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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEMONSTRATED

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Discipleship2, 409:back to the place - our Earth - where he earlier demonstrated perfect love and service. But - asDiscipleship2, 419:active, and the center where the love of God is demonstrated, the Hierarchy. In these two centers aDiscipleship2, 486:development of soul quality as it can be demonstrated upon the physical plane. As I have told youDiscipleship2, 510:knowledge of the Plan - then the disciple has demonstrated that he can be trusted; he becomesDiscipleship2, 512:You have aided many towards the light and have demonstrated a physical plane selflessness which hasDiscipleship2, 525:engulfed you, and freedom from glamor has to be demonstrated at the second initiation; it is theDiscipleship2, 594:you are ever kind and understanding and have demonstrated this often, but you are apt to despiseDiscipleship2, 730:the happenings possible." Your quiescence, demonstrated upon the physical plane, largely asDiscipleship2, 733:and it is this tenacity (which you have ever demonstrated) which has preserved untouched yourEducation, 80:can do along undesirable lines has been well demonstrated in Germany with its wrecking of idealism,Education, 80:time. Let us remember at the same time that this demonstrated potency can work two ways and thatEducation, 87:in the greater part of the world. The war has demonstrated that we have not taught aright. A betterExternalisation, 55:of God, both transcendent and immanent, will be demonstrated, and also a similar fact in relationExternalisation, 103:new groups is due to the close inner relation demonstrated through uniform thinking and aExternalisation, 158:us in these great and stupendous Lives, can be demonstrated as having true existence. On the way toExternalisation, 171:and if the spirit of sacrifice had also been demonstrated by the world aspirants. The need forExternalisation, 299:human attitude to God. Then the Buddha came and demonstrated in His Own life the fact of GodExternalisation, 305:only if and because humanity will have demonstrated its inability to call forth and receive theExternalisation, 340:be expected. The course of the war hitherto has demonstrated this. When, the spiritually-mindedExternalisation, 348:mind is that light is substance, and the Buddha demonstrated the consummation of substance-matterExternalisation, 348:the underlying energy of Consciousness. The one demonstrated the height of the attainment of theExternalisation, 361:take place. This is what the Christ proved and demonstrated. When the work of the Buddha (or of theExternalisation, 400:God are recognized ideals and where science has demonstrated the fact of an unfolding purpose andExternalisation, 408:civilizations find their motivation. History has demonstrated that again and again theseExternalisation, 416:adjuncts to the revealed body of truth: The demonstrated existence of a Spiritual Hierarchy, theExternalisation, 419:Astronomical and astrological investigation has demonstrated this relationship and the influencesExternalisation, 453:Out of the [453] immensity of planetary evil, demonstrated through the destructive war of the pastExternalisation, 458:death and mental death. This is seen well demonstrated in the German nation. Think this statementExternalisation, 465:Illumination to the world and the Other Who demonstrated the actuality of the Love of God. TheseExternalisation, 471:messengers. The fact of the resurrection will be demonstrated during the next few centuries, andExternalisation, 476:of the Hierarchy. This has been amply demonstrated. On account of this decision of the Hierarchy,Externalisation, 478:their preconceived ideas of how love should be demonstrated. For the past five years, therefore,Externalisation, 504:I can but give you evidence which may later be demonstrated as true. These Masters are definitelyExternalisation, 509:to respond to inner inspiration be developed and demonstrated. By the growth of intuitionalExternalisation, 511:and the power of the church to heal must be demonstrated. The three main channels through which theExternalisation, 511:preserved in its work. The methods of Deity are demonstrated in its Temples, and under theExternalisation, 516:mental and astral diseases, and it must be demonstrated to the world that the ancient power to healExternalisation, 533:His manifesting Self, except to Those Who have demonstrated perfected love and Who register noExternalisation, 533:Eternal NOW. You have been told, and it has been demonstrated, that the AUM is composed of oneExternalisation, 592:hope, encouragement and example. The love He demonstrated still holds the thinking world in thrall,Externalisation, 636:its freedom. To illustrate - the Hierarchy demonstrated against the totalitarianism which the twoExternalisation, 636:in any form (subtle and undeclared or openly demonstrated) attempts to limit the freedom of theExternalisation, 649:always been small groups and rare souls who have demonstrated the capacity to respond to spiritualExternalisation, 660:above, so below" will be rapidly and objectively demonstrated. This result and the effects producedExternalisation, 662:and planned preparatory work. Though He demonstrated when here before that His mission or work hadFire, vi:practical usefulness of telepathic interplay was demonstrated to an unique degree. The spiritualFire, xiv:at present from the basis of the known and the demonstrated and leaving untouched and unaccountedFire, 41:are founded upon astronomical facts, has been demonstrated by Mr. Davis, in an essay in the AsiaticFire, 72:latency into activity and potentiality into demonstrated power. This correspondence should beFire, 88:matter; the success of photographic endeavor has demonstrated the reality of that which hasFire, 128:the Supreme Being, which perforce will be later demonstrated when the present objective isFire, 179:desire, whose characteristic (when fully demonstrated) will be love, the expression eventually onFire, 197:in this connection the value of touch as demonstrated by the healers of the race (those on theFire, 197:this objective solar system, and herein will be demonstrated the quickening of vibration by meansFire, 227:we have form animated by life, and consciousness demonstrated through appropriate vehicles. How canFire, 227:are brought into definite relationship we have demonstrated, along the line of occult sight and ofFire, 258:is definite and seen. This can only be demonstrated as yet by the endeavor to ascertain the extentFire, 259:is intimately connected with the life of God as demonstrated through His seven Centers, the sevenFire, 260:are assuming a foremost place and when man has demonstrated the thoroughness of his will to serve,Fire, 315:different types of electrical phenomena are demonstrated, and the light blazes forth, irradiatingFire, 319:objectivity on the solar physical. It will be demonstrated later as science attains more and moreFire, 325:greater Life that contains Them. Here again is demonstrated the truth of the teaching given by H.Fire, 454:nature of vibration or radioactivity, and the demonstrated reality of the hitherto metaphysicalFire, 483:conceit. Free from selfishness. Ready to accept demonstrated truth. We must find the highestFire, 499:Under the law this will work out as demonstrated quality, and ordered intelligent purpose in everyFire, 511:Logos through the medium of the Son) is the one demonstrated in this system. This system is: A SonFire, 568:In these laws we again have the threefold idea demonstrated, and the correspondence, as might beFire, 569:is the home of the Monad. Divine coherency is demonstrated. The Law of Disintegration. On the thirdFire, 574:in which the above qualities specially demonstrated. Fire, 585:that works out in service, is the same thing as demonstrated in the Triad. Sex expression, theFire, 596:in a perfect balance. The same effect can be demonstrated in the sixth Round. In the sixth Round ofFire, 628:facts, names and outlines which can only be demonstrated through the law of correspondence. The keyFire, 752:within the cycle of manifestation. They have demonstrated three out of the four methods. They areFire, 763:which is later seen connecting the points is not demonstrated. The surrounding sphere is colorlessFire, 766:in the minds of many metaphysicians as to which demonstrated first, desire or will, and as to theFire, 780:kingdom. They embody the energy of substance as demonstrated in a system, a scheme and a humanFire, 794:be recognized by scientists. This fact will be demonstrated towards the close of the century, and,Fire, 800:and which enables the quality of its life to be demonstrated. In the human atom this concerns thoseFire, 815:upon earth, and thus will the Christ nature be demonstrated to be a fact in nature itself. TheFire, 875:dharma) on the physical plane and all three have demonstrated certain types of energy. The FatherFire, 900:with the process whereby eventual perfection is demonstrated. The Son is made perfect, and theFire, 906:stimulation of responsive vibration, which is demonstrated already in the discovery of wirelessFire, 922:seven planes of the solar system is also here demonstrated, the nature of Brahma, or the HolyFire, 935:is that of the third ether. These facts will be demonstrated in the seventh round when the presentFire, 941:as the three primary stages, and we find demonstrated (in connection with the microcosm) the threeFire, 942:of Sephiroth are seen reproduced in man. He is demonstrated to be nine from another angle but weFire, 1034:of energy. These effects are to be seen clearly demonstrated in man's evolution in the approach heFire, 1141:a combination of the two. The distinctions are demonstrated in the fact that some forms areFire, 1169:sex. It is the expression of the law as it is demonstrated by the three major groups of lunarFire, 1210:of the present age are expressing, will see it demonstrated to such an extent as to place ethericFire, 1246:after he has passed the fifth Initiation and has demonstrated his fitness so to do through a longFire, 1261:most abstruse and intricate. This can be demonstrated by pointing out that from these figures mustGlamour, 5:outgo will, necessarily, in their pure form, be demonstrated, but that which produces these isGlamour, 14:idea through the study of its form and its demonstrated activity, and you are discovering the fieldGlamour, 71:and emphasized, constituting then inherited and demonstrated psychological tendencies andGlamour, 168:take place. This is what the Christ proved and demonstrated. When the work of the Buddha (or theGlamour, 183:short. A very good instance of this process is demonstrated by one of the secondary points ofHealing, 12:in the macrocosmic sense, and can already be demonstrated to be true where the microcosm isHealing, 317:life, quite incurable. Its sexual basis is demonstrated by the fact that it manifests itself inHealing, 324:and definitely correct, and some day it will be demonstrated. Another reaction on their part is one
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