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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEMONSTRATION

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Psychology2, 133:(through creative activity) which is the demonstration of something dynamically new. As this innerPsychology2, 133:into an equilibrized inner condition, the demonstration of the above changes becomes more regularPsychology2, 148:which mark his progress upon the Path. It is the demonstration of the first ray quality (a subrayPsychology2, 182:forward from the higher mental levels in the demonstration of the contemplative life. This involvesPsychology2, 380:and the one energy. This fusion produces: A demonstration of personality activity when, in responsePsychology2, 471:some aspect of glamor, feeling that their demonstration of discipline has been so good that thePsychology2, 564:money for the privilege and the benefit of the demonstration and the advice. Secondly, thePsychology2, 567:of the power of clairvoyant and clairaudient demonstration is that in this case there is fullPsychology2, 567:out of it, and to charge money for the demonstration of psychometrical power. We then call this thePsychology2, 582:powers quietly and behind the scenes and not for demonstration before the public. The majority ofPsychology2, 692:of a real skill in action must be your attempted demonstration, as you seek to awaken yourRays, 6:forth of the inner radiance or glory. The demonstration of the 2nd or the Love aspect. TheRays, 18:which they will enter when full acceptance and demonstration have been shown will be the sameRays, 36:which faces so many aspirants today - the demonstration of the control of the formidable emotionalRays, 44:that. The secret of the third initiation is the demonstration of complete freedom from the claimsRays, 45:that the service of the initiate and his life demonstration - regarded in a broad and general way,Rays, 70:appearance of the Lord Buddha is the outer demonstration or symbol of the emergence of this ScienceRays, 235:In this involved situation, you have a planetary demonstration of the significance of inner causes,Rays, 259:of divine awareness, with a consequent life demonstration of this fact, this eternal fact. BecauseRays, 300:in action, and of that there is little today in demonstration. We have life in activity but love,Rays, 334:for the externalization of the Hierarchy and the demonstration of Their united ability to work fromRays, 385:this point was the Christ; in that first great demonstration of His point of attainment (throughRays, 394:the other planetary centers and the consequent demonstration of divine intention. The basic purposeRays, 436:the effort. The overcoming of time and the demonstration of spiritual speed are indications thatRays, 470:from the spiritual Hierarchy and give the first demonstration upon a large scale of this newRays, 473:an inflow of the spiritual will, as well as a demonstration of the Destroyer aspect. I have hereRays, 479:potency. This might be regarded as a threefold demonstration of the vertical life which becomes theRays, 561:the perfecting and control of the mind, plus the demonstration of love in service; these are theRays, 562:preparation, which must be paralleled by a demonstration of his understanding of the initiatoryRays, 678:passes through these crises without a previous demonstration of a wide usefulness and of a trainedRays, 679:I would not call attention to their prideful demonstration, were it not that the same claims areRays, 681:by the Zionists in Palestine, as well as the demonstration of the power of money to purchaseReappearance, 21:God; they will constitute man's major and next demonstration of divinity. Today, in the midst ofReappearance, 81:the interpretation of which is possible of demonstration only in our time and age. Astronomically,Reappearance, 173:into the teaching of the people, into a living demonstration of the simplicity "as it is inReappearance, 178:schools are focused on making a material demonstration, and so great is their emphasis and soSoul, 17:supposed facts are proved to be favorable of demonstration; and above all broadminded, realizingSoul, 26:"Hurrah for positive science! Long live exact demonstration!..." Your facts are useful, and yetSoul, 60:required to an accurate determination and [60] demonstration of the laws by which this electric andSoul, 79:entirely wrong but is dealing with a secondary demonstration of the vital soul. Dr.Telepathy, 131:atom in the past few years is the outer sign or demonstration that humanity has "encompassed" theTelepathy, 140:to humanity and not the gift of occultism. The demonstration that light and matter are synonymous
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