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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEMONSTRATED

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Healing, 336:to its right understanding. They have already demonstrated much in connection with its declarativeHealing, 336:as yet that their conclusions are not fully demonstrated nor entirely reliable. In the immediateHealing, 339:law of cycles, lunar and solar. It will then be demonstrated as a fact, what has always beenHealing, 350:soul action are always parodied and falsely demonstrated on the physical plane by the earlierHealing, 379:is electrical in origin and nature? This must be demonstrated on the physical plane by the aid ofHealing, 385:of the patient to accept whatever may be the demonstrated will of the soul. It might be called anHealing, 391:must be altered and deliberately changed. Christ demonstrated to His disciples the correct attitudeHealing, 398:and the work of the mediums, have nevertheless demonstrated the presence of an inexplicable factor;Healing, 399:this is today sensed; this fact will be later demonstrated. Opposing this inner confidence andHealing, 412:forms...Our essential immortality will be demonstrated and realized to be a fact in nature. - PageHealing, 417:Supreme Being, which perforce will be later demonstrated when the present objective is attained.Healing, 452:through mental vitality. This has been demonstrated time and again in the annals of medicine, forHealing, 458:its relation to the body has been scientifically demonstrated. Mantric phrases will also beHealing, 458:deliberately and mentally by himself. The Christ demonstrated their use when He cried aloud,Healing, 502:recorded and registered in the brain. Pain is demonstrated in both cases, but upon the Path ofHealing, 503:discovery of the release of atomic energy has demonstrated. The nucleus of the atom is split inHealing, 588:the tangible manifested world; then there is demonstrated in the planet will, love, and mind orHealing, 616:system; this, however, is a deep mystery. It was demonstrated in a peculiar manner, and in relationHealing, 634:the many of which it is constituted; it is the demonstrated fact of innate coherency, of unity, ofHealing, 654:to save it, because He now possessed the power (demonstrated later in the Gospel story) to create aHercules, 6:knowledge of himself, and through that knowledge demonstrated the power of the sign and acquiredHercules, 7:enacted the life history of every aspirant, and demonstrated the part which the unit must play inHercules, 18:In this act he forecast the future in which he demonstrated that the physical nature no longerHercules, 100:his first act of service. Through that act he demonstrated that he was ready for testing andHercules, 104:characteristics that the Christ so marvellously demonstrated. He showed himself as the Creator. HeHercules, 157:the stupendous sign Scorpio, in which Hercules demonstrated to himself the fact that he could noHercules, 158:same problem on the plane of the mind where he demonstrated complete control of that which is theHercules, 228:his problem changes. He has controlled and demonstrated his capacity to overcome desire; he isHercules, 228:becomes a world worker. This one-pointedness is demonstrated for us in Sagittarius (November 23 -Initiation, 5:in the scientific sense as that which has been demonstrated past all doubt and question) may not beInitiation, 23:center expresses its particular type of force, demonstrated in a triple manner, producing thusInitiation, 85:the control of the dense physical has been demonstrated, so here the control of the astral isInitiation, 85:so here the control of the astral is similarly demonstrated. The sacrifice and death of desire hasInitiation, 164:is committed to his care, and that reason is demonstrated to him to be identical with that whichInitiation, 169:modern science. The fact that it is triple is demonstrated to the initiate at the first initiation,Initiation, 170:with the law of karma as it affects man is demonstrated to him, and he knows with first-handInitiation, 182:includes the methods of organization which are demonstrated in all civilized communities, such asIntellect, 3:prayer" is, unfortunately, true. But it can be demonstrated that in the right understanding of theIntellect, 7:to the central mystery of man founded on old and demonstrated truths. Dr. Jung again takes this upIntellect, 40:latent in the human form, but is drawn into demonstrated activity through the practice ofIntellect, 71:understanding of the results eventually to be demonstrated. He will need a keen formulation of theIntellect, 74:and as sons of God. We know of those who have demonstrated their divinity to the world, and whoIntellect, 127:to a wider understanding and knowledge is being demonstrated on a large scale at this time, and theMagic, 6:as a working hypothesis until these are demonstrated to be erroneous. They will be franklyMagic, 7:aspects and correspondences insofar as they demonstrated the relation of the part to the whole, andMagic, 104:force and (ultimately) spiritual energy may be demonstrated through the medium of the form. ThusMagic, 111:in love to all. [111] Responsible love, demonstrated in duty to group and family, is therefore forMagic, 119:the scope of that life of love and know it as demonstrated power. Just as the personality dealsMagic, 119:self, and the ego works with the law of love as demonstrated in group work, or love showing itselfMagic, 165:and a training which will make its use a demonstrated fact in nature to them. I would callMagic, 241:spirit and matter; spiritually speaking, it is demonstrated as the activity of the soul, as itMagic, 332:basic premises of the Ageless Wisdom will be demonstrated, such as: The soul is the form-buildingMagic, 336:will be the keynote, for it will be a demonstrated fact in nature. It will be an age wherein menMagic, 349:universal Brotherhood, some law explained and demonstrated in the life of every day, may make theMagic, 415:have stood for certain aspects of truth and have demonstrated certain ray characteristics. The newMagic, 416:their talents ran along some specific line. They demonstrated a capacity to write as Shakespeare,Magic, 419:the truths taught, the discipline of life demonstrated concern no one but the working disciple. Magic, 448:the stage when its inner purpose and plan can be demonstrated. He holds the thought-form in hisMagic, 463:the human. It is too far ahead for this to be demonstrated, but when this condition is understood,Magic, 506:its relation to the body has been scientifically demonstrated. Mantric phrases will also beMagic, 506:deliberately and mentally by himself. The Christ demonstrated their use when be cried aloud,Magic, 517:and Cycles Students of occultism who have demonstrated their devotion and their mental poise, andMagic, 602:ahead of that of the average citizen) will be demonstrated by a life of active unselfish serviceMeditation, 14:of the method to the individual is being demonstrated, you can then see if the rules laid down hereMeditation, 20:Ray of Concrete Knowledge. A in past lives has demonstrated love and has made real progress in theMeditation, 41:ideals and the devoted adherence to a cause, as demonstrated under the ray of the Master Jesus;Meditation, 45:We deal with the Law of Cause and Effect, as demonstrated in the groups national, religious orMeditation, 48:man who is ready for occult meditation must have demonstrated first for many lives his intelligentMeditation, 54:the third great Breath the activity aspect wag demonstrated, matter was impregnated with thatMeditation, 101:conditions) and the correspondence will be demonstrated. When this is realized the phenomena of theMeditation, 118:be born on the physical plane. You will see this demonstrated many times in life when members of anMeditation, 149:fails in the purpose of his being - that of love demonstrated in activity - unless he coordinatesMeditation, 169:different ways. The results of meditation as demonstrated in terms of character, if I may soMeditation, 190:only when mental concepts are brought down and demonstrated on the physical plane in practicalMeditation, 194:of the individual, as has been again and again demonstrated, surely its united use will beMeditation, 222:to conform in his methods of work to the methods demonstrated by the Logos through the seven raysMeditation, 223:aspects of logoic life are being thoroughly demonstrated and the third will be but partiallyMeditation, 225:then these facts will be ever more clearly demonstrated in detail, and perfect comprehension willMeditation, 231:to reserve opinion until further facts are demonstrated, and also an avoidance of dogmaticMeditation, 233:and radically different. We have, therefore, demonstrated our first point that, as the unitsMeditation, 242:will then proceed to deal with the effect as demonstrated in the physical or the etheric. ShouldMeditation, 254:and the effect of contact with Them will be so demonstrated in the life that its immediate andMeditation, 260:they embrace the laws of the Universal Mind as demonstrated in lower manifestation. The Laws ofMeditation, 295:When he merits certain response it will be demonstrated in his stars, and naught can hinder orMeditation, 300:do their work satisfactorily they will have demonstrated to the world of men that the subjective isMeditation, 320:reference to the man's own Master. He must have demonstrated, by a previous period of service, hisPatanjaliherein contained. When all the sons of men have demonstrated that they are also Sons of God, thePatanjali, 8:can be subdued, and the higher psychic faculties demonstrated, The brain can be brought en rapportPatanjali, 228:all its beauty in the three worlds. This can be demonstrated as literally true upon the physicalPatanjali, 358:or Father aspect. Intelligent activity has been demonstrated, based upon an unfoldment of the lovePatanjali, 397:through mental vitality. This has been demonstrated time and again in the annals of medicine, forProblems, 17:in terms of the material civilization which she demonstrated so wonderfully for so many centuries?Problems, 23:will pattern themselves upon what Russia has demonstrated, yet will at the same time preserve theirProblems, 51:do along undesirable lines has been well [51] demonstrated in Germany with its wrecking ofProblems, 51:used the same system. Let us remember that this demonstrated potency can work two ways and thatProblems, 108:ended; between the two of them goodwill must be demonstrated. Right human relations must be firmlyProblems, 151:Teacher of the way of enlightenment. He [151] demonstrated in Himself the processes of illuminationProblems, 153:[153] can be made and their possibility can be demonstrated by the recognition of certain factorsProblems, 156:quarrels; the study of Comparative Religion has demonstrated that the foundational truths in everyProblems, 181:and on behalf of right human relations will be demonstrated as possible, and the present unhappy
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