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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEPTH

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Astrology, 214:One is no longer seen. He sinks to the depth of the ocean of life; he descends into hell, but theAstrology, 365:planet Mars. Mars carries the war into the very depth of circumstance, environment and being, andAtom, 159:present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able toAutobiography, 237:of this century. It is of a profundity and a depth of technical knowledge which lies beyond theBethlehem, 111:the solitary Man on the Cross. It belongs to the depth of the religious spirit to have feltDiscipleship1, 78:eventually, through a life of failure and the depth of my egotism. I learnt through that failureDiscipleship1, 138:that of [138] the average citizen. Yet the very depth of your vision and knowledge make you proneDiscipleship1, 454:order of their importance. There is an unusual depth of love and understanding in your nature. GiveDiscipleship1, 518:a position to note what is occultly called "the depth of his immersion." You are now more easilyDiscipleship1, 693:the Master is to evoke from his disciples such a depth of consecrated love and such a realizationDiscipleship1, 708:descends into what he erroneously regards as the depth of human difficulty and iniquity (ifDiscipleship2, 42:or your steadfastness; I have confidence in the depth of your aspiration and your desire for theDiscipleship2, 165:- according to your evolutionary status and the depth of your reflection - at what I may leaveDiscipleship2, 500:effort will be largely dependent upon the depth of your individual spiritual focus, the closenessDiscipleship2, 579:papers and instructions, so as to arrive at this depth of insight, vision and source of activity.Discipleship2, 658:period until the war ends to the cultivation of depth, of detachment, of humility. This process youDiscipleship2, 689:and with a greatly increased inclusiveness and depth for the many; you can free yourself fromDiscipleship2, 751:of liberation. Does this astonish you? Of their depth and purpose you have as yet but littleDiscipleship2, 755:attention and the surface is confounded with the depth. It is the depth which the Master sees; theDiscipleship2, 755:surface is confounded with the depth. It is the depth which the Master sees; the essential qualityDiscipleship2, 756:[756] What, my brother, lies at the very depth of your personality in this life? I refer not hereEducation, 126:extends from the atom of substance at the very depth of manifestation to the entire solar system;Externalisation, 99:concept and comprehend the nature of this silent depth of true understanding? Wisdom is theExternalisation, 318:throughout the world. Let quietness and depth characterize your inner life. Externalisation, 606:Something new, yet planned for from the very depth of time, happened then in that quiet garden;Fire, 15:form was not. The Sons of God arose, scanned the depth of Flame, took from its heart the sacredFire, 625:of providing that which is understood as occult "depth." Why is this? Because in these notes thoseFire, 776:and through the mantram (which grows in volume, depth and number of sounds involved as timeFire, 937:of the responsive agents. According to the depth or height of the note, and according to itsFire, 942:some subplane will preponderate according to the depth of his nature and his place on the ladder ofGlamour, 137:His intuition was evoked through the depth and intensity of his love - as it was in his Master, theHealing, 235:He expresses Himself is impregnated to a certain depth with the seeds and germs of these twoInitiation, 24:Knowing the quintessence of pain, knowing the depth of sin and of suffering, their methods can beIntellect, 93:of God who have preceded us, we must gauge the depth and the [94] height and brace ourselves forIntellect, 94:worlds on worlds of light And pierce some deeper depth of God." - Earle, John Charles, Onward andMagic, 25:and that the writer (having got out of his depth) is seeking to save his face by some suchMagic, 138:for they will stumble on the way and sound the depth of the law. Stand ready then to lift them upMagic, 266:According to the clarity of vision and the depth of the inner realization so will be the adequacyMagic, 488:returns ever from whence it came. There is a depth of truth in the ancient aphorism: "Curses, likeMeditation, 278:eliminations have been made, and a certain depth of color, attained. He can then take the risk (forPsychology1, 84:its walls, its decorations, and its height and depth and breadth slowly emerged and entered intoPsychology1, 293:and as the nature of consciousness and the depth of his own subconscious life are more trulyPsychology2, 170:eyes. He had no scope for sight, - no height, no depth, ho wide extension. He had but room to goRays, 197:making too rapid and superficial progress. It is depth and a profound "rootedness" (if I may coinRays, 274:Invocation. Their strength is dependent upon the depth of feeling in the one case, and the strengthRays, 275:according to the intensity of purpose and the depth of love demonstrated by the two groups ofReappearance, 53:Something new, yet planned for from the very depth of time, happened then in that quiet garden;
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