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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DENSE

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Astrology, 29:of atoms and molecules which we call the dense physical body and of its response to the pull andAstrology, 29:permit any noticeable recognition, either in the dense or subtler vehicles or even by the soul.Astrology, 41:pass out of the logoic etheric body into the dense physical vehicle. This third Hierarchy wieldsAstrology, 44:manifestation in the three worlds, or in the dense physical body of the solar Logos. They are ThoseAstrology, 44:forms composed of either gaseous, liquid, or dense substance. The others cannot. They cannot fallAstrology, 48:have for too long regarded the form as being the dense physical body, whereas to the occultist theAstrology, 48:matter (organized and unorganized) of the logoic dense physical body, the liquid and gaseous, withAstrology, 48:of the four higher subplanes of the systemic dense physical body. The fifth Hierarchy has anAstrology, 49:of these vital bodies is gradually gathered the dense manifestation which we regard as theAstrology, 49:They hold the same relation to the Logos as the dense physical body does to man, and all thatAstrology, 49:the energy of that matter (liquid, gaseous and dense) which the vibration of the logoic permanentAstrology, 54:the physical plane we find the merging of the dense and the etheric forces. This is consummatedAstrology, 103:to manifest as a soul, pouring light through dense fogs of illusion, and preparing for the majorAstrology, 277:or with the atomic substance out of which the dense body of manifestation has to be constructed ifAstrology, 352:psychic energy, galvanizing and coordinating the dense physical body and permitting, therefore,Astrology, 686:far as it embodies the fact that He came to this dense planet (the fourth) in the fourth chain fromAstrology, 690:govern the appropriation by the Logos of His dense body. When the last pralaya ended, and theAstrology, 693:Earth belongs..." (S.D. Vol. I, 176) [693] The Dense Physical Planets: Earth - 4th Chain - 4thAutobiography, 260:any possibility of complete reproduction in dense physical matter. Mrs. Bailey has also been shownDestiny, 42:energies. The etheric-astral planes and the dense physical plane. The intangible subjective levelsDestiny, 118:[118] the physical plane. It does not govern the dense physical form which is under the control ofDestiny, 119:made its major controlling integration with the dense physical apparatus, reducing it to completeDestiny, 127:and so bring it into right relation with the dense outer form that has made the last two thousandDiscipleship1, 678:does its fiery work. Moisture likewise is seen; dense fog, and to the pain is added sadDiscipleship2, 61:potent effect in the etheric web than in the dense physical vehicle of the planet. Three times theDiscipleship2, 260:let in the light and penetrated through the dense fogs and mists of the world of glamor, suddenlyDiscipleship2, 281:created what the etheric body is to the dense physical vehicle. Concrete Thought - producing theDiscipleship2, 315:"When the lowest" of the low, the densest of the dense, and the highest of the high have all beenDiscipleship2, 336:ring-pass-not of the three worlds which are the dense physical planes of the cosmic physical plane)Discipleship2, 405:plane down to the lowest level of outer, dense physical manifestation. The agent of this process isDiscipleship2, 428:all these energies upon the physical plane, in dense physical substance; the precipitation is alsoDiscipleship2, 604:body as it conditions and renders active the dense physical body, and at the same time energiesEducation, 36:The brain as the coordinating factor in the dense body, and its capacity to direct the activitiesExternalisation, 563:from the cosmic etheric levels to the cosmic dense physical planes. [564] To unfold - within theExternalisation, 659:for the first time, be successfully anchored on dense physical levels or at least upon ethericExternalisation, 673:life itself and life in action. Forget not that dense matter is not a principle; it is only thatFire, 18:the eternal Primary replied. The blue to the dense one answered and responded to the need.Fire, 55:physical body in its two divisions (etheric and dense), the emotional or astral body, and theFire, 55:and just as material in their own way, as is the dense physical body, and also that the substanceFire, 57:condition, there will be little trouble in the dense physical body. When the physical furnace burnsFire, 61:of the corporeal frame. This vitalization of the dense matter of the body finds its correspondenceFire, 71:higher Triad) and these three give rise to the dense physical manifestation. 27 Spirilla. "In orderFire, 76:plane and work thence through the etheric to the dense physical thereby bringing matter under itsFire, 80:into the form or mould upon which later the dense physical body can be molded. Under the Law ofFire, 80:of the etheric body itself play upon the dense physical body in the same manner as the pranicFire, 80:forms the archetypal plane in relation to the dense physical body. The thinker on his own planeFire, 82:body is the archetype upon which [82] the dense physical form is built, whether it is the form of aFire, 82:when focalized and received, react upon the dense matter which is built upon the ethericFire, 83:(Intuitional plane) Air. Fourth cosmic ether. DENSE PHYSICAL PLANES OF HUMANITY 5. Gaseous -Fire, 83:Water. Cosmic liquid. 7. Earthly Physical (Dense) Earth. Cosmic dense. Fire, 83:7. Earthly Physical (Dense) Earth. Cosmic dense. Fire, 83:This organ has its etheric manifestation and its dense physical correspondence. In the system, theFire, 85:of the physical. The framework goes and the dense physical form falls apart; the pranic life isFire, 85:pranic life is abstracted bodily from out of the dense sheath, and the stimulation of the fires ofFire, 86:and the man severs his connection with the dense physical body and passes out through the highestFire, 87:have seen that it formed the foundation of the dense physical form, and in itself constituted aFire, 90:evolve in etheric matter just as he does in a dense physical body. There are certain large groupsFire, 92:etheric body, has been transmitted to the dense physical planet, and has been cast off thence inFire, 98:as [98] positive and expulsive in respect to the dense physical body. The second function - that ofFire, 98:the withdrawal of the etheric body from the dense physical body at the time of death. The silverFire, 99:of the etheric vehicle and from thence to the dense physical body. The main organ of assimilationFire, 99:is the spleen - the etheric center and the dense physical organ. The vital essence from the sun isFire, 118:subetheric 6. Liquid Astral Emotional Liquid 7. Dense physical Physical plane Dense physical TheseFire, 118:Liquid 7. Dense physical Physical plane Dense physical These major seven planes of our solar systemFire, 121:It is to be observed that just as in man the dense physical body in its three grades - dense,Fire, 121:the dense physical body in its three grades - dense, liquid and gaseous - is not recognized as aFire, 121:principle, so in the cosmic sense the physical (dense) astral (liquid) and mental (gaseous) levelsFire, 121:matter standpoint and the coordination of the dense threefold physical form in which all life isFire, 121:physical form in which all life is found, dense matter, liquid matter, gaseous matter. AFire, 122:or a dividing web between the astral and the dense physical body. Second. It circulates theFire, 123:automatic subconscious workings of the body of dense matter. When perfectly accomplishing itsFire, 126:vehicle, of the brain tissue and even of the dense physical body itself. The unwary man, beingFire, 130:life that had animated the physical form (both dense and etheric) and which had its starting pointFire, 130:sees the subtler continuously over-shadowing the dense when not in objective manifestation, pralayaFire, 164:with the evolution and propagation of the dense physical body. These centers are five in number:Fire, 166:physical plane, where the sacred planets, the dense bodies in etheric matter of the Heavenly Men,Fire, 178:itself and is not counted any more than the dense physical is counted a principle. Therefore weFire, 191:up of the totality of vibrations produced by all dense material forms) his physical body would beFire, 206:emphasis has been laid unduly, perhaps, upon the dense physical planet in any particular chain.Fire, 250:comprises the entire planetary scheme; the dense physical globe of any one chain being analogous inFire, 253:sway. The Law of Economy is transcended. The dense physical body is not a principle for a HeavenlyFire, 255:seven secondary creations, or the taking of the dense physical body. Trace this in the Microcosm,Fire, 266:- S. D., II, 627, 631. 1st Principle - Dense physical body. Sthula Sharira. 2nd Principle - EthericFire, 267:body. The astral body. The etheric body. The dense physical. Two synthesizing bodies: The causalFire, 271:through his lower principles (of which the dense physical is not one) so a Heavenly Man has anFire, 272:is to a human being. They form His etheric and dense bodies. It might be stated that: He vitalizesFire, 272:etheric is in time His lowest principle, but the dense physical is not counted. The dense cosmicFire, 272:but the dense physical is not counted. The dense cosmic physical body is composed of matter of theFire, 296:of the cosmic Being. Have their analogies on the dense, liquid and gaseous planes. Are at presentFire, 298:per cent. The interplay between the three dense physical planets will be perfected and man willFire, 313:system consists of the etheric body, and the dense body of a Logos. Second, that radiatoryFire, 321:real body of the Logos in etheric matter; the dense physical vehicle is not so much the result ofFire, 321:apparent congestion in matter that we call the dense physical planes (the three lower subplanes).Fire, 322:for the three worlds. This rarefiaction of dense matter (as we know it) simply means that at theFire, 326:man functions, or the gaseous, liquid, and dense subplanes of the cosmic physical. The wholeFire, 326:will touch. From this fourth etheric sphere the dense physical bodies are created. It is the sphereFire, 327:Cosmic liquid 6. Liquid 7. Physical Cosmic dense 7. Dense physical The solar physical plane mightFire, 327:liquid 6. Liquid 7. Physical Cosmic dense 7. Dense physical The solar physical plane might also beFire, 327:subplane liquid physical astral. 7th subplane dense physical dense. [328] In both the cosmic andFire, 327:physical astral. 7th subplane dense physical dense. [328] In both the cosmic and solar physical
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