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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEMANDS

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Astrology, 105:the imposer of retribution and the one who demands full payment of all debts and who thereforeAstrology, 212:evil" (the form nature with its promptings and demands) by the means of the "serpent of wisdom,"Astrology, 447:Christ; he begins to exhaust and deny the demands and desires of the lower nature. This cycle ofAutobiography, 184:the average mother was changing into emotional demands. This cycle which lasts until they are inAutobiography, 185:Great Britain the discipline [185] and parental demands and supervision and control are enough toAutobiography, 255:alters circumstances and the need of humanity demands at times a changed approach. There is nothingAutobiography, 281:of revelation unfolds as the need of humanity demands it; but the underlying objective of allAutobiography, 286:what it is) which evokes their interest or which demands their loyalty. This complete freedom toBethlehem, 80:the Gospel message in terms which each new age demands. It is a waste of time to go on elaboratingBethlehem, 122:him more deeply in a material marsh. Meeting his demands entirely from the angle of bread andBethlehem, 187:This practice will end because the world today demands a living Christ rather than a dead Savior.Bethlehem, 187:a living Christ rather than a dead Savior. It demands an ideal so universal in its implications -Bethlehem, 187:has outlived the thought of a wrathful God who demands a blood sacrifice. Intelligent people todayDestiny, 18:of the values which embody human betterment; it demands peace and understanding between men and itDiscipleship1as steadily rising. This, in itself, demands a new approach, a wider presentation of truth and theDiscipleship1, 72:aspiration), which untiring spiritual work demands. The disciple learns to pay no attention toDiscipleship1, 85:and all together when the group, as a group, demands it. This is a hard saying but later a clearerDiscipleship1, 92:on the very borderline [92] of revelation. The demands of the soul and the suggestions of theDiscipleship1, 92:Master might be regarded as in conflict with the demands of time and space, focused in theDiscipleship1, 138:strained and taxed by others. There are many demands upon your sympathies. By the time you haveDiscipleship1, 140:and silence, and do that which your soul demands. Let not the lesser voices of the loved and nearDiscipleship1, 141:ready and in a good physical condition for the demands upon your time, your strength and your heartDiscipleship1, 149:the adjustments of the physical vehicle to the demands of the period and to your particular lifeDiscipleship1, 150:gifted and force its compliance to your soul's demands and to humanity's need. This appeal is oneDiscipleship1, 160:truth and to do this, as ever, with joy. As the demands of the work increase, you must learn toDiscipleship1, 162:to you and a renewed effort to meet its demands. You have no idea how a fresh access of power willDiscipleship1, 171:add that the effort you are making to meet the demands of the work which I have outlined, drawsDiscipleship1, 194:task of self perfecting for the world situation demands trained and skilled workers. No group canDiscipleship1, 268:your inner bodies into such a rhythm that the demands of the future will find you equipped to meetDiscipleship1, 269:resources of the soul. The routine of the daily demands can usually be met by the technique of anDiscipleship1, 269:have in it - if it is to be adequate to the demands of this day and period of opportunity - thoseDiscipleship1, 269:- those moments wherein the personality demands the full cooperation of the soul. Every such momentDiscipleship1, 297:Between the needs which group work evidences and demands and those of the individual. BetweenDiscipleship1, 357:before the personality can measure up to the demands ahead but your devotion and humility, yourDiscipleship1, 401:however, with little things and the demands of the many clamoring personalities who surround youDiscipleship1, 432:and to subordinate your personality to these demands. You have made much progress along this lineDiscipleship1, 433:as a Messenger, despite all handicaps and the demands of a physical vehicle, too frail really toDiscipleship1, 541:with your third ray physical body which demands change and requires variety; it dislikes quietnessDiscipleship1, 579:world, for this I know you will do. Your soul demands it of your personality and will find you everDiscipleship1, 607:one thought. You have sent out devotion, desire, demands, aspiration, longings and wishes - but notDiscipleship1, 711:your own interpretations, and your personal demands, you will discover for yourselves how and inDiscipleship1, 746:trusted disciple to send it out when emergency demands it. You might ask how the chela knows thatDiscipleship1, 787:alters circumstances and the need of humanity demands at times a changed approach. There is nothingDiscipleship2, 24:going forward together as the situation desired demands. The time equation is one of greatDiscipleship2, 38:be radically different to the conditions and demands prior to the war, then I will consider them.Discipleship2, 43:them even taking the form of believing that the demands of the Master and the program of the AshramDiscipleship2, 43:- that the Oriental does not understand the demands upon the Occidental disciple. I have for yearsDiscipleship2, 44:for all) the work to be done in response to the demands of the Ashram is secondary to your dailyDiscipleship2, 205:New Group of World Servers, because the group demands a definite measure of decentralization; toDiscipleship2, 229:and from a heartfelt desire to meet spiritual demands: "O thou in whom we live and move and haveDiscipleship2, 243:Ponder on this last phrase. The objective demands being made upon all disciples and therefore uponDiscipleship2, 243:far deeper than that, or should. Apart from the demands upon your spiritual resources (incident toDiscipleship2, 244:to consider your individual response to the demands of your own soul and your collective responseDiscipleship2, 269:come to you if you realize that the conditional demands of the Initiator (until the period of theDiscipleship2, 275:the energies and forces which that service demands. From these few hints you can grasp the natureDiscipleship2, 430:you personally feel adequate to the initiatory demands, and to look for that which will lead you toDiscipleship2, 505:in the three worlds, and also upon soul levels, demands careful and concentrated thought. What, forDiscipleship2, 595:yourself for not acceding with exactitude to my demands, I judge your meditation nevertheless to beDiscipleship2, 607:- and doing so well. Your personal karma still demands that you stay where you are - and I stillDiscipleship2, 613:all the many impacts upon your life and the many demands upon you, you have successfully endeavoredDiscipleship2, 629:- that particular truth which your personality demands from your soul and which you feel - at anyDiscipleship2, 655:I can and do supplement your strength when need demands. Rest, therefore, brother of mine; be notDiscipleship2, 703:and the chaos of the war. This has made great demands upon your strength and your judgment. YouDiscipleship2, 741:relation exists), not only because the disciple demands light and has a powerful aspiration towardsDiscipleship2, 743:full compliance of a disciple with the service demands upon the outer plane. When his service is asDiscipleship2, 761:confronts you, that the urgency of the time demands "accomplished servers" and wise disciples, andEducationat thoughtful conclusions." This statement demands a re-examination of our educational theory andEducation, 14:and much of the present failure to meet the demands [15] of the race, and to measure up to humanEducation, 25:be reversed. Parents will ceaselessly meet the demands of the emerging intelligence of the child byEducation, 62:Hierarchy itself remains an esoteric realm which demands discovery and which will acceptEducation, 80:made responsive to sensed world need and to the demands of the times. Education is the training,Externalisation, 243:ambitions, adherence to ancient territorial demands and assumed rights, inherited possessiveness,Externalisation, 261:time. If you can use these phrases as voiced demands and affirmed beliefs - in unison with theExternalisation, 264:No matter how unrealized, back of all these demands and prayers in the many Christian countries,Externalisation, 289:This is the answer of Life Itself to the demands of humanity, to the enquiries of science and toExternalisation, 294:is at its height - there comes a moment when he demands more light, more power, more understanding,Externalisation, 309:as of unflagging attention to outer duty and demands? This is the problem. Are they capable ofExternalisation, 366:new world structure adequate to the intelligent demands of the masses. In the earlier pamphlets, IExternalisation, 378:but also for class understanding. These demands are being expressed from every platform and pulpitExternalisation, 381:desire to make the sacrifices which such service demands; often they are under the delusion thatExternalisation, 399:the energy of desire but as great challenging demands, employing the power of the will as you canExternalisation, 436:of second ray energy, just as His first activity demands an unusual expenditure of first ray powerExternalisation, 462:clamoring of the selfish little minds or by the demands of the reactionary forces to be found inExternalisation, 561:the highest center, Shamballa, responsive to the demands of humanity, and sensitive to the "call"Externalisation, 565:it does a different mode of adjustment to human demands than that entailed by the admittance ofExternalisation, 600:time, He gathers up the inchoate and unexpressed demands of those masses who seek a new and betterExternalisation, 601:in man, the evocation of humanity's spiritual demands on a large scale, and the nurturing - on aExternalisation, 601:factual nature of this process the vociferous demands of men of goodwill, of welfare workers and ofExternalisation, 626:The United Nations is occupied with rapacious demands from all sides, with the angling of theExternalisation, 681:for their development which the objective demands, and to the nature of goodwill and understandingExternalisation, 686:to a forcing process which will make great demands upon Them, but which will serve to release theFire, 142:matter, so as to make it fit, or equal to, the demands and needs of the Spirit. [143] His mode ofFire, 640:on its own entirely neutral ground. Hylozoism demands absolute Divine Thought, which would pervadeFire, 1034:and holding them there as long as necessity demands. Secondly, it is itself gradually dominated byGlamour, 47:contact with his soul is still intermittent. He demands the right to stand alone. He revels in hisGlamour, 112:are alive to the Voice of the Silence and to the demands of the soul. The complexity of the modernGlamour, 221:and the ascending mass of instinctual demands from the lower aspect of the human unit and fromHealing, 92:of the physical apparatus to measure up to the demands of the thought life of the individual. TheseHealing, 111:to all incarnated beings when the soul demands liberation from the body and from form life, andHealing, 183:energies of all the centers, and adequacy to the demands of the initiate and the service of the
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