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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESCRIPTION

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Bethlehem, 149:innate quality - have also much to do with his description of what he sees. However, all are agreedBethlehem, 154:quick moving, which is in itself a very good description of the mental nature. Arjuna, in TheDiscipleship1, 510:rightly build and learn the method of ascent. (A description of this garden will be found at theDiscipleship1, 626:to learn attachment (of the right and spiritual description) any more than it is easy for theDiscipleship1, 736:would suggest that there has never been a better description of the nature of love than that givenDiscipleship2, 138:life experience. You will note that this description of the meditation work, which I am asking youDiscipleship2, 232:social order must be met; world groups of every description have to be contacted. Much of the workDiscipleship2, 363:therefore, concerns you. I also covered their description and significance in two ways: the firstFire, 78:be enumerated as follows: 1. Its Purpose and Description First. In the study of the etheric bodyFire, 336:of the spiritual Triads on the higher. This description is true of all group-souls functioning onFire, 604:as the reader will find from the allegorical description given of Agni as being the mouth-born sonFire, 653:D., II, 174. Read Proverbs VIII Study Biblical description of Tabernacle: Outer court, the place ofFire, 705:in the archaic records in lieu of His Name or description is an inverted five-pointed star, withFire, 711:poem, the first thing, in the first canto, is a description of the peculiar circumstances thatFire, 949:form and produce conditions of such a dire description that under law rapid crystallizationFire, 1237:of a kamic nature. Forces of a purely physical description. These the occult student studies,Fire, 1259:This is as near as we can get to the true description. They have also been described as theHealing, 56:of the human body; and pathological details, the description of diseases, and the variousHealing, 150:in its true and correct sense, and not as the description of a man who has discarded his physicalHealing, 180:and not of an advanced initiate. It is not a description either of the everyday, average humanHealing, 323:and pills and tablets of every possible description, the rifling of the vegetable and mineralHercules, 121:cross of those who have probationary status. Its description is as follows: "The mutable cross isHercules, 131:has decidedly ridiculous overtones. The graphic description of Hercules driving the boar by itsHercules, 132:fleeing from truth as from a catastrophe. This description of shortcomings does not mean that humanInitiation, 116:inaccurately called in the Bible, where the description of its loosing of the physical body andInitiation, 125:of a final consummation of a glory past all description, with a few outstanding points indicativeInitiation, 133:the details of the next stage, beyond using the description as embodied in the words "fire descendsIntellect, 36:do not know, but it seems to me a most excellent description of the way of the mystic and theIntellect, 237:book, but it is obvious that in a book of this description the more advanced practices and the moreMagic, 220:is ably synthesized. Note the terms used in the description given in a few short phrases: The planeMagic, 228:interesting to note the occult sequence in the description given of this plane in the rule underMagic, 541:human thought at this time is primarily of mass description, for few there are who can thinkMagic, 568:from The Light of the Soul which give a description of these pranas. We find in Book III, Sutra 39Meditation, 67:is not yet, and need arises not for detailed description, yet if things progress as desired, evenMeditation, 78:these figures have an occult significance. This description is taken from "The Inner Life." ThisMeditation, 78:description is taken from "The Inner Life." This description applies to the etheric centers, whichPatanjali, 245:and this localization is illustrated by a description of the fixing of the attention upon a form ofPatanjali, 245:(Vishnu Purana V 1. 7. 75-85.) Then follows a description of the incarnated form of the ExaltedPatanjali, 249:VI. 7, 90.) [249] The truth of this makes any description or explanation of the high state ofPatanjali, x:we have given us (in its eighteen chapters) a description of the soul, of Krishna, the secondPsychology2, 504:the psychologist is a confused and imaginative description of brain reactions, astral phenomena,Rays, 277:is [277] embodied in this concept. The nearest description of the true relationship might be saidRays, 659:union of all souls made perfect, which is a true description of the Hierarchy), then - in a mannerSoul, 95:of knowledge which obliges us, in our attempted description of it, to borrow comparisons fromSoul, 103:the soul, Yet it goes to immortality. [103] The description of the atman as a smokeless flame inSoul, 113:column and in the head. Arthur Avalon says: "A description of the Chakras involves, in the firstSoul, 116:fact which has been noted in the Tantras in the description of the Mukta Triveni. The latter isSoul, 118:unknown. And so it has been admitted that in the description of the physiology of the central
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