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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DENSE

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Rays, 696:worlds of ordinary evolution constitute the dense physical subplanes of the cosmic physical plane.Rays, 710:of constructing a pathway for himself from the dense material world into the spiritual. TheseSoul, 58:its etheric body. This is positive, while the dense physical body is negative. The etheric body isSoul, 128:of our five senses, and another part is in the dense physical realm, namely the endocrine glandsSoul, 128:nervous system, which control the rest of the dense physical manifestation. These two parts, weSoul, 128:one life, which is made up of the etheric and dense bodies. It is the soul force playing upon andSoul, 128:in that body, and which in turn acts upon the dense physical. The question which appeals mostTelepathy, 2:of the substantial form of God Himself - not the dense physical form, but what the esotericistsTelepathy, 114:interwoven (if I may use such a word) with the dense physical vehicle, the clearer will be theTelepathy, 140:body which is of far more importance than is the dense physical vehicle. The consciousness of menTelepathy, 143:the life of the man on the physical plane. The dense physical body, composed of atoms - each withTelepathy, 144:of this radiation. This emanation from the dense physical body normally and naturally mingles withTelepathy, 146:that the seven centers are not within the dense physical body. They exist only in etheric matterTelepathy, 146:physical body. They are closely related to the dense physical body by the network of nadis. Five ofTelepathy, 147:of what is called "attracted response" from dense matter, and thus the seven major sets ofTelepathy, 147:needed etheric mechanism with its corresponding dense physical counterparts; it therefore, as willTelepathy, 150:upon form as it exists in the three worlds - the dense physical levels of the cosmic physicalTelepathy, 151:a word) which take the general form of the dense material or tangible form with which they may beTelepathy, 152:is: The etheric body. The substantial nadis. The dense physical body. These form one unit and inTelepathy, 154:directly within the circumference of the dense physical body. Just as it can be said of the soul orTelepathy, 160:familiar etheric substance which "substands" the dense physical body of a man. The ray upon whichTelepathy, 161:the physical substance lying between the dense physical body and the astral sentient body, andTelepathy, 189:works primarily in the three worlds [189] of the dense cosmic physical plane. The New Group of
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