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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DELIBERATELY

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Astrology, 249:and controls, therefore the path of choices, of deliberately applied purificatory measures and theAstrology, 521:these five centers are being abnormally and deliberately stimulated and vitalized. The energy whichAstrology, 649:Diagram II, is suggestive, though exoteric and deliberately misleading as the sacred and non-sacredAstrology, 651:blinds and the sacred and non-sacred planets are deliberately intermixed. In the Tibetan's booksAtom, 12:as they are" (and I choose these words very deliberately) has made immense strides. Nevertheless,Autobiography, 147:throughout my life is fear. I mention this most deliberately because I have discovered that when myAutobiography, 168:of the final draft. I am mentioning this quite deliberately as quite a few people, when the TibetanAutobiography, 196:development. I added that we made our work deliberately eliminative, only keeping those who wouldAutobiography, 291:it is this belief that these false prophets are deliberately exploiting. Our students are taughtAutobiography, 293:churches, but the contributing of the funds deliberately and with intention to the work of theBethlehem, 216:made and so-called sins committed. A man who deliberately sins against light and knowledge is rare.Destiny, 96:of spiritual energy, are being abnormally and deliberately stimulated and vitalized. The energyDestiny, 110:I use these words "impulse and influence" deliberately because they describe the general effect ofDiscipleship1, 23:they consciously contact and with which they deliberately cooperate. It will be apparent to you,Discipleship1, 88:risks and of dangers, entered into willingly and deliberately in the cause of spiritual unfoldmentDiscipleship1, 279:consecrated functioning of the concrete mind be deliberately applied. Remain ever the Observer,Discipleship1, 341:capacities rightly gauged, and when it is then deliberately subordinated to the aims of the soul -Discipleship1, 405:identify itself with the soul, detaching itself deliberately from all other contacts, by an act ofDiscipleship1, 406:and real caution. We must work definitely and deliberately with a technique which will eventuate inDiscipleship1, 596:era in which you live and the stage whereon you deliberately have chosen to play your part. YouDiscipleship1, 735:considered, dealing with a phrase which I have deliberately used several times in these talks: WhatDiscipleship2, 83:when A.A.B. organized the Arcane School she deliberately refused to let me have anything to do withDiscipleship2, 115:by means of directed, controlled aspiration - deliberately stimulated, mentally appreciated, andDiscipleship2, 132:utilizes them. The fusion, consciously and deliberately engineered, of the individual soul with theDiscipleship2, 217:inspiration from the Nirmanakayas with whom they deliberately get in touch; the second part isDiscipleship2, 373:to implement the divine Plan: They formulate, deliberately and in line with their fixed intention,Discipleship2, 474:a different tale. No one is then unimportant. Deliberately, he gathers people to him because heDiscipleship2, 506:and only love, consciously, intelligently and deliberately applied, can make for successful work,Discipleship2, 509:and a period of silent reflection, you will deliberately pour out the inflowing spiritual powerDiscipleship2, 533:in response to a certain drawing power which I deliberately exerted. I had long registered yourDiscipleship2, 538:to be simply emotional in nature and become deliberately dictated by conscious observation; theyDiscipleship2, 758:in you and must be increased and this deliberately. Your major need (and this you know) is freedom,Education, 122:world state, the individual citizen - gladly and deliberately and with full consciousness of allEducation, 131:at this present time. The establishing of a deliberately prepared or constructed thread of lightEducation, 137:physiological processes of sex, and I say this deliberately, for it is in the relation of the sexesEducation, 141:soul. This has to be carried out consciously and deliberately, with the willingness of theseExternalisation, 6:of force or brings himself in touch with it deliberately, he pays the price of his ignorance orExternalisation, 75:of the three worlds. They consequently block deliberately the inflow of that which is new andExternalisation, 105:they are shifting the responsibility openly and deliberately on to shoulders other than their own.Externalisation, 271:few months reduced them to a farce. So they were deliberately withdrawn in order to enhance theirExternalisation, 477:worthy and the unworthy, unless definitely and deliberately directed. The Hierarchy was thereforeExternalisation, 477:of the good and the bad alike. This danger They deliberately offset by directing Their thought toExternalisation, 537:with three adjustments as the result of being deliberately "put out of alignment," though onlyExternalisation, 555:and Humanity. The word "keynote" has been deliberately chosen and signifies the sound whichExternalisation, 577:seem insuperable. Disciples will come deliberately into incarnation and will take office inFire, 40:more retarded. This is definitely and deliberately so, and is due to the underlying purpose andFire, 535:(and the word 'personality' is chosen deliberately, for what are They but personalities, or Beings,Fire, 812:the close of a long life of usefulness) the Ego deliberately chooses to "die-out" of physicalFire, 953:c. As yet but few of the human family work deliberately and consciously in mental matter only. TheFire, 978:people who mutually interact (I choose the word deliberately) and who disinterestedly follow theGlamour, 28:is required is a combination of positive auras, deliberately subordinated to group work. [29] Glamour, 33:is in the aspirant no personal glamor, and no deliberately self-induced response to the determiningGlamour, 103:the disciple or the initiate, consciously and deliberately, identifies himself. With this processGlamour, 212:done they will focus themselves consciously and deliberately upon the emotional plane through [213]Glamour, 219:withdrawing wherein the aspirant consciously and deliberately withdraws the beam of light andGlamour, 224:be used by those who seek to serve humanity by deliberately breaking up and dispersing the glamorsGlamour, 241:exhausted the resources of his intellect or has deliberately refused to utilize it, his divineGlamour, 245:Being" (as far as in him lies), and consciously, deliberately works with the energies in the threeHealing, 105:service and good health." Say this slowly and deliberately, believing in the results. See that noHealing, 233:action of the man himself. The man who deliberately sins, and who is psychologically wrong in hisHealing, 233:commits suicide just as truly as the man who deliberately blows out his brains. This is seldomHealing, 238:of heart disease is due to the premature or deliberately planned lifting of the energy of the solarHealing, 260:of the sacrifice of the unit, consciously and deliberately offered for the service of the whole.Healing, 316:retributive karma. To bring this about, the soul deliberately chooses for a physical vehicle thatHealing, 391:health, is something which must be altered and deliberately changed. Christ demonstrated to HisHealing, 458:dying person by those around him, or employed deliberately and mentally by himself. The ChristHealing, 463:reactions and activities of the soul which is deliberately recalling its incarnated aspect becauseHealing, 466:and its subsequent densification (a word I deliberately choose) in that area of the etheric bodyHealing, 518:works and contacts the three worlds and which He deliberately creates in order to serve HisHealing, 560:be the case in a very advanced disciple) he is deliberately taking on conditions engendered by hisHealing, 606:can take place. In the first case, the healer deliberately increases the potency of the energyHercules, 49:the name of sex magic, and in the sexual orgasm, deliberately induced, a man is led to believe thatHercules, 203:to the need of the people around him, and will deliberately go into the dark in order to deliver aIntellect, 227:"thus far shalt thou go, and no farther." We deliberately and with intelligent intent set theMagic, 10:manifestation. The word "conduct" is used here deliberately, for all manifestation, in all theMagic, 382:Teachers at that time were Themselves focused (deliberately and of intent) in the heart center, andMagic, 448:the physical plane. I use the word "organism" deliberately, for it will serve to convey the ideaMagic, 506:dying person by those around him, or employed deliberately and mentally by himself. The ChristMagic, 525:on the one hand the hierarchy of adepts who have deliberately incarnated on the physical plane inMagic, 566:he has clothed with an astral or desire sheath, deliberately vitalized with his energy, and nowMeditation, 62:one or other of the centers. In so doing let him deliberately realize that he is a Son of God,Meditation, 102:realize its defects and requirements, and then deliberately set in and build a new body that mayMeditation, 194:present esoteric faiths, but this loss has been deliberately brought about owing to the dangersMeditation, 195:from the leader, each unit in the group will deliberately withdraw his consciousness into the heartPatanjali, 65:ye shall receive." This faculty of enquiry is deliberately cultivated in their disciples by allPatanjali, 263:under consideration. The aspirant is now deliberately unconscious of all states of mind relating toProblems, 21:"Bolshevism" - and, by a subsequent period of a deliberately chosen and determined isolationismProblems, 87:systems have fostered and which today they deliberately continue to foster. The narrowness ofProblems, 103:citizenship in every nation but retaining deliberately their racial identity, creating dissensionPsychology2, 19:of the group fades out (except when deliberately recovered in the work of service). Naught is thenPsychology2, 66:8. When the directing Agent in the head, deliberately and by an act of the will, raises theRays, 275:the etheric body of the planet which [275] are deliberately qualified by goodwill. The two phasesRays, 308:have served their purpose, he definitely and deliberately destroys. The reference is necessarilyRays, 350:conditioned by these material principles and so deliberately unready for moving on to theRays, 393:and, occultly speaking, Their "attitude is deliberately turned to other things" during the periodRays, 432:for the disciple or aspirant consciously and deliberately to deal with the mechanism in the head.Rays, 458:recognized as energy streams, and utilized deliberately by the aspiring disciple upon the lowerRays, 482:factors are brought together (consciously and deliberately) - the factor of energy substance andRays, 707:status in their physical brains, having deliberately relinquished this knowledge in order to doRays, 724:the summation of all past experience. Unless He deliberately chooses the Path of Earth Service and
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