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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEMANDING

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Astrology, 326:Commentary phrases as follows: "Those who are demanding to be saved have cried aloud. Their voicesAutobiography, 106:living conditions. I have never met one who was demanding social equality, though the time isAutobiography, 107:Walter Evans went into hysterics all the time, demanding most of the attention of the doctor, butAutobiography, 236:strides. Millions of names appeared on lists demanding peace. The Axis nations welcomed the idea ofAutobiography, 272:sometimes with the entire Hierarchy, and thus demanding recognition of himself. All this indicatesAutobiography, 281:the Arcane School will change in response to the demanding needs of aspirants, to the unfoldment ofAutobiography, 290:Masters; loud voices are everywhere to be heard demanding attention to themselves; personal claimsBethlehem, 270:situation in which we find ourselves, without demanding the least deviation from the place of dutyDiscipleship1, 135:the world today is earnestly needed. Humanity is demanding help and the Hierarchy is asking forDiscipleship1, 245:you: Work with detachment and, because you are demanding nothing for the separated self, all thingsDiscipleship1, 336:your dominant problem. That problem is the demanding of love and of appreciation where yourDiscipleship1, 393:from people and from the clinging hands of those demanding presences who are to be found clamoringDiscipleship1, 708:formulations of truth and where they are eagerly demanding the next step. The first thing,Discipleship2, 103:to demonstrate certain aspects of life to demanding humanity and a definite ray expression ofDiscipleship2, 123:vision pictorially the process of focusing - demanding - descending and at-one-ing. 3. Pause hereDiscipleship2, 187:advanced, pioneering thinker and not with the demanding masses. I would ask you to remember this.Discipleship2, 198:the three planetary Centers; it is invocative, demanding, fusing, receptive and distributory inDiscipleship2, 299:recognition of: Its inevitability, therefore demanding cooperation. Its success, therefore evokingDiscipleship2, 327:enable them to release energy into a waiting and demanding world of men. Discipleship2, 344:and used - they render the disciple capable of demanding entrance on the basis of demonstrated,Discipleship2, 611:upon discipline, upon purification, upon hard demanding work and upon relinquishing that which theDiscipleship2, 654:hand. Downward I look and see the many hands demanding aid. With gladness and with hope, IDiscipleship2, 717:Ones I seek to serve, below me stand brothers demanding help. 12th month - The cross is mine. TheEducation, 41:to mental values and at the same time it is demanding material values; and when the mind (the lowerEducation, 87:(beginning with the millions of children now demanding education) will be taught truth, withoutEducation, 113:wide sweep of the emerging human consciousness, demanding - as it ceaselessly does - a change inExternalisation, 114:recognized as inadequate to meet the need of the demanding life of the race; there is everywhere aExternalisation, 323:this work was started in 1934. Much lies ahead, demanding attention, and will have to beExternalisation, 452:national differences. In spite of much shouting, demanding and proposed organization, there is noExternalisation, 467:behind your individual and group demand. You are demanding enlightenment and illumined perceptionExternalisation, 494:form of energy) was deflected away from the demanding evocative minds of those seeking to destroyExternalisation, 496:spirit against slavery, reached such a pitch of demanding energy that a channel was created whichExternalisation, 590:presented; then the picture of a Christ demanding a unique position, to the exclusion of all otherExternalisation, 603:which is functioning efficiently today and demanding recognition. It is an organized body which isExternalisation, 630:particular organization. The organizations so demanding must work with the minimum of overhead andExternalisation, 650:(personal or national, and sometimes both), and demanding the settlement of material affairs withFire, 22:its arching circle, standeth the fivefold One demanding further light. He struggleth for expansion,Glamour, 48:is beset by uncertainty and unrest, desiring and demanding to walk free and that no authority beGlamour, 52:about himself; he gestures and attracts notice, demanding recognition. As he does so, his alignmentHealing, 261:which had become a recognized ideal, became a demanding desire, and a great symbolic happening tookHealing, 410:the processes of death which humanity is today demanding. Healing, 425:in proportion to the total number of souls demanding experience in the three worlds, that, untilHercules, 2:from out this crowd, mount the fixed Cross, demanding deeds to do, service to render unto God andInitiation, 194:will the voice of the disciple be heard, demanding the opening of the door. When the lower lifeIntellect, 66:craves. Whichever it may be, the basic idea is demanding what is wanted, and the anticipationIntellect, 66:their request for revelation. But it is asking, demanding and expecting which are the mainProblems, 36:and which - century after century owing to this demanding spirit of investigation - is revealed. ItProblems, 40:churches and restore ancient buildings, thus demanding money which is sorely needed to restoreProblems, 60:(beginning with the millions of children now demanding [61] education today) will be taught truth,Problems, 78:potent; Labor became increasingly restless and demanding. The culminating struggle was presented inProblems, 91:or the Big Five and numerous smaller nations, demanding equal rights, equal votes and equalProblems, 102:everywhere are aware of this and are eagerly demanding that these persecutions end. The spiritualProblems, 102:the way out and cease their present policy of demanding that the Gentiles and Christians make allProblems, 125:they who need regeneration. Men are everywhere demanding light. Who is to give it to them? ThereProblems, 134:is no surety anywhere. The voice of humanity is demanding light, peace and security. Some seek itProblems, 135:true values and right human relations. They are demanding teaching and spiritual help along withPsychology1, 116:promises of future success, and with no demanding ache for the tender touch and contact with thosePsychology1, 187:of their group, society or organization as demanding their help, just in so far, and only so far,Psychology2, 441:aware of the higher aspect of himself which is demanding integration and is conscious of its naturePsychology2, 490:and as constituting an infallible leading (thus demanding and evoking blind and unquestioningPsychology2, 734:as a necessary part of our spiritual life, demanding from us, nevertheless, all that we have toRays, 240:secondarily to their Master, and primarily to a demanding world; that attitude still controls theRays, 677:to their appeal and positive to the higher demanding focus. That which he now loves and longs for,Reappearance, 50:which is functioning efficiently today and demanding recognition. It is an organized body which isReappearance, 72:religion must be inaugurated; the needs of a demanding, invocative humanity cannot be ignored,Reappearance, 138:the same time, along with all seekers, they are demanding a new revelation. They seek something newReappearance, 143:true values and right human relations. They are demanding teaching and spiritual help along withReappearance, 143:appears with Him, what can They do to meet this demanding cry and this intensified attitude ofReappearance, 160:for definite and explicit spiritual help is so demanding that - whether we like it or not - we areReappearance, 179:particular organization. The organizations so demanding must work with the minimum of overhead andReappearance, 182:secondarily to their Master but primarily to a demanding world; that attitude still controls theTelepathy, 96:activity" by that which is lower and which is demanding aid. The disciple therefore, in due time,
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