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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEMONSTRATES

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Fire, 510:in connection with the causal bodies of men, demonstrates as a unity on the first subplane, as aFire, 521:of the microcosm, the Spark in the Flame, man demonstrates as electric fire on the second plane, orFire, 523:its electrical aspect on the second plane, and demonstrates thus also on the third and fourthFire, 542:The Petal of Sacrifice for the mental plane: demonstrates as the predominant bias of the soul asFire, 567:the scope of this law. It is the law that demonstrates the fact that all things - abstract andFire, 569:Monad via the egoic body. The Law of Fixation demonstrates principally on the mental plane and hasFire, 576:It is interesting to notice how this law demonstrates in this Love-System in a threefold manner: OnFire, 579:we look at the sex problem, or whether it demonstrates in business organization, in scientificFire, 593:hence is ahead of us along every line. This law demonstrates the static quality of love, staticFire, 593:all that it contains; whilst love in the Monad demonstrates a measure of cosmic love, and embracesFire, 594:development of that inherent divinity. Love demonstrates, through the concrete rays, the aspects ofFire, 594:the persona that hides the one Self; love demonstrates through the abstract rays in developing theFire, 599:the complexity of the subject, it also demonstrates the divine magnitude of the scheme, with itsFire, 599:a twofold reason. The seventh root race again demonstrates dual attainment, love in activity, theFire, 613:life or force, which, in due course of time, demonstrates as a planetary scheme, or an incarnationFire, 634:of that activity and vibration [634] which demonstrates through what we call "solid substance."Fire, 642:primarily consciousness or intelligence as it demonstrates through the third and fourth kingdoms)Fire, 654:the two aspects and which - during evolution - demonstrates the third type of electrical phenomena.Fire, 667:and through both evolutions, but in the one it demonstrates as self-consciousness, and in the otherFire, 668:instinct, or the driving urge and motive which demonstrates later on the physical plane in activityFire, 760:if the student remembers that: An ordinary man demonstrates the third aspect of intelligentFire, 760:activity on the buddhic plane. An avatar demonstrates one of two things, according to his peculiarFire, 803:is governed by the will of the solar Logos as it demonstrates itself in initiatory activity. BeyondFire, 808:the central Life within the lotus. This activity demonstrates in a twofold manner: As theFire, 833:- Sun or Son. Each of these two last aspects demonstrates within itself in a dual manner, but theFire, 863:radioactive, and as the energy of the inner God demonstrates more and more through the lowerFire, 1035:and of a solar Logos. The spiral-cyclic force demonstrates, as might be expected, in seven ways; ofFire, 1038:overlooked is that each of these rays of energy demonstrates constructively, through theFire, 1040:causes that motion we call spiral cyclic. It demonstrates in all forms as a tendency to repeat,Fire, 1062:the human unit (as it approaches "liberation") demonstrates a similar phenomenon. Again, as aFire, 1077:comprehended, it will be found that it demonstrates one more instance of the unity of all life, andFire, 1078:each simultaneously with its original motion demonstrates spiral-cyclic activity. Thereby itFire, 1105:affects the Heavenly Man, and not the law as it demonstrates in the three worlds. This karmic law,Fire, 1158:energy of the psyche, the consciousness aspect, demonstrates when the three higher in the threeFire, 1161:more interesting, for that great cosmic Entity demonstrates on the cosmic mental plane as a tripleFire, 1163:the left-over of a previous solar system, demonstrates through the dense physical form and in theFire, 1171:of petal unfoldment, and therefore itself demonstrates as a triple law: The Law of Solar Heat -Fire, 1172:[1172] attracted to the central spark; it demonstrates the attractive quality of the central life.Fire, 1182:it of use to remember that, The Law of Economy demonstrates as an urge, The Law of Attraction as aFire, 1262:magnetic current, and the tendency which it demonstrates to point ever towards the north. TheseGlamour, 57:Problem - The Nature of Glamor This illusion demonstrates in seven ways usually: 1. Through wrongGlamour, 103:that: In the first initiation the disciple demonstrates that he has resolved the dualities of theGlamour, 103:energy. In the second initiation, the initiate demonstrates that he can choose between the pairs ofGlamour, 103:Presence. In the fourth initiation, the initiate demonstrates his ability to produce completeGlamour, 179:of the Law of Rebirth holds the clue to this and demonstrates this necessity. The [180] tide ofHealing, 36:human evolution, it is the coherence aspect that demonstrates. Later as man's response apparatus,Healing, 36:inner side where time is not, the human creature demonstrates as an amazing kaleidoscopic mutableHealing, 125:define the pulsating life of the soul which demonstrates upon the physical plane in the outgoingHealing, 197:to the soul or quality aspect. That which demonstrates as their united externalization is theHealing, 292:to the very origin of creation itself. Karma demonstrates in those streams of energy and ofHealing, 302:fifth ray. In the activity of this energy which demonstrates primarily upon the fifth or mentalHealing, 405:from the imposition of cosmic desire which demonstrates upon our cosmic physical plane as spiritualHealing, 415:returns within the causal consciousness...This demonstrates on the physical plane in theHealing, 454:man's unity with everything that is material; it demonstrates that he is a part of nature itself,Healing, 501:an awakened consciousness is evoked. This demonstrates in the first instance as the sense ofHealing, 539:health which the initiate of the fourth degree demonstrates, unless some disciplinary, experimentalHealing, 562:desire evoking the physical appetite; this demonstrates my contention that the physical bodyHealing, 585:form, which sustains it in being and constantly demonstrates its presence by activity of some kindHealing, 585:of some kind or another - an activity which demonstrates its livingness. We, however, erroneouslyHealing, 640:and with the driving force of its inchoate will, demonstrates as magnetic power and is constantlyHercules, 42:soul, manifests. It produces the stability which demonstrates in the persistence of the formHercules, 92:covered by this immense sign, that instinct demonstrates as intellect in a human being as heHercules, 102:in Leo becomes the initiate in Capricorn, and demonstrates as the complete man in Aquarius, andHercules, 160:with thought at its source. In this sign he demonstrates complete control of thought and speech.Hercules, 226:his labors, the killing of the Nemean Lion. He demonstrates in this test the power to do two thingsHercules, 227:Boar and, through the performance of this labor, demonstrates his fitness to take the secondHercules, 227:body. He balances the pairs of opposites and demonstrates it in an amusing and symbolic manner. HeHercules, 228:the triple matter aspect, into Heaven. Thus he demonstrates that he has undergone the necessaryInitiation, 3:three major systems. The Love or Wisdom aspect demonstrates through the building of the form, forInitiation, 52:to recognize the hierarchical vibration as it demonstrates through the medium of disciples in theInitiation, 178:that it produces that specific stimulation which demonstrates in the activity of man on the Path ofInitiation, 196:last verse is particularly interesting, as it demonstrates the suppression of the lower sound andInitiation, 205:when - the control having been gained - the man demonstrates perfectly through the medium of theIntellect, 99:Inspiration. The result of illumination, as it demonstrates in the life of service. These fiveIntellect, 186:the way in which the Buddha found the Light. It demonstrates in a most remarkable way the use ofIntellect, 201:application which our Western business world demonstrates may, in the last analysis, be as vital aMagic, 11:he lives and moves. He learns that that impulse demonstrates an intelligent purpose, wiselyMagic, 12:force of which it is the custodian or which it demonstrates, brings into play a responsiveness andMagic, 19:and producing an outer and inner group activity demonstrates primarily through the three parts ofMagic, 40:soul has outstandingly the quality of love which demonstrates as wisdom also when the intelligenceMagic, 139:laws of species which nature so wonderfully demonstrates. The transference of this law to the innerMagic, 212:buddhic or wisdom-love aspect in the solar Angel demonstrates his fitness for further progressionMagic, 230:development of the vital power. This vital power demonstrates its first activity in enabling theMagic, 249:the bringing together of the land and water. It demonstrates as the pouring into the brainMagic, 284:of the body, is responsible for its welfare and demonstrates in a manner not yet truly comprehendedMagic, 313:down the separate wall of individualism which demonstrates in man as selfishness and in nations asMagic, 394:of importance - the outgrowth of the above. This demonstrates in power and influence where there isMagic, 411:achieved. This surely negates pessimism and demonstrates the exceeding potency of the subjectiveMagic, 413:begins to make its presence felt. This finally demonstrates as selfishness, separateness, pride andMagic, 462:In the human kingdom, the working of this energy demonstrates in what we call selfishness. In theMagic, 462:we call selfishness. In the animal kingdom, it demonstrates in what we call cruelty, though, whereMagic, 463:works under the law of His Being, and this Law demonstrates to us as the laws of nature. The ideasMagic, 497:man's unity with everything that is material; it demonstrates that he is part of nature itself andMagic, 628:and blending which are going on everywhere. It demonstrates in the ability to think in terms ofMeditation, 54:our solar system, whilst on the lower planes it demonstrates as the astral light, the great agentMeditation, 55:for you in any way to realize that effect. It demonstrates as far as you can grasp it in theMeditation, 55:with all that enters in on a ray. Each sound demonstrates particularly on one plane, being theMeditation, 85:petals predominantly stand out, and each center demonstrates one particular type of cross, with theMeditation, 131:has been employed is exceedingly revealing and demonstrates how hard it is for even an advancedMeditation, 187:marks the man out henceforth as one in whom love demonstrates in action by the aid of illuminated
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