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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEMAND

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Discipleship2, 394:to forget himself in the need of others as they demand whatever light and knowledge he may possess;Discipleship2, 425:point are amazing at the first glance, and they demand an immediate recognition of the two factorsDiscipleship2, 453:should be ever the recognition of the essential demand of your soul for rhythmic interludes; yourDiscipleship2, 499:sphere, you must begin to prepare. The spiritual demand of humanity is great and the need to be metDiscipleship2, 507:of this peculiar combination of rays will demand of you, and of all workers along esoteric lines,Discipleship2, 544:understanding are ever at your service on just demand. Discipleship2, 629:your progress are to be properly furthered. This demand, based on a sensed need, will vary fromDiscipleship2, 678:the rhythm of the Hierarchy behind it. Today the demand for things esoteric and occult and of theDiscipleship2, 688:normal way. Cultivate a fluidness of living when demand arises. Two there are upon the inward wayDiscipleship2, 718:[718] demonstration becomes adequate to the demand and commensurate with the forces blended. EachDiscipleship2, 719:because of your importunity and the grasping demand of your agile, unsatisfied mind. But you haveDiscipleship2, 724:to serve, my brothers in the Ashram, souls that demand my help, e'en though I see them not, andDiscipleship2, 725:group duty, not from the angle of authoritative demand, or in a spirit of blind obedience butDiscipleship2, 751:for a way of life which your personality may demand. But it can also be soul-produced, and such isDiscipleship2, 758:chooses. These are not evoked by habit or by the demand of others, but are the free contribution ofEducation, 25:into the position of inward search, not outer demand for a reply which can be memorized and whichEducation, 78:does not understand or when circumstances demand too much of him. You might inquire here, afterEducation, 90:or not. They are definitely exploiting the human demand - urgent and right - for better conditions,Education, 105:assuming undesirable dimensions. The widespread demand of the youth of the world today (in someEducation, 109:for the seething unrest and the urgent demand for better conditions, more light and understanding,Education, 113:which enable man to seek, search for and demand that unknown reality. It is the mystical tendencyExternalisation, 35:these groups can measure up to the threefold demand or opportunity mentioned above. They concealExternalisation, 61:of light." [61] A study of the Law of Supply and Demand, so that there can be made available forExternalisation, 115:rapidly emerging and developing life with its demand for more room for expression and fullerExternalisation, 155:of the Shamballa force through [155] the focused demand of the aspirants and world disciples willExternalisation, 183:the old bad order to an end. There is a constant demand for the Allies to state their peace aimsExternalisation, 184:thought of revenge motivates some nations; the demand for the righting of ancient historical wrongsExternalisation, 224:masses, who [224] hate war, desire quiet, and demand peace and good living conditions. There is,Externalisation, 235:absorbed by the forces which impose the German demand for living space, and are thus denuded ofExternalisation, 240:and thither for help and comfort. Shall the demand, so widely prevalent at this time, for divineExternalisation, 247:work of reconstruction lies in the future. The demand today is for the building of a bulwark ofExternalisation, 250:instead a great spiritually militant invective demand. This must not happen with this Stanza ofExternalisation, 250:happen with this Stanza of Invocation. It is a demand; it is also an authoritative affirmation ofExternalisation, 261:not, perhaps, probable. The problem of a blended demand from the spiritual Hierarchy and fromExternalisation, 264:upon the wings of powerful desire and demand. Again and again, God has revealed and sent HisExternalisation, 264:guide humanity. But this happens only when the demand is adequately voiced and the need has criedExternalisation, 264:lies behind the cry of the millions. Will this demand from the hearts of men induce the return ofExternalisation, 266:of spiritual Lives who seek to aid when right demand coincides with right time. The second stanzaExternalisation, 267:to take action. They cannot be moved by prayer, demand and invocation alone. Such demand must haveExternalisation, 267:by prayer, demand and invocation alone. Such demand must have behind it the ideal of a newerExternalisation, 270:Rider on the white horse as He responds to the demand of the people everywhere, pouring through HimExternalisation, 273:fulfiled the conditions through a focused mental demand, based on correctly formulated [274] massExternalisation, 279:Will, Love and Activity, in some measure. The demand goes forth to the Coming One to aid in theExternalisation, 285:at this time, thus sufficing to satisfy man's demand for truth and prove adequate to answer hisExternalisation, 287:massed intent of the Hierarchy and the massed demand of the world aspirants and disciples - itselfExternalisation, 290:revelation - given in response to human need and demand - has ever led humanity onward towards aExternalisation, 291:a manifesting Entity, is called forth by a demand or massed appeal, and evokes response andExternalisation, 294:his next forward step. When he can make this demand with firm intent and can stand steady andExternalisation, 295:Evolutionary Process So it is for humanity. A demand rises to the very gates of Heaven; the massedExternalisation, 295:moment of greatest tension and of difficulty the demand goes forth. Response comes. The AvatarExternalisation, 296:purpose of the Coming One." Those words are a demand, a consecration, a sacrifice, a statement ofExternalisation, 296:the Avatar Who waits in His High Place until the demand is adequate, and the cry clear enough toExternalisation, 296:to warrant His descent and His appearance. Demand without paralleling action is useless, just asExternalisation, 296:link which should unite the Avatar with the demand for His coming forth. His emergence must beExternalisation, 297:right cause, some human right or correct human demand. All these people have worked actively uponExternalisation, 299:ladder. These Avatars issue forth in response to demand and are not so much concerned with racialExternalisation, 302:of humanity will be adequate to the needed demand and strong enough to call Them forth. Time aloneExternalisation, 305:and upon that Avatar being evoked through the demand and the massed intent of humanity, aided byExternalisation, 305:of humanity, aided by the Hierarchy. Will the demand of the people be strong enough to evoke theExternalisation, 305:gates of Shamballa. It is stronger far than the demand of the spiritually oriented people - theExternalisation, 308:of this chain, aided by Their disciples. The demand for the cooperation of all aspirants is nowExternalisation, 312:of the new Invocation. It voices intent, makes demand and pledges cooperation. The providing of aExternalisation, 320:will or should intervene; there is a vague demand that right should triumph and a desperate hopeExternalisation, 320:world, either by prayer, invocation or unvoiced demand, is concerned with readjustment, with theExternalisation, 320:of the peoples. This worldwide invocative demand is largely prompted by a defeatist position or byExternalisation, 336:of hopeful expectancy, of courage, of spiritual demand and of directed will is potent in resultsExternalisation, 349:it is to evoke in humanity the spirit of demand, whilst holding open for them the channel wherebyExternalisation, 349:holding open for them the channel whereby that demand can reach straight through to Shamballa. ThisExternalisation, 352:Himself all that they have of appeal, prayer and demand - voiced or unvoiced - transmitting it inExternalisation, 363:So with all truth up to the present time. The demand is, therefore, for knowers and for those whoseExternalisation, 363:dreams and constructive goal of the New Age, the demand comes for the first time from a large groupExternalisation, 363:so large and its focus is now so real and its demand so loud that it is succeeding in focusing theExternalisation, 364:War and Peace August 1942 There is an insistent demand from the many thousands who in the past haveExternalisation, 370:that new civilization which men of goodwill demand for humanity as a whole. 4. The dangers growingExternalisation, 375:their citizens eventually to form a nation. The demand for national recognition is widespread; theExternalisation, 378:imperative when world readjustment starts. Their demand is for a new governing principle inExternalisation, 386:to lay aside, no matter what the personality may demand, such small sums as can be spared and whichExternalisation, 387:the awakening of all whom we can reach. It will demand the intelligent study and consideration ofExternalisation, 392:in readiness at Shamballa and listening for the demand for succor as it rises from mankind. CertainExternalisation, 392:appeal can express a group integrated and united demand. Only such a united demand, focusing theExternalisation, 392:integrated and united demand. Only such a united demand, focusing the "massed intent" of mankindExternalisation, 395:same time, will embody the outpouring dominant demand of the spiritual aspiration of mankind, plusExternalisation, 396:spiritual aspiration of mankind, plus [396] the demand of the Hierarchy for the needed aid at thisExternalisation, 396:Group of World Servers will focus the spiritual demand for life and liberation, voicing the "massedExternalisation, 397:prayer by the majority and not as a challenging demand as had been intended; it did not, therefore,Externalisation, 408:of humanity are evoked by human desire and demand, for there is a spiritual interplay existingExternalisation, 418:knowledge) are likewise causing a revolt. The demand today is for group work, group good, groupExternalisation, 418:Hierarchy, and to voice their spiritual demand for light, liberation and understanding. There willExternalisation, 418:stated periods throughout the year, the voiced demand of the people of the world for relationshipExternalisation, 426:Hierarchy stands firmly on the side of those who demand a war to a finish, and the reasons are theExternalisation, 427:their knees in supplication for mercy and in a demand for peace. They see the end of business asExternalisation, 427:the general suffering and prompted by pity they demand an immediate peace. Others are prompted byExternalisation, 440:and subhuman kingdoms will (in response to His demand) become the "directing Agents" for theExternalisation, 440:will steadily increase also. Men will desire and demand right human relations - a result moreExternalisation, 446:of selfishness. In those words is summed up the demand being made on those whose responsibility itExternalisation, 450:importance than any national situation or demand. Forget not that the Forces of Evil are stillExternalisation, 454:will have been made on the basis of human demand. Humanity will by then have indicated the strengthExternalisation, 455:side of the Hierarchy and in response to human demand (in degree and in kind, according to theExternalisation, 455:and in kind, according to the quality of the demand), the Hierarchy will play its part and aid inExternalisation, 456:potencies are released through the invocative demand of men.
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