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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DENSE

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Fire, 1202:forms composed of either gaseous, liquid, or dense substance. The others cannot. They cannot fallFire, 1206:have for too long regarded the form as being the dense physical body, whereas to the occultist theFire, 1206:matter (organized and unorganized) of the logoic dense physical body, the liquid and gaseous, withFire, 1206:of the four higher subplanes of the systemic dense physical body. The fifth Hierarchy has anFire, 1206:of these vital bodies is gradually gathered the dense manifestation which we regard as theFire, 1207:They hold the same relation to the Logos as the dense physical body does to man, and all thatFire, 1207:the energy of that matter (liquid, gaseous and dense) which the vibration of the logoic permanentFire, 1209:position as the true form, and basic unit of the dense physical body. When this has been admitted,Fire, 1209:higher planes, with their effect upon the Logoic dense physical plane (our three worlds ofFire, 1223:group influence. 14. Stimulation of logoic dense physical body, the three worlds. 15. ManasicFire, 1254:has primarily to do with the objectivity of the dense physical form, and with it this particularFire, 1256:color, that which veils the Spirit aspect, as dense form veils the soul. With sound, that whichFire, 1279:the darkness, lost in the heart of being; dense are the forms, which hide the inner light; gross isGlamour, 30:sharper lines of demarcation, and instead of the dense fogs and mists of the astral plane or theGlamour, 72:value. This glamorous desire is like a dense widely distributed fog, cutting off the vision ofGlamour, 76:the good people of the world in thrall, and in a dense fog of emotional reactions. The race hasGlamour, 77:and leaves others free also, they wander in a dense fog, often dragging with them the ones theyGlamour, 78:Them. It is not possible to penetrate the dense glamor of devotion, vibrating with dynamic ecstaticGlamour, 79:Glamor of the Pairs of Opposites, which is of a dense and foggy nature, sometimes colored with joyGlamour, 86:to which I referred - the force, latent in the dense physical form, the energy of the atomicGlamour, 87:into conflict with the lowest aspect of man, the dense physical body, and the battle of the lowerGlamour, 87:battle is fought out through the medium of the dense physical body and the etheric forces, and inGlamour, 88:of opposites, and begins then to discipline his dense physical nature. Making a broad and sweepingGlamour, 88:be said that for the human family en masse this dense physical-etheric conflict was fought out inGlamour, 91:Pairs of Opposites On the Physical Plane - The dense and the etheric. Fought out upon the Path ofGlamour, 110:of the senses upon the astral plane, from the dense glamor into which his sensory perception hasGlamour, 116:by the man himself. They are: The forces of his dense physical nature and of the vital body whichGlamour, 116:vital body which latter, functioning through the dense physical nature, produce a condition of mayaGlamour, 125:and all too cursorily) some of the causes of the dense glamor which surrounds humanity. That thisGlamour, 200:of glamor - nebulous from the physical angle but dense from the angle of the astral plane. They areGlamour, 202:much as a strong wind blows away or dissipates a dense fog or as the rays of the sun dry up andGlamour, 208:together of the light of matter and substance (dense material and etheric light) and the light ofGlamour, 242:truism. The outer form, the dual physical body (dense and vital or etheric) is produced, created,Glamour, 247:must finally coincide. He is also aware that the dense physical body (the outer tangibleHealing, 2:seek manifestation. I refer, therefore, to: The dense physical body, which is the sumtotal of allHealing, 5:of man which lies behind and surrounding the dense physical body. In that way we shall work fromHealing, 25:agency for vital energy to the outer dense physical body. Energy sweeps through this ethericHealing, 36:attaching itself in two major localities to the dense inner core of the physical man. These twoHealing, 39:to those above. The physical body (etheric and dense) can be pictured as a house with twoHealing, 50:according to the quality of the negative dense physical body. These differ according to the type ofHealing, 73:flow of force through the etheric body into the dense physical body there will be less likelihoodHealing, 73:problems. These forces, seeking inlet into the dense vehicle, are emanations from three directionsHealing, 79:will take three forms: The physical form in its dense aspect is too loosely connected with theHealing, 80:are obviously fundamental causes as far as the dense physical body is concerned, but theyHealing, 88:predominantly from etheric levels and from the dense physical levels of life. The higher animals,Healing, 94:the forces of the etheric, the astral and of the dense physical levels. The majority of people areHealing, 102:is energy and that it is a substance as real as dense matter. That substance can be used to driveHealing, 106:forms again a lesser trinity of importance: The dense physical body, of which science and medicineHealing, 107:should now be awake to the concrete facts of the dense physical body and moving towards the studyHealing, 144:picture of the energy body which underlies the dense physical vehicle. There are many focal pointsHealing, 145:the solar system, and is dynamic in quality. Its dense physical externalization is the pineal glandHealing, 149:eventually the ideal form for the idea. Its dense physical externalization is the pituitary body;Healing, 154:though as yet without much definite purpose. The dense physical externalization of this center isHealing, 155:relation between the two centers and their two dense physical reflections. The three great energiesHealing, 159:I - The Psychological Causes of Disease Its dense physical externalization is the thymus gland. OfHealing, 165:skin and bony structure are the analogy to the dense and etheric body of man. Soul nature: TheHealing, 173:from collective sources on etheric planes. The dense physical externalization of this center is theHealing, 173:and its three manifestations. All these three dense materializations are fed and nurtured by theHealing, 179:of a solar system. This is to be expected. The dense physical externalization of this center is toHealing, 189:is responsible for the organic world of the dense physical manifestation. This physicalHealing, 195:(producing conditioning results upon the dense physical body) are dependent upon the extent of theHealing, 196:in the West. The idea of these nerves being the dense physical result of an inner sensitiveHealing, 196:body (the substantial body which underlies the dense physical body), and the spinal column with theHealing, 196:or underlies, every part and particle of the dense physical vehicle. This is a point which willHealing, 197:body, the physical substance which underlies dense matter. When the centers are awakened throughoutHealing, 207:studying the centers and their relation to the dense physical body. We have also noted the areasHealing, 225:humanity - as a whole - is walking partly in a dense shadow which engulfs the race, and some partHealing, 227:inherent tendencies, but to the extraordinarily dense population of its civilization and to theHealing, 243:effect upon the individual atoms of which the dense physical body is composed. This is a point ofHealing, 243:deep within the planet, and impinging upon the dense physical body. These radiations play upon theHealing, 246:body and of the subtle bodies," leaving the dense form and its component parts to the benignHealing, 316:connection between the etheric body and the dense physical vehicle. Then obsession or possessionHealing, 330:the lack of food, of sanitation, and the dense crowding. They are also climatic diseases and perishHealing, 332:pours its consciously directed energy into the dense physical body through the medium of theHealing, 335:bear in mind that, as H.P.B. points out, the dense physical body is not a principle. It is atomicHealing, 407:plane and from its two phenomenal aspects, the dense physical body and the etheric body. ThisHealing, 408:plane. The physical body consists of the dense physical body and the etheric vehicle. We haveHealing, 408:of the matter of the planet, constituting the dense physical body of the planetary Life. That inHealing, 414:Logos have achieved, He too is set free from dense manifestation and physically dies. - Page 509.Healing, 414:the life force in the etheric vehicle from the dense physical body and the consequent "falling intoHealing, 414:by a majority of the race, the dropping of the dense body will be considered just as a release. -Healing, 416:the [416] physical. The framework goes and the dense physical form falls apart. - Page 85. a. TheHealing, 416:the withdrawal of the etheric body from the dense physical body at the time of death. (See Ecc:Healing, 418:life that had animated the physical form (both dense and etheric) and which had its starting pointHealing, 419:sees the subtler continuously over-shadowing the dense when not in objective manifestation, pralayaHealing, 444:the conscious entity cannot return to the dense physical body, and that body, lacking the principleHealing, 460:etheric vehicle, though the discarding of the dense physical body has to all intents and purposesHealing, 460:of the etheric body from occupation of the dense physical body has oft been posited and presented.Healing, 461:The three head centers are also outside the dense physical body. The recollection of this willHealing, 461:centers that the soul works if recalled into the dense physical body for some reason. It is whenHealing, 462:being waged between the dualities of the dense physical body and the etheric vehicle. The physicalHealing, 465:which H.P.B. states is not a principle - the dense physical mechanism. The minor centers areHealing, 465:in two groups: Those responsive to the life of dense matter, to the mother aspect, and which areHealing, 466:so that it no longer interpenetrates the dense physical organism, and its subsequent densificationHealing, 466:has always surrounded, but not penetrated, the dense vehicle. This has been sometimes erroneouslyHealing, 470:of light" finally breaks all contact with the dense physical vehicle, focuses for a short period inHealing, 472:abstraction of the vital body out of the dense physical body, leading eventually to an eliminationHealing, 474:the etheric body is thereby detached from its dense sheath, though still interpenetrating everyHealing, 475:or attractive impulse makes itself felt. The dense physical body, the sumtotal of organs, cells andHealing, 477:Attraction. 5. The etheric body emerges from the dense physical body in gradual stages and at the
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