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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESCENT

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Astrology, 52:of today. The reason for this is that in the descent of ideas from the plane of ideas, they becomeAstrology, 96:is the sign of death and burial in the earth, of descent into the depths in order to be liftedAstrology, 158:the existing forms, and there has to be the descent into the valley of pain, despair and deathAstrology, 281:embodied in the Son of Mind and thus for the descent of the Christ principle into generation orAstrology, 281:aspects of intelligence. The symbolism of the descent of Spirit into [282] the womb of the virginAstrology, 637:entities themselves. (S.D. Vol. I, 251) The descent and reascent of the monad or soul cannot beAtom, 63:increasing imprisonment, and of an ever deeper descent into matter, is succeeded by one ofAtom, 86:of these lines is a twofold one. You have the descent into matter of the entity, of the centralBethlehem, 165:having returned [165] "to His proper form," the descent from the mountain had to follow. ThenBethlehem, 166:which Christ accomplished. Immediately, on the descent from the mountain-top, Christ [167] beganDiscipleship1, 50:upon the mental plane. Steadily and without descent must the attitude of meditation be held - notDiscipleship1, 320:in the will-to-love all beings and arresting its descent at the astral [321] body. Do this by anDiscipleship1, 530:is very cold, - a bucket is always ready for the descent. I believe this water has the property ofDiscipleship1, 641:connection, for your soul has an easy line of descent (if I may so express it), via your fourth rayDiscipleship1, 763:disciple in a physical body. The detail of the descent of energy or of the process of spiritualDiscipleship2, 204:has become invocative and has produced a descent from the Hierarchy which meets and merges with theDiscipleship2, 393:therefore: There is a straight line of spiritual descent from the Masters into the ranks of men,Discipleship2, 574:physical body is also the seventh. The line of descent, therefore, for the form building energy isDiscipleship2, 626:and truest occult significance) on the Path of Descent. We learn to use it consciously. We hear itsDiscipleship2, 749:in mind. This turmoil is caused by an increasing descent of the Christ energy from the buddhicExternalisation, 225:avail itself of the straight line of ascent and descent through the doors held open by the BuddhaExternalisation, 225:aspiration and spiritual desire, and through the descent of the waiting Potencies, certain greatExternalisation, 296:and the cry clear enough to warrant His descent and His appearance. Demand without parallelingExternalisation, 308:Is it possible that there will be a sudden descent of the Prince of Light and Peace to changeExternalisation, 475:had been given to humanity to arrest the descent of evil into manifestation. Voices of leaders andExternalisation, 601:ideas embodying the new truths, by the "descent" (if I may so call it) of the new concepts whichExternalisation, 606:a cable of ascension for the sons of men and of descent for the loving, living spirit of God. Externalisation, 607:reveal Him. He is now waiting to descend. This descent into our unhappy world of men can presentExternalisation, 643:upon the same line of spiritual energy and descent as the Christ Himself. Another reason is thatFire, 97:the evolutionary process. It covers the "path of descent," or the coming down of Spirit into everFire, 225:and, as such, from one aspect, typify the descent of Spirit to inform and evolve Matter, whichFire, 225:from the same source; and from another, the descent or incarnation of the KumÔras or the HigherFire, 386:arc, the densest physical matter of the descent being reached in the fourth globe, D, of which ourFire, 518:in the body of a Heavenly Man, we have a lesser descent within the gaseous or fire manifestation ofFire, 584:of the life of the Ego. On the path of descent it has much to do with the placing of the permanentFire, 697:in him, and he is seen at its very center. This descent is brought about through the action of theFire, 756:strikes (five years prior to the date of His descent) they will be in the full flower of theirFire, 768:with the incarnation of the Monads, and their descent into the three worlds. A systemic triangle isFire, 787:after the Ego has made the first move towards descent, and not with the time which elapses betweenFire, 951:[951] nearer to the physical plane, and in their descent assume a steadily increasing control ofGlamour, 55:of his intuition, will be distorted in its descent to his brain consciousness in several ways. ThatGlamour, 58:are static and stable; many are in process of descent from intuitional levels; a few are stillGlamour, 183:the revelation to the prevailing illusion, its descent into the world of glamor, and its subsequentGlamour, 263:technically understood, signifies direct descent from there to here, without deviation orGlamour, 263:not by identifying himself, stage by stage of descent, with the hindrances and possibleHealing, 140:of life, and later stirred violently by the descent of the Angel, respond to the Angel's healingHealing, 402:The basic facts of a spiritual origin, of a descent into matter, of an ascent through the medium ofHealing, 408:the soul again prepares itself for another descent into form. The field of experience (in which isHealing, 449:Buddhic consciousness, and the line of Their descent (occultly understood) is from the EternalHealing, 495:place, leading to what is called "the process of descent and calling," wherein the man: PreparesHercules, 170:intense. And yet his will was firm. This steep descent continued long and long. Alone, yet not allHercules, 172:the unicorn. One myth puts the emphasis on the descent into hell to free humanity (in the figure ofHercules, 176:story of the climbing of the mountain and of the descent into hell. There are three greatHercules, 176:is lifted up into "heaven". Preparation for the Descent into Hades There were three things thatInitiation, 16:in him, and he is seen at its very center. This descent is brought about by the action of theInitiation, 32:connotation. In Lemurian days, after the great descent of the spiritual Existences to the earth,Magic, 368:few visionaries. Always the Law holds good; - in descent, differentiation. The two or three sensePsychology2, 93:a solar angel, for, from the angle of Deity, descent into matter, manifestation through form, thePsychology2, 275:the significance of what occurred on the way of descent. We are told that a long time transpiresPsychology2, 277:language of esotericism "the Avatars of logoic descent upon the radiant path of..." and "thePsychology2, 277:radiant path of..." and "the Avatars of divine descent upon the Claiming Way." I cannot translatePsychology2, 278:established by these two Sons of God, and the descent of the divine life into manifestation hasPsychology2, 278:possible. It is around these two ideas of divine descent and of human corresponding ascent that thePsychology2, 281:wherein the approach of the soul upon the Way of Descent into manifestation, and the subsequentPsychology2, 282:the relation of the form to the soul, with the descent of life and the ascent of the sons of God,Psychology2, 388:We have here also a correspondence to the descent of the fire of the will to the base of the spinePsychology2, 590:energies in the head or to prevent their descent no lower than the diaphragm. This deprives theRays, 14:I would add also that the point of lowest descent of the energies has now been reached, and theRays, 14:again to their source. Upon this dual process of descent and ascension the whole cyclic panorama ofRays, 14:It will therefore be apparent to you that the descent of energy brings with it - under the cyclicRays, 166:the Buddhic consciousness, and the line of Their descent (occultly understood) is from the EternalRays, 495:Down - or rather [495] across - this bridge, descent can be made at will, in order to serveRays, 592:and which will, in a peculiar sense, see the descent of the Kingdom of God to Earth as a result ofRays, 593:to a new kingdom in nature. This great spiritual descent will be prefaced (if I may use such aRays, 644:of the planetary Logos. All life, from the first descent of the soul into incarnation, is only aRays, 675:initiatory process, giving us the concept of a descent into water and of ascent out of water inRays, 735:Then you will be in the direct line of spiritual descent, of divine energy; in this thought youReappearance, 9:its "massed intent," which can precipitate the descent (as it is called) of an Avatar. To sum up,Reappearance, 48:ideas embodying the new truths, by the "descent" (if I may so call it) of the new concepts whichReappearance, 53:a cable of ascension for the sons of men and of descent for the loving, living spirit of God. [54] Reappearance, 54:reveal Him. He is now waiting to descend. This descent into our unhappy world of men can presentTelepathy, 68:during the process of stepping down or of descent. That which impresses Shamballa and is receivedTelepathy, 105:Unfoldment This impression must be a direct descent from mental levels to the brain, avoiding allTelepathy, 105:the astral body; only in so far as this direct descent is attained will the recorded impression beTelepathy, 105:in this connection, is related to distance, to descent, to focus, and to the power to record. TheTelepathy, 105:thinker is always aware emotionally of the descent of the higher impression and of the consequent
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