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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEMONSTRATING

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Rays, 301:succeeded in penetrating. They, therefore, are demonstrating oneness and synthesis in such a simpleRays, 382:today the three major centers in the planet, demonstrating great activity, much more closelyRays, 404:this great circulatory process goes on, demonstrating anew the essential synthesis underlying allRays, 435:intelligent man within the world of men. He is demonstrating also no freakish peculiarities, butRays, 442:agent upon the physical plane, thus again demonstrating a clear alignment and a direct channel fromRays, 472:and the effects of this alignment can be seen demonstrating in the world at this time. Rays, 499:in human rights and right human relations; it is demonstrating also in the work of the greatRays, 521:The activity of all previous Teachers and demonstrating Sons of God became only the presentation ofRays, 588:of all, in control of his physical instrument, demonstrating this at the first initiation andRays, 588:to control his emotional, feeling nature, demonstrating that control at the second initiation; atReappearance, 101:the coming new civilization. He will see, demonstrating before His eyes the true resurrection - theReappearance, 170:are, but They go about the Father's business, demonstrating goodwill, seeking to enlarge theSoul, 115:lotus, is the embodiment of spiritual energy, demonstrating as Will, as the abstract or spiritualSoul, 125:Spirit, and through the mechanism of the body, demonstrating the powers of the soul, which, theSoul, 129:hypothesis to account for man as an organism, demonstrating life, self-consciousness andTelepathy, 65:multiplicity in unity of which we hear so much - demonstrating as activity, quality, ideology,
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