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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEMONSTRATES

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Meditation, 233:vibration, and changing its rhythm, which change demonstrates to the eye of the clairvoyant asPatanjali, 55:aspect, so the Pranava, when rightly expressed, demonstrates the Father or Spirit through thePatanjali, 194:harmlessness, all enmity ceases. This sutra demonstrates to us the working out of a great law. InPatanjali, 281:the standpoint of hearing. It is this fact that demonstrates the reality of the hypothesis thatPatanjali, 298:divisions is also interesting in so far as it demonstrates the equal accuracy of the fivefoldPatanjali, 320:It is the characteristic of spirit, and demonstrates purpose and control. Through the unfolding andPatanjali, 347:and the white magician alike. It necessarily demonstrates with greatest force on that plane in thePatanjali, 350:God or of man is the quality of his energy as it demonstrates in force and activity, hence in thePatanjali, 366:yet the light is seen. To him, the tangible but demonstrates the intangible, and both reveal thePatanjali, 400:develops a dual set of characteristics. One set demonstrates in the form of the lower self andPatanjali, xiii:nature of the Son of God, and the wisdom which demonstrates when love and activity (the second andProblems, 111:It need not become dangerous if the white race demonstrates wisdom, understanding, selflessProblems, 112:who wants none of it; his repudiation of it demonstrates a sound sense of values and that he knowsProblems, 169:relates man to man and man to God and which demonstrates in a better world and the expression ofPsychology1, 21:appearance - and in its second aspect of quality demonstrates as a psychological entity. EveryPsychology1, 21:vortex, as a result of this initial activity, demonstrates through the medium of what we callPsychology1, 100:proves the fact of the soul; vocational training demonstrates the type of the personality.Psychology1, 192:slowly and during the evolutionary cycle; it demonstrates only dimly as yet, and only emergesPsychology1, 221:constructed and founded. The system of numbers demonstrates in its fullest beauty in this kingdom,Psychology1, 249:forward to a greater stage of perfection, and demonstrates a greater sensitivity and responsivenessPsychology1, 336:and (within our solar system) that principle demonstrates as the attraction and the interplayPsychology2, 70:of the [70] energy of Life itself (which demonstrates as the life-principle within the world ofPsychology2, 70:or spiritual love-wisdom or understanding (which demonstrates as sensitivity and feeling in thePsychology2, 117:impulse (as the linking of the head centers demonstrates) and the two aspects of his nature, higherPsychology2, 127:a science. The field of service, first of all, demonstrates as the life of the Spirit, workingPsychology2, 137:the next immediate step to meet that need as it demonstrates before the server's eyes. With thePsychology2, 195:produces that aspect of cohesive action which demonstrates as tribal, national or racial unity. InPsychology2, 364:takes place in group formation, and finally it demonstrates through an entire kingdom in nature.Psychology2, 379:the Aryan consciousness, for that consciousness demonstrates in a two-fold manner as mental powerPsychology2, 419:some form of activity. The will, which usually demonstrates itself through a program or orderedRays, 50:mental unit and the manasic permanent atom. This demonstrates in an absorbing devotion to the PlanRays, 71:humanity. But Rule III, as voiced for initiates, demonstrates that this mystical realizationRays, 107:which produces persistence and which demonstrates persistence in that dynamic focus of intention byRays, 121:consciousness becomes confirmed conviction and demonstrates as an immovable public opinion. ThisRays, 298:which all may see the reality of Oneness as it demonstrates [299] in practicing operation. When heRays, 300:of the field from which these people emerge, demonstrates their underlying unity. When this unityRays, 315:initiate learns cooperation with the Plan and demonstrates this in his life of service, then withinRays, 395:two crises: The crisis of the will, as it demonstrates in unalterable decision. The crisis of theRays, 438:three worlds and, until the third initiation, he demonstrates his livingness strictly in relationRays, 438:The Master functions on the plane of Being and demonstrates the fact that He eternally Is, that HeRays, 445:a synthesis of the energy of Life itself (which demonstrates as the life-principle within the worldRays, 445:or spiritual love-wisdom or understanding (this demonstrates as sensitivity and feeling in theRays, 533:is of service to you only in this connection. It demonstrates the underlying solar synthesis whichRays, 546:the Ashram. As the disciple proves his value and demonstrates that he is desiring nothing for theRays, 551:greatly hastened the evolutionary process; it demonstrates its effective work in the emergenceRays, 563:composing the mental vehicle. The energy which demonstrates as the emotional nature. The energy ofRays, 577:sense. I might emphasize that as yet no initiate demonstrates complete control during theRays, 595:of that country, is the determination she demonstrates at this time to be separate and to shut theRays, 597:ray consciousness. This is, of course, as it demonstrates upon the physical plane. When itRays, 597:it demonstrates upon the physical plane. When it demonstrates upon the mental plane, we then talkRays, 597:concepts, philosophies and ideologies. When it demonstrates upon the astral plane, we are aware ofRays, 597:it is the one in which the spiritual man demonstrates his complete control of the personality. TheRays, 633:recognizes the rights of other human beings and demonstrates less selfish greed, and if labor willRays, 682:This immediately focuses his will as it demonstrates on the mental plane, and this focusing in dueRays, 714:third initiation. From that time on the initiate demonstrates increasingly and steadily the firstRays, 720:His entire past is involved in what He demonstrates. This is not consciously so. All that He is orRays, 728:of liberation, and in its processes He demonstrates that liberation by making free decision anentRays, 737:the sphere of influence of the Will of God. This demonstrates particularly at the eighth InitiationReappearance, 49:undesirable, misleading and wrong, nevertheless demonstrates human expectancy of the imminence ofReappearance, 135:known," and the Hierarchy where the Love of God demonstrates has been opened and enlarged, and theSoul, 29:upward, perfect the vehicle through which it demonstrates, and thus shine more radiantly? It is inSoul, 99:of spirit or life, and matter or substance, and demonstrates as the energy of the form, as itSoul, 115:varying activities of the organism as the man demonstrates his animal instinct, his emotionalSoul, 120:and bring about those activities in which man demonstrates that his status is different to, andTelepathy, 45:are impressed by the LOVE of God as it demonstrates itself as the attractive force which impulsesTelepathy, 100:conscious responsiveness. The ability to invoke demonstrates from life to life and involves [101]Telepathy, 133:planetary creative agency (which modern science demonstrates), invokes the heart center, theTelepathy, 189:to work with and in the cosmic etheric substance demonstrates first of all when the abstract mindTelepathy, 191:through the head center, whilst the will-to-live demonstrates as the fundamental instinct of
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