to work withMagic, 538:to fit themselves for service by a conscious and deliberate effort to develop the intuition and toMeditation, 47:has entered some particular family from deliberate choice: To work off karma as rapidly as may be.Patanjali, 390:ignorance, of the densest materiality, or of deliberate choice. Where it is the result ofPatanjali, 390:is obviated. Where, however, it is the result of deliberate choice, or of preference for wrongProblems, 28:defects and will handle them with vision and deliberate humanitarian purpose. This means for eachProblems, 149:this effort was intentional, conscious and deliberate; on the part of man, it has been in the pastPsychology1, 272:under the Law of Service, and through the deliberate choice of their conscious souls. I shallPsychology2, 78:are built, at first ignorantly, and then with deliberate selfishness. The period of engrossment inPsychology2, 93:and death; Our service to other souls, through deliberate self-sacrificing purpose; Our service toPsychology2, 94:governed by it; and he is one who will with deliberate intent choose to die. But there is no pain,Psychology2, 120:exceedingly hard work, because it necessitates deliberate effort, conscious wisdom, and the abilityPsychology2, 198:Masses. 1. Sacrifice World Saviors The Christ Deliberate death "I die daily" Love for the Savior.Psychology2, 660:aided. To do this, we need to combine wise and deliberate action with speed, owing to the urgencyRays, 87:it was. This destiny was the result of their own deliberate choice, and of prolonged cycles ofRays, 305:for probationary disciples: Kill out desire. The deliberate destruction of all that preventsRays, 436:That they have taken it is evidenced by their deliberate [437] treading of the Way, by their loveRays, 438:existence of the Master. That distinction is deliberate and intentional. The disciple lives in theRays, 707:- to find its way into their hands with the deliberate intent of bringing to the surface of theirSoul, 49:complex. One must distinguish animal courage and deliberate courage. Animal courage is literallySoul, 49:by the new condition of the blood. In courage, deliberate courage, there is more than instinct.Telepathy, 14:The initiating agent. I use this word with deliberate intent, as the power to work telepathically,Telepathy, 80:due to wrong reactions, unrecognized contacts, deliberate choices made in defiance of known good,Telepathy, 87:trusted, under the hierarchical rules, with the deliberate creation of thought-forms designed to
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