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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEMONSTRATION

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Astrology, 140:astral and mental planes) you have personality demonstration. When they are consciously related toAstrology, 328:and increasing radiance and of the gradual demonstration in what I have called elsewhere, "theAstrology, 391:understanding is to occur; initiation is the demonstration of intuitive understanding put toAstrology, 398:vision must be carried to the point of effectual demonstration in Scorpio in which sign the finalAstrology, 565:perfection of perfect responsiveness and perfect demonstration of result as well, giving us aAstrology, 565:the physical plane. Let me briefly complete the demonstration of this truth - the truth that in theAstrology, 580:Determination, the focusing of energy and the demonstration of an all-out effort towards victoryAstrology, 587:be considered in this connection. There is the demonstration of the three aspects of the will asAstrology, 624:to appear on Earth. In reality, this will be a demonstration of the fusion of the two centers,Astrology, 626:typical of the fusion of spirit-matter and the demonstration of their essential oneness. Gemini, asAtom, 20:will have to be demonstrated, and from that demonstration we shall perhaps be able to see what liesAtom, 42:problems. This concept of the atom as a positive demonstration of energy, holding within its rangeAtom, 54:call the psychical evolution, or the gradual demonstration and evolutionary unfoldment of thatAtom, 60:above mentioned can apparently be seen an ocular demonstration of the withdrawal [61] of theAtom, 67:of intelligence. Surely it is the gradual demonstration of the basic idea or purpose which thatAtom, 67:working out through the solar system. It is the demonstration of His psychic quality, for God isAtom, 144:the object of His utilization of form was the demonstration of another quality: love or wisdom, theAutobiography, 40:and living whole which was moving on to the demonstration of the glory of the Lord. I grasped -Autobiography, 200:got it, for with the French nation there is the demonstration that "the mind is the slayer of theAutobiography, 236:a period of peace before there has been any demonstration of goodwill. There can be no peace untilAutobiography, 295:to "Christ in you, the hope of glory." It is the demonstration of the divine livingness in eachBethlehem, 13:of Christ we have the most complete and perfect demonstration and example of divinity livedBethlehem, 48:of the one who must thus work, and a demonstration must be given of that purification and freedomBethlehem, 92:a possibility for all men. His life was the demonstration of a perfection such as the world hadBethlehem, 166:for divine expression and fields for the demonstration of detachment - that outstandingBethlehem, 194:to show us (in picture form and through actual demonstration) that divinity can be manifested andBethlehem, 196:p. 248. In this thought we have a definite demonstration of the way in which all ideas (intuitivelyBethlehem, 233:only today that we are truly on the verge of the demonstration of God's kingdom upon earth. BecauseBethlehem, 237:the world at large, thus giving to humanity a demonstration of divinity centered in one person, soBethlehem, 247:the moment of the triumph of value, and the demonstration of its immortality. For that which is ofBethlehem, 249:citizenship in the kingdom of God. It was the demonstration of this that Christ gave. [250] TheBethlehem, 260:into the human consciousness. He gave us a demonstration of perfection so that we can no longerBethlehem, 275:world, and Christ Himself gave us the perfect demonstration [276] of that citizenship and told usDestiny, 17:for human beings to know it for what it is - the demonstration of the Will of God in new and potentDestiny, 52:ever accompanied by a breaking down period; this demonstration of destruction is, however, onlyDestiny, 58:the world the fact of the soul and of giving a demonstration of soul control. The soul pattern mayDiscipleship1, 10:love, regarded as a force in nature. Make this demonstration your endeavor. You will thus releaseDiscipleship1, 26:for specified work. Some can provide a demonstration laboratory of the trained observers of theDiscipleship1, 89:1. Visualization is the initial step in the demonstration of the occult law that "energy followsDiscipleship1, 251:of your attention on your training and your life demonstration is: How far am I, I. B. S.,Discipleship1, 263:the vibration which leads to power. Your outer demonstration gives not full expression to theDiscipleship1, 354:hinders the full expression of the soul and the demonstration of a fusion which is much needed. ForDiscipleship1, 378:of your first ray personality and to a greater demonstration of your second ray, inclusive, lovingDiscipleship1, 384:and for you in this life it must ever be the demonstration of skill in emotional reaction, and notDiscipleship1, 387:need be for you no interlude of inertia and no demonstration of a static condition. You may go onDiscipleship1, 586:moment how these first ray vehicles affect your demonstration in the world. Let us study themDiscipleship1, 735:between theory, plus effort, and a spontaneous demonstration of that which is. Discipleship1, 769:should be quite unusual and it should be a group demonstration. I would ask if this is so? Are youDiscipleship2, 58:of the life processes, and a spiritual demonstration upon the physical plane as a result. The aboveDiscipleship2, 185:spiritual abilities do not become a practical demonstration in daily life, as they should. EsotericDiscipleship2, 270:fact; the goal for thousands everywhere is the demonstration of the Christ spirit, and theDiscipleship2, 306:process but the working out into progressive demonstration of the divine intention as it assumesDiscipleship2, 327:when true and real) and which is an attendant demonstration of all Lives who have passed the humanDiscipleship2, 368:it can be a pictorial symbol or a subtle demonstration; it can be expressed only in words, or itDiscipleship2, 386:is undergone is simply a climaxing, triumphant demonstration of the realization and purpose of allDiscipleship2, 387:to all who can grasp the significance of the demonstration that they have only "become again inDiscipleship2, 466:need consideration, assimilation and factual demonstration. I simply take, at this time, thoseDiscipleship2, 543:[543] of the way you go and of the "demonstration" you make. That way is now established; you willDiscipleship2, 545:for guidance and down to the physical plane for demonstration. You will know to what problem orDiscipleship2, 600:You are really cosmopolitan. But in your life demonstration no one would know it. Disciples need toDiscipleship2, 701:In spite of the profoundly unsatisfactory demonstration which you register in your consciousnessDiscipleship2, 718:through this etheric merging, the physical [718] demonstration becomes adequate to the demand andDiscipleship2, 733:definite purpose - physically oriented; your demonstration of right living upon the physical planeDiscipleship2, 745:your consciousness) and enter into that full demonstration of the will-to-good which brings alwaysDiscipleship2, 752:the inner planes of the personality, your life demonstration is good and you lead a faithful andEducation, 7:the needed bridge building is but the practical demonstration of the truth of the occult aphorismEducation, 72:ready to experiment. It is only by the demonstration of the advantage of the above methods ofExternalisation, 5:frustrated in expression, and bringing about the demonstration of latent powers and theExternalisation, 72:for humanity to know it for what it is - the demonstration of the beneficent Will of God in new andExternalisation, 132:The other, Great Britain, through its successful demonstration of the principle of federation, canExternalisation, 133:synthesis. Its first great expression or [133] demonstration of the spirit of fusion took place inExternalisation, 161:it will lead to some peculiar and powerful demonstration of the meaning of peace as the expressionExternalisation, 227:two worlds of spiritual activity and of human demonstration. Repeat this activity for three daysExternalisation, 253:works such evil and havoc in the world into a demonstration of good and of the successfulExternalisation, 254:free will to date. This is definitely the needed demonstration at this moment. It is the lack ofExternalisation, 343:Determination, the focusing of energy and the demonstration of an all-out effort towards victoryExternalisation, 371:Quisling and Laval. It will be offset by a great demonstration of practical love and understandingExternalisation, 376:at least we know what has been wrong. In their demonstration of supreme selfishness, nationalExternalisation, 441:the ideals presented by the Hierarchy, and the demonstration of immortality. The will-to-organizeExternalisation, 441:of the will-to-good has been achieved. This demonstration is dependent, however, upon two things:Externalisation, 451:and composite nation will advance towards a demonstration of brotherhood which may yet set anExternalisation, 538:itself each coming Full Moon in a special act or demonstration of love. You will note also howExternalisation, 539:and as present in a living, creative manner. The demonstration has been good; humanity has shownExternalisation, 540:Lord of the World Himself, and to the amazing demonstration of the success of the evolutionaryExternalisation, 588:of Those Who have achieved the goal; Their demonstration of divinity will be regarded as normal, asExternalisation, 591:If this truth is factual and possible of demonstration, then the fact of the Hierarchy is provedExternalisation, 625:into the teaching of the people, into a living demonstration of the fact of His return - forExternalisation, 630:schools are focused on making a material demonstration, and so great is their emphasis and soExternalisation, 637:is that the Hierarchy is inflexibly against any demonstration of the principle of non-freedom, noFire, xiii:the point where it is an adequate medium for the demonstration of the nature of that which we callFire, 33:in manifestation it can be seen as a fivefold demonstration, and be defined as follows: [38] FireFire, 64:be seen functioning along similar lines, their demonstration being already somewhat recognized byFire, 72:wherein the physical permanent atom has its full demonstration) the matter is arranged andFire, 177:draw attention to the fact that this triple demonstration can be seen under three forms, making inFire, 190:of deepest materiality and of most concrete demonstration. The key for man to discover and turn,Fire, 200:student study carefully the lowest and highest demonstration of the senses as laid down in theFire, 240:will or desire, and their united latent demonstration, love-wisdom. In terms of Fire how might weFire, 276:may be posited that the Law of Attraction is the demonstration of the powers of Spirit, whilst theFire, 280:to a human being, and can be seen in daily demonstration in his contacts with other men; theseFire, 381:then of investigation, of scientific demonstration, and finally be known to be proved and
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