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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEMAND

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Externalisation, 458:goodwill will think clearly, speak forcefully, demand spiritually and implement the inner plansExternalisation, 458:all nations. At the Full Moon of March, let the demand go out for the appearance of thisExternalisation, 460:the aggregate of the endeavor it will meet the demand for right action in an emergency - this timeExternalisation, 461:of Restoration; this has led to an insistent demand that the second phase of the hierarchical workExternalisation, 464:The Christ, the Lord of Love, presenting the demand of humanity and acting as the distributingExternalisation, 465:service at the Full Moon of May (Taurus) if the demand is strong enough, is mentally powerful andExternalisation, 467:you, therefore, everyone, to a great service of demand and of invocation on behalf of humanity - aExternalisation, 467:and of invocation on behalf of humanity - a demand for the inflow of light upon the decisions ofExternalisation, 467:enlightenment has nothing to do with this demand. It is a selfless motive which is required andExternalisation, 467:which must lie behind your individual and group demand. You are demanding enlightenment andExternalisation, 467:The mass of right-thinking and convinced demand which you, who seek to serve the Christ, can throwExternalisation, 487:and at times the task will appear to them to demand too much, to be too difficult and the forcesExternalisation, 496:Another factor was the constant, invocative demand and the prayers (articulate and inarticulate) ofExternalisation, 524:into physical plane publicity is going to demand much from the Members of the Hierarchy. Just as itExternalisation, 540:disturbing the rhythm but necessitated by the demand for workers; problems connected with theExternalisation, 561:due, not only to hierarchical intent, but to the demand of mankind and to the strong vibration andExternalisation, 566:One Humanity and the intensely alert spiritual demand which is today distinctive of mankindExternalisation, 574:the new culture and the new civilization will demand. Even the Hierarchy Itself, with all ItsExternalisation, 595:realities, because of human need and human demand. Always, down the centuries, at the hour of man'sExternalisation, 595:greatest need and in response to his voiced demand, a divine Son of God has come forth and underExternalisation, 596:a steadily mounting invocative cry, prayer or demand, directed toward high spiritual sources, noExternalisation, 598:For the first time in human history, the demand of the people of the Earth is so potent and so inExternalisation, 599:world servers, and in His Person voicing their demand for the recognition of the factual existenceExternalisation, 623:the Masters of the Wisdom; it is the unrealized demand of men in all lands. Where there isExternalisation, 630:is their approach that they get what they demand; they have to learn that the demand and its answerExternalisation, 630:what they demand; they have to learn that the demand and its answer must be the result of spiritualExternalisation, 630:upon us, prior to the return of the Christ, the demand for financial support must be for theExternalisation, 631:end I will give you a short form of spiritual demand which I would ask you all to use in the placeExternalisation, 641:a world prayer and focuses the invocative demand of humanity. 2. Enlarge the work of the TrianglesExternalisation, 648:Evil, that - in response to the massed inchoate demand of humanity - the Hierarchy called forExternalisation, 650:of the Christ and the salvaging of mankind demand courage, organization, [651] business acumen,Externalisation, 662:from the world of men, as expectancy, hope and demand combine to make their united appeal. TheFire, 22:he wrestleth towards the day. The Five demand the greater Sixth and Seventh. The surrounding beautyFire, 294:life is naturally - under the law - equal to the demand, but this is of secondary importance and isFire, 610:in which the form approximates subjective demand, and after being consciously directed, andGlamour, 53:sons of men, and their esoteric and subjective demand for recognition enters in and spoils whatGlamour, 75:rated really by our point of view and not by our demand upon life. The spiritually minded man andGlamour, 82:felt much earlier in extremity or on urgent demand. Glamour, 110:as mental beings. There is then a growing demand for that mind nature to be developed and broughtGlamour, 111:do not mentally understand. That which they demand of beauty, and of emotional comfort. That whichGlamour, 170:So with all truth up to the present time. The demand is, therefore, for knowers and for those whoseGlamour, 176:and to meet its constant appeal and demand for further light and knowledge. To judge what is theGlamour, 187:but both have been prostituted to meet human demand. The era is [188] close at hand when scienceGlamour, 189:dreams and constructive goal of the New Age, the demand comes for the first time from a large groupGlamour, 189:so large and its focus is now so real and its demand so loud that it is succeeding in focusing theHealing, 29:for men to die, as every man has to die, at the demand of his own soul. When man has reached aHealing, 40:to that which is [40] selfish and sad and the demand for the satisfaction of personal needs andHealing, 237:even of the incidents in which he satisfies some demand of his lower nature, and the fact of thisHealing, 264:rejecting the things of the spirit. They demand the so-called restitution of Palestine, [265]Healing, 265:complaint, or of unhappy despair. Their demand has been for the Gentile nations to put the matterHealing, 267:by taking possession of Palestine, by plaint and demand and by financial manipulations. That wouldHealing, 365:who appear to have that which they want and demand, and which appeals to the life of the senses.Healing, 371:Answered On Vibration Some students make demand that I define what is the meaning of the wordHealing, 410:this. Death is all around you at this time; the demand of the human spirit for light upon thisHealing, 451:form, from life to life. Only a cry of pain, a demand for restitution and an invocation for reliefHealing, 501:and uses or discards the body at will - at the demand of the spiritual will or through recognitionHercules, 17:of Eurystheus, and obliged to obey him in every demand. He consulted the oracle of Apollo and wasInitiation, 68:the secret. We are frequently told that when the demand is forceful enough the Teacher will appear.Initiation, 82:The physical elemental will no longer find its demand obeyed; the control must be complete and theIntellect, 29:mission and will not measure up to the soaring demand of the human soul. A training that stopsMagic, 29:forms of the natural or material world - demand the consideration of the ablest minds in the worldMagic, 88:At that time the solar Angels, in response to a demand or a pull from the race of animal-men (as aMagic, 341:is the case, the astral body makes too strong a demand upon the physical, and in the endeavor toMagic, 342:mind, which in its turn makes too great a demand upon the emotional nature, and consequently againMagic, 450:forms of the natural or material world - demand the consideration of the ablest minds in the worldMagic, 630:liked, appreciated and understood. They demand liking and praise. They gauge success by numbers andMagic, 638:the helping of humanity. Now is the need and the demand. The urgency of the hour is upon us, and IMeditation, 130:psychic faculty can be safely permitted; they demand service to the race every day throughout theMeditation, 204:to the interacting forces of supply and demand... Blind faith is right for the mystic. It is one ofMeditation, 204:of those maxims I can here give anent supply and demand. It is only as a skillful [205] use is madeMeditation, 205:supply continues to pour in. The secret is: use, demand, take. Only as the door is unlocked by theMeditation, 205:take. Only as the door is unlocked by the law of demand is another and higher door unlockedMeditation, 303:out to other schools. All true occult schools demand this of their pupils, and all true MastersMeditation, 320:through a knowledge of the laws of supply and demand occultly interpreted. The pupil must be ableMeditation, 341:point has been reached when the Hierophant can demand your presence and bestow initiation upon you.Patanjali, 197:be found the clue to the great law of supply and demand. When the aspirant has learned to "desirePatanjali, 197:the riches of the universe; when he makes no demand for the lower nature and claims nothing for thePatanjali, 246:"objects" in concentration that originated the demand for images, sacred sculptures and pictures.Problems, 9:today, this urge expresses itself in a demand for beauty, leisure and culture; it voices theProblems, 10:different psychology rules. Nations seek and demand the best for themselves, no matter what theProblems, 12:of uncontrolled childish emotions and of a demand - by anti-social nations - for that which doesProblems, 12:of certain groups in the United States, the demand for a white Australia or South Africa, the cryProblems, 13:each nation is a part. War and the constant demand for territorial boundaries, based on ancientProblems, 16:last war. The voices of the old order and the demand of the reactionary elements can be heard inProblems, 36:believe in the unproveable, to seek, search and demand the revelation of that which is hidden andProblems, 41:work is sorely needed and is as urgent a demand as that for food and clothing. It is valuable alsoProblems, 48:when he is not understood or when circumstances demand too much of him. [49] A right atmosphere,Problems, 64:or not. They are definite reactions to the human demand - urgent and right - for better conditions,Problems, 71:the public except in so far that the public demand for better living conditions will enable them -Problems, 71:will enable them - under the Law of Supply and Demand - to provide the goods, the transportation,Problems, 72:monied interests and the mass of humanity who demand fair play and a right share of the world'sProblems, 75:became possible, symbolizing this growth and the demand for freedom. The machine age was succeededProblems, 75:facilities also grew and with this came the demand by the laboring classes for better livingProblems, 77:under the influence of the Law of Supply and of Demand which is a point to be remembered. TheProblems, 77:countries, with the growth of democracy and the demand for freedom, with the uprising of the ruleProblems, 79:groups? In what way can the Law of Supply and Demand be implemented so that there is justice forProblems, 79:in order to meet the requirements of supply and demand? Must we legislate for material ends andProblems, 102:of the non-Jews, in the light of humanitarian demand, is vital; the record of the persecution ofProblems, 102:end. The Jews voice loudly and constantly their demand for redress and help; they blame theProblems, 112:of the United States - vociferous in their demand for their own personal freedom and insistent upon
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