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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEPENDENT

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Healing, 403:- so many years of absence are proclaimed, dependent upon the age of the departed soul and itsHealing, 488:register these contacts. Awareness of contact is dependent upon the innate activity of the innerHealing, 489:manner. This process is relatively quick and is dependent upon the extent of the manasic influence.Healing, 498:we have seen, in two ways which are necessarily dependent upon the integration achieved. ThisHealing, 503:into the realm of human thinking will be dependent upon the formulation of the new "lanes orHealing, 507:yet - in the last analysis - the personality is dependent upon the life principle, conferred by theHealing, 567:range of man's desires are widely different and dependent upon the point in evolution; it is allHealing, 567:dependent upon the point in evolution; it is all dependent however, upon the outlook on life of theHealing, 579:purity became a possibility and a goal, but was dependent upon emotional [580] control and theHealing, 580:Today, in our Aryan race, magnetic purity is not dependent upon the physical disciplines; it isHealing, 580:it is still - for the mass of the people - dependent upon emotional disciplines, but in the case ofHealing, 580:the case of the true healer in the New Age it is dependent upon the "lighted magnetic area in theHealing, 606:they are relatively simple when grasped) are dependent upon the decision of the healer. It is hereHealing, 608:price of error. Good health is not necessarily dependent upon conscious soul contact. [609] ThatHealing, 609:can and does produce good health, but it is also dependent, in the majority of average cases, uponHealing, 643:relationships must be present, and these are dependent upon the point in evolution of the healer.Healing, 653:knows also that success in radiatory healing is dependent, to a great extent, upon the ability ofHealing, 662:thinking: happiness and [662] success are not dependent upon the possession of things or uponHealing, 687:factors governing the whole creative process is dependent upon the [688] skill of the Great LivesHercules, 32:same life force. The two uses of this force are dependent upon the mental attention of the being,Hercules, 32:the same force, but used in two different ways, dependent upon whether the divine user has focusedInitiation, 91:of time taken over his final stage is entirely dependent upon the progress he makes in the serviceInitiation, 110:Head of one of the three departments (this being dependent upon a man's ray) that he is nearing theInitiation, 139:is tripled, the direction of that force being dependent upon whether the centers receivingInitiation, 184:to pass these greater tests and stages is dependent upon his ability to meet and surmount the dailyIntellect, 120:materialistic thinker, that thought is entirely dependent upon the quality of the brain cells, isIntellect, 122:from this common dependence on God neither is dependent on the other." - Morgan, C. Lloyd, EmergentIntellect, 157:in knowledge than in love... The soul is not dependent upon temporal things but in the exaltationIntellect, 254:revealed to them that love him", the time being dependent upon his persistence and patience. Magic, 99:a barrier. Evil and its effects are largely dependent upon humanity for a functioning channel.Magic, 120:the saint. The head or the heart approach is not dependent upon the ray, for both ways must beMagic, 134:whom They have to work. They are handicapped and dependent upon Their physical plane instrumentsMagic, 175:the terms used by the transmitter being dependent upon his educational status may also be incorrectMagic, 177:paper - the accuracy of the transmission being dependent upon the receptivity of the instrumentMagic, 178:is largely stenographic, yet is also partially dependent upon their standard of development andMagic, 180:in the second and third cases the errors will be dependent upon the point in evolution of theMagic, 251:the magical work and much of his success is dependent upon his ability to register impressionsMagic, 282:which issuing from the cells themselves and dependent upon their quality, produce a good or a badMagic, 282:of the cells to harmonious rhythms and therefore dependent upon the cell having in itself somethingMagic, 290:to appropriate, to utilize, and to transmit are dependent upon the condition of the centers, of theMagic, 290:yet unnamed and unknown in the occident. It is dependent also upon the quality of the ethericMagic, 315:bodies of men, and their capacity to succeed is dependent largely upon their own type of astralMagic, 333:in the world, for the latter is largely dependent upon the former. Our mechanical civilization willMagic, 370:has been selfless and non acquisitive, and not dependent upon the aspirant's circumstance orMagic, 384:and seven types of responsive mentalities, dependent upon the seven ray types! In this statement,Magic, 394:the surrounding members of the human family as dependent upon one. The sense of importance - theMagic, 395:of expression of that inner growth is largely dependent upon the ray upon which the spiritualMagic, 437:of a chart is largely psychometrical and dependent upon the thought-form of the constellation whichMagic, 461:is proceeding steadily with that work but is dependent, under the Law, upon those on the physicalMagic, 492:desire. The tangible results are ever dependent upon the strength of the spiritual impulseMagic, 546:of the four ethers, but this is in its turn dependent upon other meanings and based upon theMagic, 558:to the creative work of white magic. Power is dependent for expression upon two factors: SinglenessMagic, 579:B. The quality of the force used is necessarily dependent upon the ray from which it may emanate.Magic, 579:functioning life and activity of any form is dependent upon the persistent attention of its [580]Magic, 580:hand path. D. The speed of the force used is dependent upon these three previous factors. Speed inMagic, 595:case and the methods to be applied are dependent upon too many factors for a general rule andMeditation, 35:and as the work of developing the egoic body is dependent upon the progress made in the threefoldMeditation, 75:of the centers and their particular order is dependent on several factors, such as: The Ray of theMeditation, 92:Ones Who assist Him in His development) it is dependent upon His transitory imperfections. TheMeditation, 92:dangers that beset the student of meditation are dependent upon many factors, and it will not beMeditation, 94:with the man's own personal life, and which are dependent upon his three bodies, their separateMeditation, 103:spiraling which this fire should follow, dependent upon the ray of the student and the key of theMeditation, 165:that Master with one of the Great Lords, - dependent upon the ray. It links him with his egoicMeditation, 169:of our planet is handled, and each office is dependent upon the other offices, and all work in theMeditation, 192:vibration, and on a knowledge of dynamics. It is dependent upon the accurate formation, throughMeditation, 199:itself into work in the world, and though dependent on the status and personnel of the group, it isMeditation, 218:here the fact that I again use terms that are dependent for their correctness upon their exotericMeditation, 272:Master and to some one group soul. It is not dependent upon his taking initiation. Initiation is aMeditation, 272:by terms of karma and affiliation, and is not dependent upon a man's status in the Lodge. Keep thisMeditation, 288:knowledge at earlier stages than others. It is dependent upon the type of body in use and the workMeditation, 323:be portrayed. The color of this shrine will be dependent on the ray which it represents. ThePatanjali, 14:that termed pleasure, for both of these are dependent upon identification with form. Non-attachmentPatanjali, 20:which have an evanescent life and which are dependent upon the quality of his desires; beingPatanjali, 65:Questioning This is the next stage and is also dependent upon a certain amount of mentalPatanjali, 75:objects. The nature of those objects will be dependent upon the point in evolution of thePatanjali, 107:this true perception, the onlooker has been dependent upon three other methods of ascertainingPatanjali, 178:work produces two corresponding results, each dependent upon its cause: Discrimination becomesPatanjali, 180:This is progressive (see previous sutra), and is dependent upon steadfast practise, meditation andPatanjali, 194:of a quality and of an objective form is dependent upon the fact that in the perceiver similarPatanjali, 216:themselves to lack character or form but to be dependent for manifestation upon "that which isPatanjali, 217:of breathing exercises and to the practices dependent for their success upon the suspension of thePatanjali, 225:in esoteric expression on the physical plane is dependent upon the rhythmic or cyclic outgoing orPatanjali, 259:it and it will be thrown into a modification, dependent largely upon the point in evolution thePatanjali, 342:Fire, these senses and their correspondences are dependent upon the point in evolution of the man,Patanjali, 353:independent of organs. The adept is not dependent upon the organs of sense for the acquiring ofPatanjali, 353:sense for the acquiring of knowledge, nor is he dependent upon the sixth sense, the mind. With him,Patanjali, 391:the growth of the human unit and his record are dependent upon his attitude towards others and thePatanjali, 392:of improvement, of study and meditation. This is dependent upon the mind alone. It does not dependPatanjali, 395:The explanation of this urge, being cosmic and dependent upon the evolutionary standpoint of thatPatanjali, 398:past, and that what we shall be in the future is dependent upon the seeds either latent and hidden,Patanjali, 408:All these forms, with all intermediate forms are dependent upon some life, endowed with theProblems, 67:the future security of humanity is, therefore, dependent upon two things: The steady and plannedProblems, 100:with due threats; the concept of a future life, dependent upon conduct and behavior to others andProblems, 100:is nowhere emphasized; salvation is apparently dependent upon the keeping of numerous physical lawsProblems, 142:immortality but has made eternal happiness dependent upon the acceptance of a theological dogma: BePsychology1, 178:yet detail it. Recognition of its truth is dependent upon inner growth and illumination, and thisPsychology1, 219:be remembered that each kingdom in nature is dependent upon and draws life from the kingdom whichPsychology1, 327:the subject of psychic interest and research, is dependent upon having produced a peculiarPsychology1, 358:for the manifestation of one ray or another is dependent upon the Plan and divine Purpose. It isPsychology1, 368:of the success in the coming momentous years is dependent upon the work done by all who may be
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