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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEMONSTRATE

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Hercules, 29:living on the physical plane and endeavoring to demonstrate on the battlefield of the world hisHercules, 30:instructions to undertake the twelve labors and demonstrate his capacities, and has been promisedHercules, 36:of Hercules, as he enters upon his labors, is to demonstrate his power over matter and form, and soHercules, 83:activity; and in these four final signs demonstrate the gains achieved and the powers developed.Hercules, 102:he appears to be. He is essentially what he will demonstrate in Aquarius, the opposite sign to Leo.Hercules, 150:upon the next labor in which he will have to demonstrate his ability to control the powers andHercules, 151:the disciple has to do in Scorpio. He has to demonstrate, not to the Hierarchy, not to theHercules, 151:cannot hold him any longer. Hercules has to demonstrate to himself that form is simply a channel ofHercules, 158:turn into a [158] group of disciples, who will demonstrate to the planet the fact of the subjectiveHercules, 161:and in passing through that little gate, we demonstrate our ability to rightly use the arrows ofHercules, 175:the group consciousness which is beginning to demonstrate in world affairs will result in a groupHercules, 177:are not told, but I have the idea that he had to demonstrate freedom from irritability andHercules, 184:he is soul and body. Christ came in Pisces to demonstrate to us perfectly what would be ourHercules, 201:they meet, they speak a universal language, they demonstrate the universal light, they are serversHercules, 219:retrospect, it should surely be possible to demonstrate the truth of this contention. How then canHercules, 226:the Path of Discipleship, he has, secondly, to demonstrate that he has overcome illusion, that theHercules, 228:but are universal in their application and demonstrate to us the inclusiveness of the consciousnessInitiation, 3:latent certain faculties that were forced to demonstrate in a peculiar way, under the law of CauseInitiation, 20:entities who manipulate, control, and demonstrate through the sun and the seven sacred planets, asInitiation, 21:kind, the faculty of discrimination will demonstrate. This is recognized by scientists everywhere,Initiation, 24:This is the work of the Hierarchy of Light, - to demonstrate to men the true meaning ofInitiation, 39:In earlier cycles in this system they began to demonstrate intelligent love, and from theInitiation, 87:here, might prove very revealing, and might demonstrate an interesting analogy between the methodsInitiation, 100:the accuracy of the transmitted knowledge will demonstrate as follows: [101] In and through theInitiation, 121:the good of the aggregate of groups. This will demonstrate on the physical plane as an ability toInitiation, 130:magnetized spots, and their magnetic properties demonstrate as healing influences. The recognitionInitiation, 131:to draw closer together those influences which demonstrate in the great religions of the world. TheInitiation, 164:its primary law, and all its evolutions tend to demonstrate the perfection of that law with its sixInitiation, 184:evil - if that term might here be used - and demonstrate to the disciple both his weakness and hisInitiation, 195:lower bodies, their innate divinity, and to demonstrate in ever increasing degree their essentialIntellect, 16:of the race who work in other dimensions and who demonstrate powers about which ordinary humanIntellect, 18:which the race [18] as a whole will be able to demonstrate its full potency. Both the East and theIntellect, 85:the physical plane and potentialities will then demonstrate forth as known realities. The trueIntellect, 85:is himself, the powers of the soul will begin to demonstrate normally, safely and usefully. TheIntellect, 86:upon the values involved and set himself to demonstrate the fact of the mind, its relation in theIntellect, 129:in the life. Secondly, the mind [129] begins to demonstrate a new activity. Instead of registeringIntellect, 129:of knowledge than he now contacts. Thus we shall demonstrate the truth of the words of Mr. ChaplinIntellect, 258:abstaining from all sex relations in order to demonstrate to himself his control over the animalIntellect, 259:evil and wrong. If the goal of our effort is to demonstrate God immanent in form, then no level ofMagic, 5:its group relationship as a preliminary step. Demonstrate the relations between the self and theMagic, 7:in three distinct realms: Physically, where they demonstrate as effects in the dense form.Magic, 7:in the dense form. Etherically, where they demonstrate as the energy lying back of those effects.Magic, 13:the free [13] play of the soul of man serves to demonstrate the fallibility and relativeMagic, 33:the undeniable intelligent activity which all demonstrate. It can be called attractive energy,Magic, 36:which the forms in every kingdom of nature demonstrate. Therefore the soul might be defined as thatMagic, 57:the facts given in the commentary so as to demonstrate to the aspirant how much is given him forMagic, 103:Being. This realization, let me remind you, will demonstrate in a true comprehension of a brother'sMagic, 136:times in order to make the intuitive realization demonstrate its realities. Compromise has beenMagic, 183:on the needed steps and stages which should demonstrate in his life, and eliminate those wastedMagic, 235:and from thence (when potent there) can begin to demonstrate on the physical plane and on theMagic, 237:on the path of accepted discipleship has to demonstrate this control and begin to discipline theMagic, 251:of the process in magic which he is seeking to demonstrate as magical work in the outer world. ItMagic, 279:thinking is an essential to progress. This will demonstrate in organization of the outer life,Magic, 322:of the astral vehicle. Opportunity is offered to demonstrate in chaos the potentialities of the egoMagic, 326:though not uniform approach to God, which will demonstrate the truth of St. Paul's words "One Lord,Magic, 332:in the scientific world will sense and work to demonstrate during the next generation. It is thisMagic, 333:and recognizes it as a possibility and seeks to demonstrate the fact of the soul-factor lying backMagic, 335:of light and of power, must inevitably demonstrate the relation between forms, which is anotherMagic, 347:should bear this carefully in mind. There may demonstrate such a factor as a crime wave, but thereMagic, 347:a factor as a crime wave, but there will also demonstrate an increasing number of groups that standMagic, 364:- the correctness of which I leave the future to demonstrate. I simply ask that you make record andMagic, 372:is the next step ahead for the race. This will demonstrate at first as the ability to seeMagic, 424:employed, will be the first to express and demonstrate this extended consciousness. Thus telepathicMagic, 426:work and bring in the new era. These groups will demonstrate no sense of separateness; they will beMagic, 426:of relative numerical strength; they will demonstrate no ambition to increase their ranks. HowMagic, 427:give of a doctrinal nature and will not seek to demonstrate learning. They will meet solely toMagic, 460:who, cooperating consciously with the hierarchy, demonstrate the reality of that work in the threeMagic, 466:clear thinking and accurate visualization, but demonstrate also that they are the possessors of theMagic, 514:life during a particular incarnation will also demonstrate its interludes, and these the aspirantMagic, 560:and to begin to practice it and to demonstrate it. Non-criticism is the third requirement. WhatMagic, 581:from those who feel the impact of them and who demonstrate their effect. It is true, therefore, isMagic, 590:too strongly emphasize, and I do so in order to demonstrate to the eager student that at thisMagic, 592:systems. A little clear thinking therefore will demonstrate the need for excessive care, for thereMagic, 597:in the last analysis, twofold in function. They demonstrate the form building aspect of divinityMeditation, 21:inner guide, and only the life succeeding will demonstrate the wisdom of the egoic choice.Meditation, 40:those where overlapping and merging occur. They demonstrate on the physical plane in greatMeditation, 82:and apply it to the centers) and its force must demonstrate through the higher dimension. [83] EachMeditation, 85:and his emotions do not control him. This may demonstrate in the personal life on the physicalMeditation, 154:are of value only for the reason that they demonstrate the absolute necessity there is for theMeditation, 170:body but to train the intuition.) These words demonstrate the law as working through the threeMeditation, 173:advanced as the more highly considered ones who demonstrate more patently the love aspect of theMeditation, 181:the dangers would be different or rather would demonstrate in the opposite effect, - such as lossMeditation, 208:second Aspect. I give the above illustration to demonstrate to you the great complexity involved byMeditation, 228:hide qualities in the Logos, so these virtues demonstrate in the life of the personality and areMeditation, 232:development, and not so much in terms of form, demonstrate through the virtues, as you call them,Meditation, 270:application of the Rod of Initiation, he has to demonstrate his ability to do so at an earlierMeditation, 271:the period which, at the end, will definitely demonstrate which path a man will follow after theMeditation, 314:though the differences will be there, and will demonstrate themselves in the school work, to thePatanjali, 77:cooperator in the plans of the hierarchy as they demonstrate in cyclic evolution. The science ofPatanjali, 157:are channels for the real thinking man; they demonstrate his active reality and are the sum totalPatanjali, 160:used constantly by the aspirant will eventually demonstrate to him the truth of the statement thatPatanjali, 166:investigation of the world of causes; and so to demonstrate the need for further unfoldment and thePatanjali, 175:rapid, fear and that which it produces begin to demonstrate. This is not the instinctual fear ofPatanjali, 199:in order to learn complete control and to demonstrate the fact that he has completely subdued thePatanjali, 321:in all parts of the Father's kingdom, and thus demonstrate as a fully conscious son of God. ThroughPatanjali, 323:thinking correlating faculty is lacking. They demonstrate as group faculty, analogous to a racialPatanjali, 339:are given. They are correct translations but demonstrate [340] the ambiguity which is inevitablePatanjali, 356:interesting to note that these three attainments demonstrate: The inability of matter and form toPatanjali, 361:Those whose intuition is awakening and who demonstrate a corresponding development of psychicProblems, 17:from this time of trial, purified and able to demonstrate a new capacity to think in terms of
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