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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEMONSTRATING

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Fire, 762:glow and we have, therefore, all the three fires demonstrating in the causal body - electric fireFire, 776:stage of development is reached, and the man is demonstrating character and ability, their work isFire, 785:work systematically and the law of Karma is demonstrating actively, for it should be rememberedFire, 794:are "radiators," while some are in the stage of demonstrating a dual activity, and are beingFire, 804:in each of which a different type of energy is demonstrating, producing effects upon the lower andFire, 833:as regards the great Unity in which they are demonstrating. The problem of the devas may beFire, 887:vehicles of some kind or another, can be seen demonstrating the "Son of God." Herein lies theFire, 907:Volcanic action therefore may be looked for, demonstrating in unexpected localities, as well asFire, 1017:form around the central vortex. This can be seen demonstrating in an interesting way in the case ofFire, 1046:the "Divine Pilgrim" we can study him as demonstrating in the form of: Three focal points of energyFire, 1057:currents, with numerous focal points of energy demonstrating here and there, yet in no way staticFire, 1141:impelled into activity by a positive force and demonstrating as a combination of the two. TheFire, 1157:Pleiades which come in as the psychical force demonstrating through the solar Angel. All theseFire, 1157:groups or centers, becoming more active and demonstrating with a freer flow as the course ofFire, 1161:between the different centers and the gradually demonstrating effects to be noted as they areFire, 1180:of manifestation. Secondly, that all energy, demonstrating in the solar system, is after all theFire, 1192:principles in man (which may be considered as demonstrating through the perfected Adept, theFire, 1194:makes His "appearance" [1194] upon earth thus demonstrating the three aspects of knowledge, loveFire, 1194:Monad (in time and space and during evolution) demonstrating forth as the Triad, the Ego and theFire, 1198:of the varying aspects of force which He is demonstrating in this particular incarnation. It isGlamour, 15:interpret that which is seen, they can provide a demonstrating laboratory for the trained ObserversGlamour, 164:for right living-processes. Light and dark, demonstrating the difference between an illuminedGlamour, 202:and registered desire as an incentive, thus demonstrating his humanity and his distinction from theHealing, 66:he suffers will be pronounced and powerfully demonstrating, on account of the inflow to a greaterHealing, 180:of the ajna center is clear and exact, demonstrating an integrated, coordinated personality. ThisHealing, 211:and the quality of the Christ, is perfectly demonstrating and expressed. Then, when the nature ofHealing, 264:for all they have done in the past. They are demonstrating the far-reaching effects of the Law.Healing, 265:the nations, and fused with all the races, thus demonstrating recognition of the One Humanity. Healing, 415:the atmic (spiritual) and the physical plane - demonstrating on the lower plane as the Law ofHealing, 416:XII.6.) - Page 98. b. Later "definite methods of demonstrating the fact that life persists afterHealing, 416:active intelligence with the purpose in view of demonstrating perfectly the love side of HisHealing, 587:Disease itself is a form of active energy, demonstrating in forces which destroy or produce death.Healing, 657:eventually the art of healing will be one of the demonstrating factors in proving the unity of allHercules, 6:controlling and governing his destiny, and demonstrating the fact that the stars incline, but doHercules, 107:in Aquarius. This he must begin to do in Leo, by demonstrating the power to dare, by facing theHercules, 201:in the world today new faculties that were not demonstrating when he came before. We are much moreInitiation, 2:all, to each generation is given the joy of demonstrating the strength of the old foundations, andInitiation, 3:origin may call these Beings the One Ray, demonstrating through the three major Rays and the fourInitiation, 20:as we proceed. Secondly, that these forces, demonstrating in our planetary scheme through thoseInitiation, 23:of the type of energy which our scheme should be demonstrating, will the world problems adjustInitiation, 43:any particular type. Such a work can now be seen demonstrating in North America and Australia. TheInitiation, 101:dreams and ideals become, not possibilities, but demonstrating facts in manifestation. The physicalInitiation, 111:a man strives to reach that ideal, to make it a demonstrating fact within himself, he will findInitiation, 115:that eternal Entity who has for ages past been demonstrating its powers on the physical planeIntellect, 84:vision. Clairvoyance is the same potency demonstrating in what is regarded as the psychical world -Intellect, 184:are steadily breaking down the old barriers, and demonstrating the oneness of the human soul.Intellect, 209:problem and of the privilege which is ours in demonstrating a newer aspect of the old truth. WeMagic, 10:a better conductor of the light, thus demonstrating the accuracy of the statement of the Christ "IMagic, 35:kingdoms of nature, held coherently together, demonstrating characteristics, pursuing its ownMagic, 36:powers in any form seeking expression, and demonstrating potentiality. In their sum total at theMagic, 172:consider an interview with the Master as demonstrating failure on their part, and producing,Magic, 329:world, and who - embodying the group ideas and demonstrating the group nature, manifesting in aMagic, 353:baptism there remain the three temptations, demonstrating the complete control of the three lowerMagic, 410:searching from without towards the within, and demonstrating to man his essential unity with allMeditation, 19:each life being based on a different note and demonstrating a different color. In this way theMeditation, 26:are, as units, accomplishing the work and demonstrating therefore the hope for all. This periodMeditation, 47:of finding the line of least resistance and of demonstrating what must be overcome. (Some of youMeditation, 57:upward to the Monad. It is the law of attraction demonstrating through sound. Like to like and kindMeditation, 80:other emotional center completely awakened and demonstrating etherically whilst the mentalMeditation, 81:progress it is due to the fact that he is but demonstrating what has already been earlier acquiredMeditation, 157:rays and embody their geometrical significance, demonstrating their place in the system. Some ofMeditation, 179:force misused and misapplied. This can be seen demonstrating in all ranks of life, and only he whoMeditation, 216:in the ray of orange, or mind or intelligence demonstrating through form. You get a correspondenceMeditation, 218:the third aspect of universal mind or activity, demonstrating through the orange of the concreteMeditation, 218:second system of love, you have the love aspect demonstrating through the yellow of the ray ofMeditation, 231:and consequently on the color he [231] will be demonstrating, will be quite noticeable. All theseMeditation, 238:it is the latent possibility of divinity demonstrating as the many attributes of [239] the divine;Meditation, 269:to the race on the physical plane, thereby demonstrating to the eyes of the watching Hierarchy thatMeditation, 282:The three methods are: Sanctified service. Love demonstrating through wisdom. IntellectualPatanjali, 14:a duality. This duality is: Lower concrete mind, demonstrating as the activity of the mental body.Patanjali, 14:the activity of the mental body. Abstract mind, demonstrating as the lowest aspect of the ego. InPatanjali, 15:contact with a distinct range of vibrations, demonstrating as form manifestations. Deduction orPatanjali, 158:connotation, they are the sum total of the facts demonstrating the reality of a cosmic incarnation.Problems, 12:Mankind is now growing up; only now is humanity demonstrating a wider sense of responsibility, ofProblems, 30:so that a wholesome unity, based on freedom and demonstrating unity in diversity, can be broughtProblems, 145:made perfect" (as the Bible calls them); Christ demonstrating for us the possibility of thisProblems, 153:an example of a Christ-like consciousness and demonstrating their close and recognized relation toProblems, 179:in their organized millions, taking no side, demonstrating no partisan spirit, fomenting noPsychology1, 29:is primarily a religion of cleavage, demonstrating to man his duality and so laying the foundationPsychology1, 88:worlds of the threefold monad. Ray I - Will, demonstrating as power in the unfolding of the Plan ofPsychology1, 103:of activity which will all do their part in demonstrating the fact of the soul. There is an aspectPsychology1, 107:which will serve eventually in the work of demonstrating the fact of the soul, is the mass ofPsychology1, 338:humanity engrossed by a tremendous activity and demonstrating everywhere a vital discriminating andPsychology1, 352:in the racial development. If a minor ray is demonstrating, we shall have the growth of psychicPsychology1, 357:be governed by the second and fourth rays, thus demonstrating a relation between the fourth rootPsychology2man is consciously aware of his divinity and demonstrating it, it is not possible to do more thanPsychology2, 33:(An expression of the truth of this can be seen demonstrating in the world each full moon of May,Psychology2, 125:is it that there is so much activity in service demonstrating in the world today? Simply becausePsychology2, 183:There will be thus collected together, people demonstrating [184] the wide difference in nature,Psychology2, 337:self-interest, self-expression, and so demonstrating as a great or intrepid individual,Psychology2, 337:demonstrating as a great or intrepid individual, demonstrating power and purpose in a world whichPsychology2, 558:of his audience and his [558] surroundings, and demonstrating to his fullest capacity the laterPsychology2, 564:the lower siddhis by the oriental philosophy) is demonstrating true powers. They are not howeverPsychology2, 646:educate and blend together the men of good will, demonstrating to them the fact that in everyPsychology2, 675:rulers, this group will stand, taking no sides, demonstrating no partisan spirit, fomenting noPsychology2, 710:simply expressing their point in evolution and demonstrating the work done in other lives. ThisRays, 46:becomes the feminine or negative aspect and, demonstrating as the Psyche, enables the initiate toRays, 70:next, by the rapidly developing humanity, thus demonstrating that the initiation of the momentRays, 212:if, the group is functioning intelligently and demonstrating love adequately. We now come to theRays, 284:consequent group activity Manifesting ray energy Demonstrating a faculty which is known only to
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