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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEPARTMENT

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Astrology, 472:and has led to the formation of groups in every department [473] of human living and so laid theAstrology, 647:36. "Within the Hall of Wisdom, there exists a department of which the modern astrologicalAtom, 65:is in progress; the old forms, in every department of thought, are disintegrating, but only inAtom, 73:at this time. As His life pulsates through every department of His being, we as cells and atomsAutobiography, 128:labor. At first I went into the labeling department, labeling the large, oval cans of Del MonteAutobiography, 128:my effort. I met with much kindness in this department. I think everybody saw that I was scared,Autobiography, 129:to him. I was advised to go into the packing department to pack the sardines in cans and this IAutobiography, 129:even in social work. When I first went into this department they made it hard for me by poking funBethlehem, 29:This universality of difficulty, in every department of human life and excluding no group,Bethlehem, 203:group of sinners. Controlled action in every department of human life is the ideal, and this actionDestiny, 35:religious problem and behind all strife in every department of world thought today is to be foundDiscipleship1, 38:to act as channels of communication between the department of the Manu and the race of men. It is aDiscipleship1, 68:forces for the purposes of service in one department of life or another. I would ask you to ponderDiscipleship1, 109:in the psychic consciousness. It is in this department of your being that there is a measure ofDiscipleship1, 153:a liberty which will extend through every department of your being. In connection with the problemDiscipleship1, 242:that your contribution may be of value and in no department of your nature can you cause hindrance.Discipleship1, 348:view eight years ago, particularly in your own department of life and training. The significance ofDiscipleship1, 379:and selflessly as you can. In your own department you do work this way with those who areDiscipleship2, 84:When she finishes her job there is no gap in any department. So why reorganization? The work willDiscipleship2, 317:speeding up of the life of mankind in every department of living. This speeding up synchronizesDiscipleship2, 471:balancing of values which is going on in every department of human living and which evokes in theDiscipleship2, 714:group service. You work a little bit in some department of the group activity, and then you turn toEducation, ix:need is indicated by a document drawn up by the Department for Cultural Activities of UNESCO whichEducation, x:out of which has come a proposal for a Department of Integrating Studies in the University ofEducation, x:as follows: "It has been proposed that a new department, outside the present three distributionEducation, x:at the University of Pittsburgh. This new department shall be termed the Department of UnifiedEducation, x:This new department shall be termed the Department of Unified Studies. It shall be concerned withEducation, xi:bodies of concepts and principles, this department shall not offer degrees in its own area orEducation, xi:offer degrees in its own area or 'field.' The Department of Unified Studies is primarily a serviceEducation, xi:of Unified Studies is primarily a service department to the students and faculty members carryingEducation, xii:of their own answers, the instructors in the Department of Unified Studies will not pose as expertsEducation, xii:in such experimental fields. OLIVER L. REISER Department of Philosophy University of PittsburghEducation, 109:and investigators on all sides, in every department of human thought and in every land. ThisEducation, 114:of speech makes itself felt, just as in the department of religion or of education the power of theExternalisation, 40:distant future. The Hierarchy has necessarily a department of workers whose major task it is toExternalisation, 40:world of illusion and with astral matter. This department came into being in Atlantean days whenExternalisation, 205:women of goodwill must be sought for in every department of life. They will be found among theExternalisation, 298:lines of government, of the first ray and in the department of the Manu, and are very sensitive toExternalisation, 298:upon the second ray line of energy, in the department of the Christ and are expressions ofExternalisation, 298:of hierarchical force. When I say the department of the Christ, I would remind you that the nameExternalisation, 307:Who are specially related to the Christ's department, as well as a group working under the MasterExternalisation, 335:and the essential money. See to it also that one department of the work is not over-emphasized inExternalisation, 479:come under the realistic activities of the department within the Hierarchy which He supervises. HeExternalisation, 479:those activities which come under the department of government in its three aspects ofExternalisation, 559:great official departments, such as the teaching department or that of emerging civilizations, willExternalisation, 564:three great departments in the Hierarchy (the department of the Manu, that of the Christ, and thatExternalisation, 570:acceptableness of their proposed measures in any department in which they choose to function, willExternalisation, 573:Buddhism; other steps will also be taken in this department of religions and of education, overExternalisation, 598:lives and words will evoke recognition in every department of human thinking. The symbolicExternalisation, 601:well; men and women everywhere and in every department of life are enunciating those new truthsExternalisation, 605:observable. The glory is today revealed in every department of human activity, and theExternalisation, 608:establishing of right human relations in every department of human living. I would ask you to useExternalisation, 634:forward - in all nations and in every great department of human thinking and planning - a similarFire, 161:This signifies completed activity in every department of matter until finally we have a blazing,Fire, 387:for it should be emphasized that each department forms a center: [388] The Head center - The RulingFire, 388:a center: [388] The Head center - The Ruling Department The Heart center - The Teaching DepartmentFire, 388:Department The Heart center - The Teaching Department The Throat center - The Mahachohan'sFire, 388:Department The Throat center - The Mahachohan's Department. This center synthesizes the lesserFire, 423:groups of nations, until the human race in every department of its exoteric life will conform toFire, 484:with this transmutative process, and each department might be considered as dealing with one of theFire, 484:with one of the three stages: The Mahachohan's department in its five divisions deals with theFire, 484:with the burning of the fiery lives. The Manu's department concerns itself with the form or theFire, 484:encloses the burning lives. The Bodhisattva's department deals with the return of the Son to theFire, 484:the Son to the bosom of the Father. Within the department of the Mahachohan, a secondary divisionFire, 499:far-reaching are these developments that every department of nature, [500] macrocosmic andFire, 600:Spirit. This principle of mutation governs every department in the Law of Correspondences, andFire, 640:is very real in connection with the fire department in any city. The time lies far ahead as yet,Fire, 640:connected with the control of the Manu's department, and of the great devas associated with thatFire, 640:and of the great devas associated with that department on this planet. Through their activityFire, 640:thus the world is purified by fire. In their own department these Agnichaitans are kept busyFire, 642:and on a large scale by the head of the Manu's department through their own rulers - certain devasFire, 649:aggregate of all the fires of kundalini in every department of nature. The trouble in our planet,Fire, 723:as focal points for force) with the Mahachohan's department in all the occult Hierarchies of theFire, 755:for unity, cooperation and brotherhood in every department of life - economic, religious, socialFire, 796:Their atomic activity is recognized, but that department of their being, which finds itsFire, 814:will be bettered slowly and steadily in every department of life. Fire, 855:of grouping will be according to: Ray. Subray. Department (whether under the Manu, the MahachohanFire, 982:solar system. We are to deal now with that great department in occultism which is usually termedFire, 1037:recent discovery of radium, are in their own department (that of the Mahachohan), analogous to theFire, 1057:Within the Hall of Wisdom, there exists a department of which the modern varying astrologicalFire, 1080:for their first radioactive life. In one great department of hierarchical endeavor all Egos areFire, 1082:hierarchical archives of this fifth (or third) department. A cyclic tabulation is of equal interestFire, 1082:are grouped in the archives of this the seventh department: Units of the fire-mist stage, Points ofFire, 1140:on this matter is found in records in the department of the Manu, as it concerns primarily theFire, 1254:other entities working in that particular department. There will be seven systems, though we areFire, 1255:planet who seek this path do so through the department of the Mahachohan, which [1256] works withFire, 1256:mental aspects of manifestation. From this third department they pass under the direct training ofGlamour, 97:of science, of politics or in any other department of life. His etheric unity, producingHealing, 250:and paralleling which goes on in every department of natural life. Above everything else, I seek toHealing, 257:and this is a lesson much needed today in every department of human thinking. [258] We shall nowHealing, 714:their way and which will eventually affect every department of human life, including the Art ofHercules, 49:a normal, balanced sex life; then there is a department of human expression in which divinity isHercules, 49:and this I refuse to recognize. There is no department of life, no field of expression, no meetingHercules, 189:is why we have this tremendous speed in every department of life, why we are all so strung up. WeInitiation, 46:directs a number of subsidiary offices, and the department of the Mahachohan is divided into fiveInitiation, 46:to the seventh ray, and thus comes under the department of energy of the Mahachohan, yet inInitiation, 47:[47] though an adept on the sixth ray under the department of the Mahachohan, works at presentInitiation, 47:various occidental schools of thought. In the department of the Mahachohan a large number ofInitiation, 61:taken over pupils in the Mahachohan's department. Secondly, the preparation of the world on a largeInitiation, 65:of the Egos on the Probationary Path are in the department that is analogous to the High School;
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