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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESCRIBED

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Astrology, 50:object. The function of this Hierarchy is well described in the words of the Old Commentary: "TheAstrology, 120:changes to that quality of mind which is best described by the words, illumination and revelation.Astrology, 155:between the horned animals of the zodiac is thus described: "The Ram, the Scapegoat and the sacredAstrology, 195:embodied will, which has been esoterically described as "unavoidable directed purpose." Within ourAstrology, 214:in Scorpio is of a different nature and is also described in the same ancient writing in theAstrology, 283:influenced by those qualities which can be best described as instinctual mind or affection (Venus),Astrology, 307:that objective. This sign has frequently been described as the "battlefield of the Forces ofAstrology, 589:revelation comes. A thought is given; a symbol described; an idea portrayed. Then, as the minds ofAtom, 110:of so-called meditation which has been truly described by a person not so long ago, as "I shut myAtom, 111:meditation and achieving its results, is described as follows - and from a consideration of theseAutobiography, 192:give a little chuckle when I hear myself described by some antagonistic Theosophist (I couldAutobiography, 260:many) have been shown to Mrs. Bailey and then described by her. This process is possible only withDestiny, 137:apt to forget that the first initiation can be described, in reality as: The grounding orDiscipleship1, 159:a brief and yet potent character and can best be described by the following words: Alignment.Discipleship1, 598:of the aspirant climaxes at times, and might be, described as a series of steady growth cycles,Discipleship1, 674:with his Master. The chela at this stage is described as "one within his Master's heart." There isDiscipleship1, 713:collaboration with his... At this stage, he is described as the Chela within the Master's heart.Discipleship1, 715:that path himself." These four stages have been described in The Old Commentary in the followingDiscipleship1, 732:Discipleship are well known but cannot be described in too much detail. They vary according toDiscipleship1, 741:on the Path of Discipleship. The fourth stage is described as follows: "The stage wherein theDiscipleship1, 757:happens. Symbolically speaking, it might be described as a potent expanding impulse which widensDiscipleship1, 766:last of the six stages of discipleship. This was described by me in the following terms: [767] "TheDiscipleship1, 767:- is given specialized work. At this stage he is described as a Chela within his Master's Heart."Discipleship2, 28:tests. There is a stage of discipleship which is described as that of "light fluctuation." TheDiscipleship2, 259:divided into lesser phases. These might be described as three in number though much is dependentDiscipleship2, 272:inscribed upon the plates of the unknown metal, described by me on page 249. It is formed of aDiscipleship2, 622:between thought and emotion? Can thought be best described as sublimated emotion? Do not ourDiscipleship2, 622:past emotional reactions, may not thoughts be described as 'fossil feelings'? In the connotation ofEducation, 20:of man creates. This creative process can be described, as far as its steps are concerned, asExternalisation, 24:and the exalted Personnel involved have been described by me in my previous message (A Treatise onExternalisation, 64:may be impressed with the need which has been described by one of the Great Ones as "the lovingExternalisation, 98:This quality of the seed groups is described in current esoteric literature as love-wisdom (theExternalisation, 153:Hitherto the word alignment has best described the planetary situation; there has been a straightExternalisation, 394:must come a spiritual victory and this could be described as the gaining of a new spiritualExternalisation, 655:by the masses of men everywhere. It can be described as pouring into the human consciousness byFire, 4:itself triple. This triple solar system can be described in terms of three aspects, or (as theFire, 38:fires of the cosmic ray of will. They might be described as the rays of intelligent will and areFire, 38:'the overlord of all this world-system, is described as the Ishvara, white-colored, four-armed,Fire, 41:basis of the systemic movement which may be best described as that of driving forward throughFire, 67:systems. Certain of the deva kingdom who may be described as ensouling certain of the great lightFire, 79:and his etheric body. The etheric body has been described as a network, permeated with fire, or asFire, 97:of Prana The etheric body may therefore be described as negative or receptive in respect to theFire, 101:confines of the system. Its mission might be described as the vitalization of the vehicle which isFire, 101:planetary ring-pass-not. Its mission might be described as the vitalization of the vehicle which isFire, 106:suffers from certain incapacities, which may be described as follows: First. Inability to tapFire, 172:to all sides so that the center is better described as a sphere of fire than as a wheel. It marksFire, 172:for the process of producing the effect described covers the whole period of the Path. At theFire, 191:seen from above downwards, the work proceeds as described. Hearing on the astral plane is commonlyFire, 212:first great group of karmic Lords. It might be described as the Rod which carries a voltage of pureFire, 214:by different methods of activity, which might be described thus: The third Aspect or Brahma aspectFire, 389:of which we are engaged. They might be roughly described as embracing that period in the systemFire, 531:on each plane and the ones most frequently described are those of the physical plane. TheFire, 712:secondary work. Their work in part might be described as follows: [713] Primarily, they bring aboutFire, 720:of the next system. [720] This method has been described as that of "occult abstraction." It willFire, 767:the dim outline of a form such as earlier described has made its appearance on mental levels, andFire, 781:turn objective manifestation. 55 The Ego is described thus in the Secret Doctrine: Each is a pillarFire, 828:which certain things are effected which might be described in the following terms: The two outerFire, 891:whose place in the scheme of things can only be described as having relation to the grosserFire, 933:The process of destruction can only be described in the words perforation and disintegration. Fire, 1141:every other expression of the divine life, are described by a triple formula which conveys to theFire, 1207:object. The function of this Hierarchy is well described in the words of the old Commentary: "TheFire, 1219:reveal or impart the formulas. The symbol may be described, and if the student will carefullyFire, 1259:get to the true description. They have also been described as the "revolving wheels which turn uponFire, 1260:disciple to study but which may, however, be described, is a duality of interlocked wheelsFire, 1262:Their main characteristic or attribute may be described as a sense of cosmic direction. The sourceGlamour, 42:of Christ and His disciples, symbolically described as "Christ and His 9000 initiates." The FourGlamour, 130:[130] A mental illusion might perhaps be described as an idea, embodied in an ideal form, whichGlamour, 252:into a beauty of organization which has been described as a "life aflame with God"; it is a life ofGlamour, 252:embodied and brought about in the sevenfold work described above. This can be summarized asHealing, 81:five conditions or states of being. These can be described in the following terms: Closed, stillHealing, 143:both positive and negative; each can be described as a unit of resistant force and of dynamicHealing, 221:these are largely astral in origin and might be described as Atlantean in nature. We have brieflyHealing, 427:recognized and welcomed by the man, could be described by him in the simple phrase, "The time hasHealing, 471:phraseology, the entire process of death is described. It is important to note that it is under theHercules, 118:It is to be noted also that the labor was not described to Hercules as in other cases. The wordHercules, 134:developed man, or initiate, might perhaps be described in such terms also. In the midst ofHercules, 202:of World Servers Such a group as has just been described already exists. There are two things forInitiation, 11:of Holiness and its various stages) it may be described as the realization of the "Kingdom of GodInitiation, 63:to be vivified and indwelt. Thackeray has well described this process of building, in the words soInitiation, 71:VIII - Discipleship DISCIPLESHIP A Disciple described A disciple is one who above all else, isInitiation, 143:work of the Lodge during the ceremony may be described as follows: First: The chanting of certainInitiation, 147:The three divisions of the oath may be roughly described as: A solemn phrase embodying the purposeInitiation, 207:what the third eye is to man, and therefore is described as looking out from between the Monad orIntellect, 14:As Dr. Bennett says "the mystics themselves have described their attainment as a seeing into theIntellect, 29:these wider debts and duties. Religion has been described as the command or revelation of God. ThisIntellect, 79:of the various sheaths to hide it, can be described in terms of transmutation as well as in thoseIntellect, 139:Prayer, page 272. Contemplation has been described, as a psychic gateway, leading from one state ofIntellect, 141:interior than the means of growth previously described." It is interesting to note that Malaval inIntellect, 149:upon the stage of contemplation, and might be described, in its turn, as producing three effects:Intellect, 190:of mental concentration and unconsciousness described by M. Oltramare, according to theIntellect, 262:spiritual [262] man from that point, so quaintly described by the Oriental writers, as "the throneMagic, 19:reality. 3. There is finally what might be described as the body, the sum total of flesh, ofMagic, 59:of knowledge receiving illumination might be described as comprising the totality of forms to beMagic, 160:in a "condition of the waters" which can best be described as purely selfish, all that occurs is asMagic, 173:collaboration with his - . At this stage he is described as "one within his Master's heart." [174]Magic, 283:great evolutionary plan. These three might be described as the quality of the cell forces operatingMagic, 362:by the uninitiated, but the effect could be described as a changing from a measured turn to one ofMagic, 553:evolution. This particular symbol might be described as follows: A blazing sun forms the backgroundMagic, 558:clothed in words with the symbol I have earlier described in this Treatise. Power, light, vitality,Meditation, 29:you have what is termed the Group Soul, aptly described (as far as earth words permit) as a
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