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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEPARTMENTAL

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Externalisation, 41:also as bridging units, and externalize certain departmental activities of the planetary HierarchyExternalisation, 336:permeate the entire Organization, and thus the departmental spirit need not enter in. One point IExternalisation, 336:of the work may seem necessarily to foster a departmental spirit. When such situations arise, it isFire, 1177:We might regard the presiding lives in these departmental schools as the custodians of the Path,Fire, 1236:of the 3 major and 4 minor Rays. The 3 Departmental Heads. I. The Will Aspect A. The Manu. b.Initiation, 46:the fourth and fifth root-races. Each of these departmental heads directs a number of subsidiaryInitiation, 47:of ceremonial law or magic, just as the three departmental heads represent the three major rays of:Initiation, 65:work more frequently in what might be termed departmental work, forming a group of assistants toInitiation, 109:XI - The Participants in the Mysteries The Departmental Heads The Manu. The Bodhisattva. TheInitiation, 123:with the Lord of the World and the two great departmental heads. At the fifth Initiation the visionInitiation, 148:through the Hierophant and the corresponding departmental head at the first two initiations, to theInitiation, 148:via the three Buddhas of Activity instead of the departmental heads. It might be of interest toInitiation, 154:Planetary Logos, and these are committed to the Departmental Heads, [155] who in turn pass them onInitiation, 158:group around the throne of office (the three Departmental Heads at the first two initiations, andInitiation, 158:except under the direct sanction of one of the departmental heads (according to the syllablePsychology2, 685:Masters on the Seven Rays - no matter what Their departmental work may at this time be - are
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