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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DELUDED

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Destiny, 122:detail has not been learnt by these sincere, but deluded, people and - focused as they are upon theDiscipleship1, 635:whom you work on the astral plane are genuinely deluded and they are in danger, for you are holdingDiscipleship2, XIII:are false teachers, often sincere but self-deluded. This also has been stated both by the TibetanDiscipleship2, 353:by grasping greedy and ambitious men, or by deluded disciples, is terribly wrong and will lead toExternalisation, 12:parody of myself and serves to place the deluded devotees in touch with the scroll of the astralExternalisation, 179:aggressor nations, though not against their poor deluded or subdued peoples. They too must beExternalisation, 246:your mind free from hate, refusing to hate the deluded sinner even when imposing upon him theExternalisation, 305:aspirants; not the decision of poor bewildered, deluded humanity. Will the world disciples andGlamour, 38:did I allow myself to be glamored? Why was I so deluded?" Healing, 283:Otherwise Man might have been permanently deluded. Had Christian Science fulfiled the originalHealing, 441:by human beings, who are the most glimmered and deluded of all incarnated lives. - Page 534. WhenHercules, 78:of the doe and, when due cause arose, they each deluded Hercules, seeking to foil his efforts. HeHercules, 153:illusion, the serpent we meet in Genesis, which deluded Eve. The second one is Ophiuchus, the manIntellect, 36:which it can be contacted. The ranks of these "deluded" mystics and intuitional thinkers numberIntellect, 246:hallucinated. All of us are in danger of being deluded in just this way, when we start to meditate,Magic, 241:from illusion, and neither can be destroyed, deluded nor manipulated. It is only "the souls inMagic, 304:for him no hidden catastrophes. He is simply deluded, but the effect on his astral body and uponMagic, 534:by human beings, who are the most glamored and deluded of all incarnated lives. The next point toPatanjali, 152:order to attain certain specific ends but is not deluded into regarding them as himself. StudentsPatanjali, 194:cause of it. The self is clothed in form; it is deluded in the world of illusion. Every time,Patanjali, 361:of psychic faculty opens up. They are apt to be deluded and to consider that psychic power is anPatanjali, 361:overcome all sense attractions and cannot be deluded by the form aspect in the three worlds. TheyPsychology1, 36:of Deity. It is only when man is no longer deluded by appearance and has freed himself from thePsychology1, 231:other leaders, plus a sincere though foggy and deluded interpretation of truth, are a greatPsychology2, 136:by the clamor of the astral plane; he will be deluded by the idea that there is no other way butPsychology2, 360:Be still. Rush not from point to point, nor be deluded by the outer forms and that whichPsychology2, 601:lies at the root of the trouble. The man becomes deluded by the best that is in him; he is theRaysof general contact has changed. He is no longer deluded by the things of the senses but has in hisRays, 628:however, almost unbelievably degenerated and deluded. Remember always, as we look at these various
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