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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESCENDING

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Astrology, 62:for several lives around the zodiacal path, descending into the sea of the mass consciousness toAstrology, 216:work out upon three levels of awareness - three descending levels - and are felt first of all uponAstrology, 284:yourself have said the first word as the soul, descending into the womb of time and space in a farAstrology, 461:quality and activity. Forming a reservoir of descending and balancing energies. Some light on thisAstrology, 500:cases destruction parallels the impact of the descending spirit upon opposing matter. Ponder onBethlehem, 96:opened unto Him, and He saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon Him. "AndBethlehem, 227:of recognition in the following words: "The descending stages of service correspond to theDiscipleship1, 162:a dynamic twenty minutes each morning - prior to descending to the day's routine... This has forDiscipleship2, 81:handling severe personal karma, and some of them descending into the very depths of realization -Discipleship2, 123:the process of focusing - demanding - descending and at-one-ing. 3. Pause here and endeavor to feelDiscipleship2, 162:the brain is quiescently ready to record that "descending knowledge." Practical ability to relateDiscipleship2, 196:Along this stream both the ascending and the descending life quality and ray characteristics canDiscipleship2, 323:of the three exoteric stages: Penetration, the descending and circulatory nature of energy.Discipleship2, 499:note here the direct line of spiritual force descending from the Master R., via D.K. to yourself,Discipleship2, 625:the various bodies and forms are created by the descending, involving Spirit, and the consciousnessDiscipleship2, 712:will I make: See this energy of love as a great descending stream of light substance, pouring downDiscipleship2, 741:upon the physical plane. But it does not. The descending soul energy and the ascending personalityExternalisation, 117:attached to it. Today, the karma of humanity is descending upon it. I would remind you, however,Externalisation, 659:the focus is, so will be the anchorage where descending potencies under mantric inspiration areFire, 96:upon them, between the forms themselves in ever descending importance demonstrates nothing moreFire, 386:globes - generally known as A., B. and C. form a descending arc, the densest physical matter of theFire, 386:on the ascending are (correspondence to C on the descending are) usually belongs to the astralFire, 386:F and G (correspondence to B and A on the descending arc) to the Rupa and Arupa levels of theFire, 395:within individuality, ascending and descending from every point in space, endlessly, ceaselessly.Fire, 584:the juncture of astro-animal man, and the descending Monad, using the spark of mind as the methodFire, 653:- S. D., I, 267, 449; S. D., II, 190. On the descending arc Spirit becomes material. - S. D., I,Fire, 709:form the earlier "path" along which the descending Spirit came to take possession of its vehicle,Glamour, 220:in relation to divinity. They are also the descending thought-forms which the developing humanGlamour, 221:them with the substance of desire. When the descending forms of thought (a reflection in the threeHealing, 150:or light placed athwart the stream of life descending from the monad to the base of the spine andHealing, 298:- now to be given, indicate the quality of the descending energies and the taints which theseHealing, 468:which it - in time and space - illumined. This descending and ascension men call life, existenceHealing, 469:moment prior to physical incarnation, when the descending light (carrying life) is focused in allHealing, 500:the first time, truly incarnated; it is truly "descending into manifestation" and the entire soulHealing, 531:this is rapidly being done), and the other in descending from its vague abstractions andHealing, 708:not with five. The circular, inclusive vortex - descending to the point - disturbs, removes andHercules, 124:yourself have said the first word as the soul, descending into the womb of time and space in a farHercules, 215:through the twelve signs of the Zodiac... the descending path is the same." - Clement of AlexandriaMagic, 592:these webs are burnt away by the ascending and descending fires can the true centers really beMeditation, 30:in the average domesticated animal, then the descending Spirit (which had taken to itself an atomPsychology2, 215:be brought into such close rapport with the descending energy of spirit that another greatPsychology2, 277:which qualifies the radiant path. On the Way of Descending Approaches, the Buddha from the mentalPsychology2, 278:in the occult and spiritual sense) on the Way of Descending Approach, embodied also the peace ofPsychology2, 368:stillness, for instance, might find himself descending into the sloughs of lethargy; the first rayRays, 13:unity of the whole. There is therefore a line of descending energy which has its origin outside ourRays, 14:and its inherent limitations. These descending energies, as they pass through any of the majorRays, 14:and of all the coming new age enterprises. These descending energies evoke also the obstructingRays, 46:undergone, it is the soul as a "focal point for descending light and for ascending radiance." ThisRays, 183:into the more adequate forms demanded by the descending life and its dynamic activity. We areRays, 187:and normally is controlled. [187] The stream of descending life, and this in two aspects: The lifeRays, 190:of the money changers is the last. Meet the descending forces and find the current which is yours.Rays, 191:the group must meet, accept and distribute the descending spiritual energy which will finallyRays, 191:work done. The group - through the use of that descending current - will drive the forces of evilRays, 510:three effects: It keeps the channel for the descending light of the Spiritual Triad clear of allRays, 510:and evokes a response in the form of a thread of descending triadal light. It causes a vibrationRays, 694:Cross nor the Cardinal Cross. The disciple is descending from the Fixed Cross and seeking to mountReappearance, 64:by His angels and by the Church invisible) descending upon the clouds of Heaven, to the sound of aReappearance, 74:Baptism, we read that "he saw the Spirit of God, descending like a dove and alighting upon Him."Soul, 57:highest or most subtle form. So matter is spirit descending and debased; spirit, conversely, isSoul, 116:that the nerve fibers which carry motor impulses descending from the brain to the spinal cord crossTelepathy, 83:context of various minds, to ascending and descending energies, to the invocation of agents and the
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