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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DENSE

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Healing, 484:persist until complete disintegration of the dense body has taken place. The process of mummifying,Healing, 492:which the ray forces can make contact with the dense physical body. It delimits the ethericHealing, 495:of those who will provide him with the needed dense physical covering, and then awaits the momentHealing, 496:do well to remember that parents only donate the dense physical body. They contribute naught elseHealing, 496:From the moment of complete separation from the dense physical and etheric bodies, and as theHealing, 530:mass of knowledge and information anent the dense physical vehicle. This has been accumulated byHealing, 540:with discomfort and pain present in the dense physical body, that the higher impressions whichHealing, 565:which are inherent in the resistance of the dense physical body (and not only the subtler bodies)Healing, 573:and by means of which soul energy entered the dense physical body. The [574] healer is thereforeHealing, 574:of the physical body simultaneously - the dense and the etheric. From that center, the energyHealing, 579:times, the shift of the attention from the dense physical body to the emotional vehicle beganHealing, 580:a much greater measure of purity in the dense physical vehicle than the Lemurian initiate everHealing, 583:rule relates entirely to the physical plane (dense and etheric) and to the effects which theHealing, 611:puzzle students is the statement that the dense physical body is not a principle. H.P.B. statesHealing, 612:is produced in the etheric body and not in the dense physical. This is a point little grasped butHealing, 612:little grasped but of major importance. The dense physical body reached its high point ofHealing, 615:intermediary between the higher planes and the dense physical body. The whole system of occult orHealing, 616:with all the healing processes, that the dense physical body is regarded esoterically as simply anHealing, 617:law brings to our attention the fact that the dense physical body, under the impact of subjectiveHealing, 617:the etheric body, via the seven major centers) a dense physical interlocking structure, to which weHealing, 618:combined - is magnetic. The radiation abstracts dense physical atoms and focuses them in theHealing, 618:into the blood stream, and therefore into the dense physical body, of one aspect of the inflowingHealing, 618:and the patient, between the center and the dense physical body, and between the etheric body andHealing, 618:etheric body and its automaton, the receiving dense physical vehicle. In continuing ourHealing, 630:be located. Both these activities concern the dense physical body. The center in the etheric bodyHealing, 634:informing (which is the occult word I prefer) a dense physical vehicle. This dense physical body isHealing, 634:word I prefer) a dense physical vehicle. This dense physical body is part of the general structureHealing, 634:part of the life of the planetary entity. This dense physical vehicle is released into a temporaryHealing, 634:to the separated atomic structure of the dense physical body of an individual informing soul in anyHealing, 635:of living substance, of elemental life, man's dense physical body conforms and is therefore theHealing, 637:by means of which to appear; They cannot take a dense physical body, and have to be content with anHealing, 637:are therefore three types of life, affecting the dense appearance of a human being during hisHealing, 648:and for this reason two of the aspects of the dense physical body are included: the brain and theHealing, 683:takes place, for the limitations imposed by the dense physical body are excessive; nevertheless,Healing, 689:of the three planes which constitute the cosmic dense physical plane; this is a point oft forgottenHealing, 689:physical plane in the three worlds - the three dense physical and the four etheric planes. It mustHercules, 156:ears with pads. At twilight when the marsh was dense with countless birds, Hercules returned. TheInitiation, viii:body - astral body A physical body - the dense physical and the etheric body The aim of evolutionInitiation, 28:and the Lord of the World, came down to this dense physical planet and has remained with us everInitiation, 28:and hence incapable of response taught on the dense physical plane, he was unable to take a denseInitiation, 28:dense physical plane, he was unable to take a dense physical body such as ours, and has to functionInitiation, 30:As is well known, the planetary scheme, with its dense globe and inner subtler globes, is to theInitiation, 31:physical body in its dual capacity, etheric and dense, Vitality, life force, or prana, The astralInitiation, 32:They are all in physical existence, either in dense physical bodies, such as many of the MastersInitiation, 85:as, at the first initiation, the control of the dense physical has been demonstrated, so here theInitiation, 108:extra-planetary, and who function outside the dense physical and the etheric globe of our planet,Initiation, 137:in four stages: By the withdrawal from the dense physical body. By the withdrawal from the ethericInitiation, 141:a corresponding stimulation takes place in the dense substance which forms the petals or wheels ofInitiation, 144:to the corresponding globe, and thence to the dense physical planet. By the use of a particularInitiation, 154:apparent that the A sound is reaching even the dense physical. 7. Within our own Hierarchy thereInitiation, 168:electricity." It concerns the phenomena of the dense objective manifestation of the Logos. It wouldInitiation, 168:worlds, physical, astral, and mental, form the dense physical body of the solar Logos, whilst theInitiation, 170:is his, and the why of the phenomena of the dense liquid and gaseous bodies of the Supreme Being isInitiation, 218:to occult teaching, formed of two parts, the dense physical body, and the etheric body. The denseInitiation, 218:dense physical body, and the etheric body. The dense physical body is formed of matter of theIntellect, 241:[241] soul realm seeps little by little into the dense minds of men, and to it can be traced allMagic, 7:where they demonstrate as effects in the dense form. Etherically, where they demonstrate as theMagic, 30:body or nature, and in connection with the dense physical makes itself felt through the brain. AsMagic, 31:or astral nature and, in connection with the dense physical body, through the heart. As theMagic, 43:skin and bony structure are the analogy to the dense and etheric body of man. Soul nature: - TheMagic, 50:the etheric body links the purely physical, or dense body with the purely subtle, the astral orMagic, 162:aura of the man becomes like unto a thick and dense cloud, through [163] which the light of theMagic, 196:The etheric body as a whole, as it pervades the dense physical body. The throat center. The cellsMagic, 221:by the "opened eye" of the aspirant is one of dense fog, confusion, changing forms,Magic, 262:vibration and the result of vibration is form, dense or subtle, and ever subtler as ascension takesMagic, 358:does its fiery work. Moisture likewise is seen; dense fog, and to the pain is added sadMagic, 378:and a half million years ago) to have on the dense physical plane an organization and aMagic, 378:of Adepts, and Chohans who would function in dense physical bodies and thus meet the need of theMagic, 392:this terminology) by an outer shell or form of dense physical matter. This outer crust is in itselfMagic, 392:through the emotional body, and energizing the dense physical (via the vital body) then one has aMagic, 452:body or nature, and in connection with the dense physical makes itself felt through the brain. AsMagic, 452:or astral nature and in connection with the dense physical, through the heart. As the activity ofMagic, 484:In the first case, it will form part of a dense wall of such thought-forms which entirely surroundMagic, 495:the conscious entity cannot return to the dense physical body and that body, lacking the principleMagic, 498:loves, though he cannot perceive or contact the dense physical vehicle. He can communicate withMagic, 503:accomplished between the etheric plane and the dense physical plane. Now it is being rapidlyMagic, 549:the point of view of Reality what we call the dense physical body, tangible and objective, is butMagic, 553:system. The lower three, constituting the cosmic dense physical plane, are in the nature ofMagic, 554:can energize "by recognition" the four ethers, a dense physical manifestation is inevitable. HeMagic, 565:is due to two causes: The automatic response of dense physical matter to substance, rememberingMagic, 565:the work of the solar Angel as he approaches the dense physical plane to take incarnation and thusMagic, 566:"most ancient fires". These are the fires of the dense physical objective matter or of thoseMagic, 566:normally cover by the words "gaseous, liquid and dense", a meaningless phrase and only of use to usMagic, 566:envelope which is the highest aspect of the dense physical sheath, the instrument of tangibleMagic, 567:fire blazes forth when the gaseous energy of the dense physical plane is brought in contact withMagic, 568:or vital body and it permeates every part of the dense vehicle. It is the background, the trueMagic, 568:blood, so will be the health or wholeness of the dense physical body." (Pp. 218-219.) [570] Magic, 610:dim and uncertain period which is found prior to dense and concrete manifestation. It does not hereMagic, 632:of public work may, with all his failures and dense stupidities, be doing as well as an olderMeditation, 56:to the law of approach. It resulted in the dense aspect of manifestation, the point of deepestMeditation, 64:a third vehicle for consciousness - counting the dense physical and the vehicle for prana orMeditation, 93:of the lower vehicles, especially of the dense physical. Aspiration, concentration andMeditation, 97:plane and neglects the body of emotions and the dense physical, two things will result. The lowerMeditation, 102:so to do, for many of the perils besetting the dense vehicle find their commencement on the subtlerMeditation, 156:and rearranged. Many of the diseases of the dense physical body originate in the etheric, and itMeditation, 158:for this is that very few of the troubles of the dense physical body arise within that body itself.Meditation, 159:its counterpart in the circulatory system of the dense physical body. They are the seat of much ofMeditation, 167:with the evolution of form, whether it is the dense physical form of animal, mineral, flower, humanMeditation, 184:that, through the etheric body, keep the dense physical vitalized and magnetized. The resources ofMeditation, 211:contact the earth plane and are absorbed into dense matter. Not so is it in fact. The seven colors
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