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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESCENDED

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Astrology, 13:the result of ancient thought and teaching (descended to us from Lemurian times) and is not basedAstrology, 92:himself on to the Cardinal Cross from which he descended when coming into incarnation and mountedAstrology, 180:to climb out of the depths to which he has descended in Scorpio and sees ahead of him the mountainAstrology, 432:Pisces, the heavenly light of Uranus. This light descended on the waiting sphere and lit the galaxyAstrology, 544:for the release of Germany from the glamor which descended upon her people. The Hierarchy makes aAstrology, 564:Christ; this was consummated when "divinity descended upon Him" at the Baptism. [565] TheAutobiography, 16:the Crusades, and my mother's forebears being descended from Hollinshead, "the Chronicler," fromAutobiography, 65:go and find another table." A dead silence descended upon us. Then one of the men (with a very wellAutobiography, 232:which so aroused the anger of Moses when he descended from the mount of the Lord and found themBethlehem, 60:or who objected to their methods. All of them "descended into hell and rose again on the thirdBethlehem, 106:all aspirants to the kingdom. The spirit of God descended as a dove upon him. The dove is ever aBethlehem, 106:Thus, in the form of a dove, the peace of God descended upon Jesus. Secondly, the essentialBethlehem, 123:by doubt. The first traces of that glamor which descended upon Him like a great darkness in theBethlehem, 178:vanquished by the Powers of Darkness. And descended into Hell or the Underworld. They rose againDestiny, 147:times are fast disappearing. Light has also descended on the earth in the form of the "light ofDestiny, 148:and communities. Yet just as the churches have descended into a profoundly materialisticDiscipleship1, 100:of life which seems in this century to have descended upon humanity; seek to love more than youDiscipleship1, 123:other is a subconscious recognition that if you "descended to the unhappy ways of human sympathy,"Discipleship1, 366:and the glamor of the fear of authority has descended upon her. She has asked permission to leaveDiscipleship1, 457:themselves? First there was the glamor which descended temporarily upon the group, and the effectsDiscipleship1, 773:explored all the avenues of knowledge; he has descended into the depths, into hell and into theDiscipleship2, 60:their numbers what Christ experienced when he "descended into Hell." Many things have to beDiscipleship2, 625:as on the involutionary arc Spirit created as it descended, and appropriates as it reascends, soExternalisation, 116:world consciousness. The Lord of Pain has descended from His throne and is treading the ways ofExternalisation, 118:bringing about the "fall of the angels," as they descended from their sinless and free state ofExternalisation, 434:the ending of wrong conditions. But the conflict descended on to the physical plane and the swordExternalisation, 478:of Light and of extricating humanity from the descended evil, the Hierarchy has also been occupiedFire, 29:war upon the planet had been waged. Both sides descended into hell. Then came the Conqueror ofHealing, 469:greater Plan. And then a Word sounds forth. The descended, radiating point of light ascends,Healing, 573:trouble and its consequence, disease; they have "descended into contact" via the sutratma and areHercules, 24:garment from his father; the mantle of Elijah descended upon Elisha, and the robe of Christ wasHercules, 172:that, according to the Creed the Christed Jesus "descended into hell". Why? Surely because his allMeditation, 193:Christian Bible the remnant of a tale which has descended to us from Atlantean days. In those daysPsychology1, 86:His ears when He "left the most high place and descended into the seventh sphere to carry out thePsychology1, 400:including the modern Egyptians. These are all descended from the eldest of the three disciples. ThePsychology1, 400:also the Celtic races wherever found. These are descended from the second of the three disciples.Rays, 192:of that which he had helped destroy, and so descended from the mountain top, back to the darknessRays, 702:in the Christian [702] teaching that "Christ descended into hell and taught the spirits which areReappearance, 74:be described as follows: 1. The Spirit of Peace descended upon Christ. The New Testament bearsReappearance, 187:to the spirit of fear and horror which has descended upon our unhappy planet. Humanity today looks
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