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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEMONSTRATED

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Astrology, 119:Cross have to be worked out and the effects demonstrated upon the Fixed Cross. It must not beAstrology, 126:seen working out in Gemini. In Pisces, there is demonstrated the captivity angle of relationshipAstrology, 157:and the will of God in love and salvage is demonstrated. The Bull becomes the bestower of light,Astrology, 220:which the control of the fluidic astral plane is demonstrated. Cancer, being the door toAstrology, 223:by desire for the spiritual values, and this is demonstrated through the tests in Scorpio. EarthAstrology, 271:those "points of crisis" and those "moments of demonstrated development" to which we have referredAstrology, 292:astrological influences. These can be easily demonstrated and instantly made apparent once modernAstrology, 293:of the four arms of the Cross as they are demonstrated by the man both before and after the longAstrology, 339:soul effort, spiritually directed activity and a demonstrated readiness for initiation. There isAstrology, 341:soul and the glorification of the personality demonstrated, ending with death in Scorpio; in theAstrology, 418:in proving the accuracy of a statement by the demonstrated quality of the life aspect, itsAstrology, 457:are concerned; man's responsiveness to them, is demonstrated by the fact of their relativeAstrology, 498:this century, what I have given to you will be demonstrated to be true; this will happen whereAstrology, 542:it will express itself are being increasingly demonstrated and this constitutes a veritableAstrology, 543:of the Capricornian influences can be potently demonstrated if humanity so wills it and will takeAstrology, 564:regard to the advanced initiate are beautifully demonstrated for us in the life of Jesus, theAstrology, 565:The Piscean aspect in its highest expression is demonstrated by His sensitivity to immediate andAstrology, 566:of these four signs of the Fixed Cross, Christ demonstrated perfection. [567] Astrology, 590:it is a gradual, self-revealing evolutionary and demonstrated activity. We know somewhat of theAstrology, 620:the medium of three climaxes: The will-to-good, demonstrated by the achieving ofAstrology, 620:of the third aspect. The will-to-good, demonstrated at the third initiation when self-consciousnessAstrology, 620:of the second aspect. The will-to-good, demonstrated in the higher initiations whenAstrology, 623:concerned. He was the culminating Messenger, and demonstrated the innate possibilities of mankind,Astrology, 623:He makes it very clear that this love which He demonstrated was an aspect of the will, functioningAtom, 13:anything except that which can be proven and demonstrated it stops short at the very point whereAtom, 19:may be logically posited (even if it may not be demonstrated) to be superhuman consciousness. TheAtom, 20:we see around us. But to do that it has to be demonstrated that there is an intelligent purposeAtom, 20:the gradual growth of the plan, will have to be demonstrated, and from that demonstration we shallAtom, 22:purpose of indwelling Existence can be demonstrated. The method whereby this is achieved is that ofAtom, 34:This ultimate particle of matter is now demonstrated to be composed of a positive nucleus ofAtom, 44:which is manifesting through the system. Thus is demonstrated a marvelous and synthesized Whole.Atom, 44:fundamental truths of Christianity should be demonstrated to be scientific truths. We need to makeAtom, 80:through his bodies; then it can perhaps be demonstrated that a planet is also the medium ofAtom, 85:life of God, and thus His essential nature is demonstrated. First, you have one aspectAtom, 144:kingdoms of nature, the vegetable and animal, demonstrated another quality of the Deity, that ofAutobiography, 158:teaching be withheld until a person had demonstrated for two years their loyalty to anAutobiography, 254:[254] and some quite unknown - who had demonstrated a willingness to be trained and who could beAutobiography, 275:effects. All these phenomenal results will be demonstrated normally, safely and sanely as well asBethlehem, 5:this wisdom and knowledge could do for man. He demonstrated in Himself the full expression ofBethlehem, 18:expressions of reality. At the same time He demonstrated to human beings the perfection of the taskBethlehem, 22:There perfection is for the first time demonstrated, and there the divine possibility of suchBethlehem, 26:of essential love, and then told us to love. He demonstrated to us what divinity is, and then toldBethlehem, 95:emotional and mental aspects of man, and demonstrated therefore the perfect Individual. He unifiedBethlehem, 96:evidenced His maturity, faced His mission, and demonstrated to the world His purity and His power.Bethlehem, 96:service. In the fourth initiation, He demonstrated this integration not only as God-Man, but as theBethlehem, 98:and he who undergoes it is regarded as having demonstrated both physical and psychic purity. InBethlehem, 100:the soul. The second initiation stands for the demonstrated control and consecration to divinity ofBethlehem, 104:from God, Christ saw the vision, and that vision demonstrated to Him His Sonship, His MessiahshipBethlehem, 105:passing of the tests of the three temptations He demonstrated the needed purity. The babe inBethlehem, 106:He stood on a level with His brethren and demonstrated purity and peace. Let us remember that "fromBethlehem, 110:Christ's purity and freedom from evil had been demonstrated before men. Now they have to undergo aBethlehem, 131:vindicated. He knew Himself to be God; He had demonstrated to Himself His divine humanity. And yet,Bethlehem, 135:with the three people closest to Him. His demonstrated self control, and henceforth His immunityBethlehem, 136:crisis wherein the immortality of the soul is demonstrated and recognized. The Baptism and theBethlehem, 137:in the first, third, and fifth initiations. He demonstrated the expansions of consciousness whichBethlehem, 140:has set its seal upon our civilization, and His demonstrated synthesis is the inspiration of theBethlehem, 141:be brought into a close relation. This, Christ demonstrated in the Transfiguration, when, throughBethlehem, 167:and ability of the initiate to serve. Christ demonstrated an entirely new and unique way in whichBethlehem, 168:care that the love which He expressed should be demonstrated in the world and that the illuminationBethlehem, 183:significance of the individual and in His life demonstrated the supreme value of the individual,Bethlehem, 187:side of life, of religion and of matter, and demonstrated to us the possibility of being in theBethlehem, 223:had shown us the way that we should go. He had demonstrated to us the nature of perfection. ThereBethlehem, 235:the processes of evolution and initiation He demonstrated to us the meaning and purpose of theBethlehem, 239:more and more of man's attention until it is demonstrated and proven; meanwhile that somethingBethlehem, 239:persists beyond physical death has been demonstrated. The fact of immortality has not been provenBethlehem, 248:destiny, service and purpose. All of these He demonstrated perfectly, and therefore death could notBethlehem, 260:when the human kingdom was reaching maturity. He demonstrated the values of that kingdom in His OwnBethlehem, 271:it is the Word which He sounded forth. He has demonstrated to us our human and divineDestiny, 82:this because it indicates relationship and the demonstrated results of such relations, but notDestiny, 111:the immediate ideal of the time and age. He demonstrated certain divine attributes and conceptsDestiny, 112:developed but rare people have here and there demonstrated this power to abstract the consciousnessDestiny, 113:endeavors to expand human consciousness, can be demonstrated to be effective. Discipleship1, X:through their means. So much stupidity has been demonstrated in writing and talking about theDiscipleship1, 24:own souls. They are only reacting to one of the demonstrated divine powers of the Master but not toDiscipleship1, 24:This will work out in three directions: In a demonstrated ability to be in telepathic rapport withDiscipleship1, 54:intensified light and power could be so clearly demonstrated that the sons of men would come toDiscipleship1, 96:personality attitude which must be held and demonstrated before each initiation. I would remind youDiscipleship1, 225:I and you and all disciples serve, the Christ, demonstrated in Gethsemane his sensitivity to thatDiscipleship1, 296:evocation of the rhythm of the heart center is demonstrated in the early stages by an increasingDiscipleship1, 400:which body do I most easily express my joy? If I demonstrated joy, was it a task, or did I find itDiscipleship1, 445:the most observation and control? Have I demonstrated the powers of observation today? Have I beenDiscipleship1, 476:soul, and not personality love, which must be demonstrated. When your personality is flooded withDiscipleship1, 522:plane today see that that achievement is also demonstrated. From the place wherein your physicalDiscipleship1, 646:several of the group members have so strongly demonstrated. I would have you bear this in mind andDiscipleship1, 690:they have an attitude of deep concern over demonstrated past failures and a consciousness of veryDiscipleship1, 694:that initiation. Their grasp of the fact will be demonstrated in the intensity of their profferedDiscipleship1, 711:quiet moments of aspiration, by what you have demonstrated for years to be your fixed life tendencyDiscipleship1, 743:disciple for more than one life and who has demonstrated his ability to work with selflessness andDiscipleship1, 769:teaching. The output in devotion and service, demonstrated by this group, should be quite unusualDiscipleship1, 779:would be of value to me and to the work if she demonstrated that she could write books (useful toDiscipleship1, 786:to A. A. B. and some quite unknown - who had demonstrated a willingness to be trained and who couldDiscipleship2, 22:process have accomplished their intent and have demonstrated success. These points of crisis areDiscipleship2, 81:was one of decision - as public affairs have demonstrated - decisions which were not always soundDiscipleship2, 200:creative, and that the efficacy of their work is demonstrated in the larger group whose [201]Discipleship2, 322:of the working of the Law of Cause and Effect, demonstrated in a most illustrative manner. As theDiscipleship2, 326:Patanjali, eleven thousand years ago) is being demonstrated and his techniques are beingDiscipleship2, 328:which should be shared if justice is to be demonstrated, and basically, with those values which areDiscipleship2, 335:external group affiliated with my Ashram, and as demonstrated in the book Discipleship in the NewDiscipleship2, 344:capable of demanding entrance on the basis of demonstrated, effective, creative work. They showDiscipleship2, 349:order, necessarily), the will of the soul (as demonstrated by the activity of the highest tier or
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