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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEMONSTRATED

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Psychology1, xxiii:the suggestions I may make, will, I forecast, be demonstrated, in the scientific sense, during thePsychology1, xxiv:The Aquarian Age will see the fact of the soul demonstrated. This is an attempt, carried forward inPsychology1, 12:the minds of humanity. This can be practically demonstrated if those who are interested in thisPsychology1, 18:which we call the Christ. This cosmic Christ demonstrated to us His perfection, as far as the humanPsychology1, 19:who know and love Him in terms of quality. He demonstrated to us the quality of the love of God,Psychology1, 93:no true justification. At the same time we have demonstrated to us by science that all we canPsychology1, 96:and our essential immortality will be demonstrated and realized to be facts in nature. He came, HePsychology1, 151:and whose emerging qualities are balanced and demonstrated throughout the entire system. All partsPsychology1, 183:still alive, awake and aware. This fact will be demonstrated in several ways. The development of aPsychology1, 197:liberation, or its highest form of activity, is demonstrated by the perfume of its highest forms ofPsychology1, 217:so unique a contribution. Its success is demonstrated in the uniformity of its production of greenPsychology1, 266:and certain results of this activity are demonstrated under one ray influence more than underPsychology1, 345:the glory seen; the rule of the hierarchy demonstrated. "In the fourth race (the Atlantean -Psychology1, 347:This takes place at the fourth initiation and is demonstrated or proven at the fifth. A close studyPsychology1, 356:work individually with definite purpose. This is demonstrated today by individuals in allPsychology1, 363:and unrealized, there must as a consequence be demonstrated a spirit of deadness, of uselessness,Psychology1, 363:over forms and ceremonies. But where it is demonstrated that ritual and organized ceremonies arePsychology1, 369:of the lodge work and ceremonial will be [369] demonstrated. It will be seen that in the regularityPsychology1, 377:activity of the divine essential attributes demonstrated as the Law of Materialization, or (as itPsychology2, 123:as the Masters render it, and as the Christ demonstrated it for us in Galilee. Psychology2, 126:the deep flow of spiritual life, which have been demonstrated in the world work of late, is aPsychology2, 128:giving forth, and the life, power and love demonstrated, being sent forth from soul levels, willPsychology2, 134:the soul, which is the major factor leading to demonstrated service, is to integrate thePsychology2, 201:deduction and conclusions which cannot be demonstrated, with the type of human equipment now inPsychology2, 321:quality and basic vibration of the mind-energy demonstrated. It conditions the sentient formPsychology2, 379:men of all time and all races have individually demonstrated. The Aryan state of consciousness isPsychology2, 408:and the power to express desire, most clearly demonstrated. The same thing can also be noticed inPsychology2, 431:him lie points of crisis wherein it can be demonstrated by his present equipment that he achievedPsychology2, 504:we have a somewhat different situation. The demonstrated integration has involved the mind naturePsychology2, 564:than is the ordinary man. This attitude is demonstrated by the immense audiences such people canPsychology2, 663:and must bring the question, as a concrete demonstrated factor, before the public. Psychology2, 732:Our interest has been powerfully evoked, but not demonstrated as it might have been. The demand forPsychology2, 736:and his humanitarian longings into Facts demonstrated in the life of everyday. The lines of worldRays, 38:to that which has been tried, known and demonstrated by all previous initiates. The arresting ofRays, 78:become experimental theories and later prove demonstrated facts. Behind all this, two things areRays, 111:on Earth. That group relation has to be demonstrated in the three worlds and expressed by disciplesRays, 113:sense of synthesis (which must be increasingly demonstrated as each initiation is taken in groupRays, 125:control of the physical and astral natures are demonstrated by the applicant to himself, and theRays, 126:"rules in time and space," and that once he has demonstrated to himself that he can hold them andRays, 139:always recoverable (as modern psychoanalysis has demonstrated) and can become capable of expressionRays, 155:being and of unparalleled potency until he has demonstrated within the framework of his own life aRays, 179:of his point of attainment - an attainment demonstrated by his astral (emotional) and mentalRays, 205:in full expression in Palestine) the Christ demonstrated - for the teaching of humanity - theRays, 216:incarnations. During that cycle the will demonstrated first as the lower man; then it focusedRays, 259:the Rules for Applicants, but they are this time demonstrated by a group of disciples who haveRays, 260:the qualities which - when more universally demonstrated - will indicate its nature, if I might soRays, 263:expressing of the four rules for applicants, as demonstrated by the disciple now functioning in aRays, 275:the intensity of purpose and the depth of love demonstrated by the two groups of triangle members. Rays, 276:work begins, its potency will be objectively demonstrated because the Buddhas of Activity willRays, 290:who take the higher initiations, and thus is demonstrated the close unity which forever existsRays, 299:When he has, through his own life and words, demonstrated his conscious participation in this basicRays, 346:him the mystery of his next immediate step or demonstrated expansion, discovers his own group, heRays, 387:of the ray which dominated an Ashram that first demonstrated, and not the quality of the greatRays, 412:of the release of atomic energy has well demonstrated to the Hierarchy. All these factors haveRays, 414:from non-sacred to sacred have not fully demonstrated themselves objectively. The mystery of thisRays, 434:that the dualism displayed by a Master and that demonstrated by a disciple are not identical or oneRays, 443:faculty. The reality of this process is demonstrated in the emergence of that basic quality whichRays, 468:from the Triad. There is far too much inertia demonstrated by aspirants at this time. Rays, 521:which had existed since Atlantean days; He demonstrated in Himself the visited perfection and thenRays, 522:He indicated a state of being which He had never demonstrated on earth, owing to the unpreparednessRays, 526:planetary Logos. They also, from time to time, demonstrated to the humanity of Their period ofRays, 527:is known as the "Enlightened One," also came and demonstrated to humanity the nature of the LightedRays, 527:His work was of a major consummating nature; He demonstrated in Himself two divine aspects, thusRays, 527:love-wisdom in its dual aspect - the one aspect demonstrated by the Buddha and the other by theRays, 535:of definitely defined areas of attainment. It is demonstrated as effects in his consciousness inRays, 543:now has made his approach to the Ashram and has demonstrated his ability to serve and therebyRays, 561:(that life which the higher initiates demonstrated in the Atlantean initiations) and the extensiveRays, 565:successive initiation undergone, understood and demonstrated upon the physical plane becomes theRays, 571:of what he essentially is. This development is demonstrated at the third initiation, that of theRays, 645:or in the Trinity of Energies, is factually demonstrated. The first Ray of Will or Power isRays, 647:living and spiritual living will be clearly demonstrated. This is made possible by the cleavage ofRays, 654:of calm potency wherein the will of God (to be demonstrated in the next solar system) will beRays, 665:initiation will see this fact more clearly demonstrated. The Birth Initiation lies behind in theRays, 677:the first blow at his innate selfishness and has demonstrated his determination to think [678] inRays, 681:and of territorial conquest by force of arms is demonstrated today by the Zionists in Palestine, asRays, 722:They decided to do led to the world war, to a demonstrated cleavage between right and wrong,Rays, 726:planes, other qualities, unknown to us, may be demonstrated by the appropriate initiates; but thoseRays, 748:lines which will be beyond anything yet demonstrated and, aided by Great Britain, the two greatReappearance, 6:This is necessarily a deep mystery and was demonstrated in a peculiar manner and in relation toReappearance, 12:Avatar of Illumination. Then the Buddha came and demonstrated in His Own life the fact of GodReappearance, 36:hope, encouragement and example. The love He demonstrated still holds the thinking world [37] inReappearance, 46:great spiritual festivals where the relationship demonstrated includes not only the Kingdom of GodReappearance, 80:cannot explain away the fact that the Jews demonstrated [81] their liking for the Taurian worshipReappearance, 105:has already been proved, though what has been demonstrated as surviving is apparently not in itselfReappearance, 110:such world exists and the so-called heathen have demonstrated historically less of the evil ofReappearance, 114:of submission and of acquiescence. Christ demonstrated this submission when He said, "I came not toReappearance, 115:These are the things which Christ earlier demonstrated on Earth, and they are the things which HeReappearance, 131:and illusion, Christ knew much, and in Himself demonstrated that true love could control it. PartReappearance, 134:take place. This is what the Christ proved and demonstrated. When the work of the Buddha (or of theReappearance, 153:Astronomical and astrological investigation has demonstrated this relationship and the influencesReappearance, 158:which had existed since Atlantean days; He demonstrated in Himself the visioned perfection and thenSoul, 21:might be called the chemistry of his soul, are demonstrated [22] in a great measure by theSoul, 24:and mentalists have not, however, demonstrated their point scientifically, and the position ofSoul, 25:strong, for it is based upon known truths and demonstrated facts. He can prove his position andSoul, 28:strength? If the Self exists - and this must be demonstrated - and is the conscious divine Soul,Soul, 105:being. As evolution proceeds it may be found and demonstrated that the positive center or nucleusSoul, 126:to control animals, and people. All these Christ demonstrated, even to the control of theSoul, 130:as unprovable in the past been proved and demonstrated in the present age? Might it not be possibleTelepathy, 54:- of all the evolutionary process, is simply the demonstrated result of the Science of Contact. ItTelepathy, 77:(2%) of the entire telepathic receptivity, demonstrated by humanity as a whole throughout the
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