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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEMAND

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Astrology, 101:7 are the highest and the lowest, and therefore demand a point of balance upon the wheel which isAstrology, 136:it there for service and giving it freely on demand to meet a need. The sign Aquarius is also aAstrology, 171:gives the fulfilment of desire and satisfied demand, whilst in its highest Jupiter is the outgoingAstrology, 316:the Zodiac" open [316] wide to the impulse and demand of the divine Spirit. One is the wordAstrology, 372:of the will-to-good everywhere and the demand, so universally voiced, that human conditions may beAstrology, 472:playing upon mankind; it has brought about the demand for world adjustment; it has developed theAstrology, 541:is brought about as a result of the tremendous demand upon the world thinkers for direction andAstrology, 546:of the ancient myths in an effort to still the demand for truth and the carefully planned attackAstrology, Saturn:- characterized by self-initiation - is the demand of man today. The stars declare it and decreeAstrology, Saturn:therefore intentionally collaborates. The crying demand and aspirations of man indicateAtom, 87:his elder Brother, the Christ, in reply to the demand "Lord, show us the Father," that "he thatAutobiographyrose to the final effort in response to the demand of her soul. It was in 1946 that she made theAutobiography, 183:lying around to annoy everybody? Do [183] you demand complete silence in the house whilst you doAutobiography, 192:sales of the books and how to meet the demand for Secret Doctrine classes and how to handle all theAutobiography, 212:in of inquiry, of requests for help, or with a demand that we start a group in some country orAutobiography, 235:who doesn't - and in spreading everywhere the demand that peace become a compulsory thing. We haveAutobiography, 263:process and ever appear in response to man's demand and when his mental development requires them.Autobiography, 268:school is not founded upon authority or on the demand of some teacher for recognition andAutobiography, 269:emanating from the teacher of the group, or any demand upon his part for recognition, or for theAutobiography, 273:frequently emphasize the commercial angle. They demand obedience and look with disfavor andAutobiography, 286:as they like and where they like. We do not demand that they join this, that or the other activity,Autobiography, 291:from all desire to make personal claims or to demand personal recognition. They prefer to workBethlehem, 52:gates of life." Door after door is opened on the demand of the initiate and at the response by theBethlehem, 79:find no [79] understanding reaction to their demand for time to meditate. It must be recognizedBethlehem, 81:It means listening for and obeying the insistent demand of the soul for a nearer approach to GodBethlehem, 112:"The key is supplied by mythology. The myths demand a serious interpretation in correspondence withBethlehem, 216:of the case are rightly understood, and in this demand of the crucified Savior we have theBethlehem, 217:of human beings evoked from Jesus the demand that forgiveness be accorded. But when life experienceBethlehem, 223:of His sufferings" to which He calls us, and the demand which we hear as He hears it. This aspectBethlehem, 225:rallying power which the believers of the world demand. Christ shared with us, as a human being,Bethlehem, 248:We must, and do, eventually attain what we demand. When we care for that which is eternal in value,Bethlehem, 265:possible. People ask for guidance; they demand right leadership; they hope to be led in the wayBethlehem, 265:to follow, but it is the secret of the Way. We demand so much, and when a [266] simple rule isBethlehem, 277:sense in which this term is usually accepted. We demand of God far more than this - greatnessBethlehem, 278:revelation of the Self within the self is the demand. It is this self, nurtured, fostered, thenDestiny, 4:come into play either cyclically or through demand. This is an interesting point for students toDestiny, 5:invoked as the result of human need and human demand for succor. This demand curiously enoughDestiny, 5:of human need and human demand for succor. This demand curiously enough remains largely in theDestiny, 6:come when it must be better comprehended. The demand from our innumerable planetary forces has notDestiny, 6:heard two hundred years ago and the sound and demand has increased in volume and potency untilDestiny, 30:and the seventh rays, aided by the help - on demand - of the ruler of the first ray. A large numberDestiny, 74:new desired conditions in Europe, but France's demand for her personal security must give place toDestiny, 130:religious impulses, mystical longings and the demand for liberation. The seventh ray disciple worksDestiny, 146:have, before there is evoked from you that basic demand for further light which necessitatesDestiny, 146:within the limits of the Hierarchy. For that demand, we patiently wait. [147] Discipleship1, X:Today, in our speedier times and when the demand of humanity for help is so outstanding, the hintDiscipleship1, 10:all conditions of life and its expression will demand of you the utmost you have to give and theDiscipleship1, 33:to be silent about their soul life. Their demand has been based on a true recognition that theDiscipleship1, 39:they will deal with the Law of Supply and Demand and with the great principle of Sharing which everDiscipleship1, 90:chosen and particular kind, according to the demand of the occasion) to that which lies withoutDiscipleship1, 107:phrases: "I pledge myself to the Path of Love. I demand of my soul that I, the Spirit in form,Discipleship1, 124:This thought-form leads you to look, aye, to demand results of a phenomenal nature; it incites youDiscipleship1, 124:it incites you to believe and urges you to demand that your years of devotion, your personalityDiscipleship1, 154:learned to work. We work not with all who would demand our aid but leave the "lesser lights" to beDiscipleship1, 160:Your task is to work with the Law of Supply. The demand is already there. Your work is toDiscipleship1, 196:no less. This is the outstanding requirement and demand of your soul from your personality. This, IDiscipleship1, 245:free in all respects - with the freedom that you demand and expect for yourself. May I, in all loveDiscipleship1, 272:The love has been selfish or unreal; the demand for things material has been for that which is notDiscipleship1, 278:of yours is sound. It has met a most needed demand of your own soul. It has been necessary for yourDiscipleship1, 282:so that they measure up to the need and the demand of those around them. So many people feel andDiscipleship1, 297:of you during the next few months, for it is the demand of the disciples of the world which willDiscipleship1, 300:an integrated part within it. You will naturally demand: "How can I do this? Questions and problemsDiscipleship1, 371:before their service can measure up to demand. Others again come into our sphere of influence whoDiscipleship1, 371:brought your physical nature into line with the demand of your soul, that you have far more to giveDiscipleship1, 372:this aspect of yourself into line with spiritual demand and having indicated the wider field ofDiscipleship1, 408:my intention to be authoritative nor do I ever demand obedience. I but make suggestions and leaveDiscipleship1, 410:surely, if your essentials are right, you could demand thirty minutes at some point early in theDiscipleship1, 570:not count upon your acceptance of your soul's demand, did I not realize that the way of the soulDiscipleship1, 578:which they never expect and which they never demand. [579] Conscious discipleship is only nowDiscipleship1, 580:soul for such a stabilization and the urgent demand of your personality for the quiet which streamsDiscipleship1, 641:require reorienting to the present life demand and to the urgency of the present time. You haveDiscipleship1, 641:of the group members to work at will and on demand, under the influence of their souls. It will beDiscipleship1, 642:to render all possible psychological aid when demand comes to you, and through those channels whichDiscipleship1, 662:get the impact of your cares and fears and your demand to be liked. Can you change this? I amDiscipleship1, 689:their major preoccupation; world need and world demand for spiritual and psychic aid rank paramountDiscipleship1, 727:the stage of accepted discipleship. When the demand of the aspirant, the guiding disciple'sDiscipleship2, 33:earlier groups have rejoined [33] the group; the demand of their souls for reinstatement has beenDiscipleship2, 41:which inertia, a reverting to the old, and a demand for the ancient ways are characteristic. YouDiscipleship2, 66:chaos, with its agony, despair, anxiety, and its demand for a poised and efficient exterior to beDiscipleship2, 68:conditions have necessarily to be based upon the demand and the point in evolution of the mass ofDiscipleship2, 68:chosen or imposed, in every country. This demand can be and is affected, modified and spiritualizedDiscipleship2, 104:ancient relationship and through the invocative demand of disciples, initiates and some aspirants,Discipleship2, 160:Love and Light. Nothing can withstand the united demand of men everywhere in their graded and theirDiscipleship2, 165:they may live in peace with one another; as a demand for the working out of the will of God - aDiscipleship2, 167:their light shine." Then comes the final solemn demand that this Plan of Love and Light, workingDiscipleship2, 188:- as follows: To focus the inchoate mass demand of humanity on to the highest possible level. ToDiscipleship2, 188:the highest desire, aspiration and spiritual demand of the very soul of humanity itself. It must beDiscipleship2, 202:creative energy, thus making it available (on demand) to the Members of the Council Chamber atDiscipleship2, 206:has not yet come and "the karmic era cannot yet demand that demanded good become accomplishedDiscipleship2, 211:the past few years. What was actually a vague demand and a fluid nebulous receptivity became (byDiscipleship2, 230:add: "I ask for the needed money for... and can demand it because 'From the Center which we callDiscipleship2, 243:it is desired that you take) there is also the demand upon all [244] disciples to participate inDiscipleship2, 260:is not so. They respond to human need when the demand is effective, and are custodians of the Plan;Discipleship2, 262:revealing the need for change and producing a demand for a future new world and a coming beauty inDiscipleship2, 269:increasingly demonstrate this as the insistent demand for unity and the growth of internationalismDiscipleship2, 277:way into the ranks of the disciples, and the demand which the working disciples in the world makeDiscipleship2, 287:will must go out in response to the invocative demand of humanity, and his "fixed determination"Discipleship2, 317:among the masses is shewn in the constant demand for speed and in the enormous speeding up of theDiscipleship2, 318:and this is perhaps the most difficult demand that I can make upon you. A consideration of theseDiscipleship2, 357:affiliating with the Ashram and his instinctive demand for group work and recognition. The new
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