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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEPICTED

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Astrology, 142:its vision [142] and light, are very vividly depicted by the sign. The Aquarian can experience theAstrology, 154:the two horns and the single eye are blended and depicted by the long straight horn of the unicornAstrology, 175:book on the signs. Sagittarius is sometimes depicted as an archer on a white horse and a study ofAstrology, 175:know about astrology), the sign was frequently depicted by the Centaur - the fabulous animal whichAstrology, 176:is simply the arrow with a fragment of the bow depicted. The Archer as well as the Centaur haveAstrology, 230:(as far as humanity is concerned) you have depicted the entire history of the race. This involvesAstrology, 305:or other of four zodiacal constellations, are depicted in black; the five-pointed star is depictedAstrology, 305:are depicted in black; the five-pointed star is depicted yellow or golden color and its five pointsAstrology, 474:point. Esoterically, these triangles are usually depicted as superimposed but for the sake ofAstrology, 475:point out that I have (again necessarily) only depicted the three triangles in a certain order withAstrology, 560:of material change and constant movement can be depicted by the swastika. The man is unconscious ofAstrology, 560:Cross (as far as humanity is concerned) might be depicted thus: Here you have the [561] Cross ofBethlehem, 190:individual in our consciousness that we have depicted a Savior Who gave His life for us asDiscipleship1, 742:of his life." This triangular relation might be depicted thus: [743] The Master * The Soul * * TheDiscipleship2, 272:meet at a circle within a square, such as that depicted below: [273] Curiously enough, it is thisDiscipleship2, 472:these are symbolically and most inaccurately depicted in the Christian discipline as the sevenExternalisation, 269:sometimes (towards the latter part of the cycle) depicted as an archer, riding on a horse and (inExternalisation, 410:of man's mind, and the Jehovah concept (as depicted in the Jewish dispensation) appeared; next GodExternalisation, 414:the cold and heartless intellectual thing so oft depicted. It is in reality the intelligentExternalisation, 528:You have, therefore, a situation which might be depicted somewhat as follows: First PlanetaryExternalisation, 687:"in the world and yet not of the world"; Christ depicted in simple yet profoundly revealing termsFire, 1055:mind that these centers of force are to be found depicted in the central Triangles upon the chartFire, 1179:Manasadevas of very exalted rank. They are each depicted in the archives of our Hierarchy asFire, 1257:Above the whole are certain Sensa characters, depicted in gold, and conveying to the initiatedHealing, 43:the centers in man, the "lotuses of life," are depicted as turned downwards and with the stalkHealing, 648:and two lines of energy. The situation can be depicted in the following diagram: The triangle isHercules, 5:labors of Hercules, that Path of Discipleship is depicted, and his experiences preparatory to theHercules, 18:studied, we shall find that three serpents are depicted: one standing for the serpent of matter,Hercules, 34:to save all flesh. The sun chariot of Apollo is depicted as drawn by horses, and the "princely signHercules, 90:often called the Good Shepherd, and he has been depicted many times as the shepherd leading hisHercules, 187:Piscean age is going to bring in. Aquarius is depicted as a man holding an inverted vase. The manHercules, 223:Ishtar. Ashera is the goddess of plenty. She is depicted as a virgin, carrying a sheaf of wheat.Hercules, 227:of renewal inevitably recurs. In Virgo we have depicted the preparation for the first initiation,Intellect, 172:have [172] probably also the origin of the halo depicted around the heads of the illuminati of theMagic, 76:the word which drowns the triple sound" are depicted by a shaft of light ending in a symbolic wordMagic, 211:aspirant that the key to the situation depicted in the rule lies in the word contemplation found inPatanjali, 45:under three symbols: The intense group are depicted as goats, and aspirants of this type arePatanjali, 45:under the sign Capricorn, The moderate group are depicted by a fish, and many born under the signPatanjali, 48:and experience has found the true self. Here is depicted the nature of the solar angel, the son ofPatanjali, 85:are overcome, and though the sacral center is depicted as having specific relation to the sexPatanjali, 145:It is well known that the tree of life is depicted with the roots above and the flowering leavesPatanjali, 315:"face to shine" and is responsible for the halo depicted around the head of all saints and MastersPatanjali, xi:of every form. In the New Testament there is depicted for us the life of a Son of God in fullPsychology1, 286:of creation and the story of revelation are depicted for us, if we could but see truly andPsychology1, 287:own soul, and between men and women are equally depicted. The motive and the [288] relation arePsychology2, 299:becomes an accepted disciple. These four charts, depicted or drawn in color according to ray, formPsychology2, 557:eyes; he identified himself with the episodes depicted and knew no difference between himself andRays, 354:in the second case, the three were depicted by the three Crosses - the two thieves and the centralRays, 470:of the higher nature from the lower is depicted; in the case of the disciple, it is showing theRays, 604:process, leaving each stage of man's evolution depicted, but producing a climaxing point which isReappearance, 104:to be solved upon the Path of Return to God; He depicted the Prodigal Son's journey back to theReappearance, 151:the cold and heartless intellectual thing so oft depicted. It is in reality the intelligentSoul, 45:is unknown. "The ante-pituitary has been depicted as the gland of intellectuality... ByTelepathy, 133:energies. In these seven statements, you have depicted a PATTERN of the present planetary work orTelepathy, 186:System All these three Centers can therefore be depicted in the following manner: with the
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