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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESIGNATED

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Astrology, 335:done some concentrated work along the lines here designated. Simple as it sounds when stated, theAstrology, 384:give you a hint. The earthy triplicity has been designated by astrologers as embodying the idea ofBethlehem, 6:an Esoteric Doctrine, a system which was designated WISDOM, and those who were devoted to itsDiscipleship2, 90:shall I have again. When the instructions on the designated themes are completed, I will write anDiscipleship2, 481:(along with other members of his Ashram) in some designated piece of work and of service, becauseDiscipleship2, 482:his great usefulness. This enthusiasm can wreck designated projects, shorten the life of theDiscipleship2, 597:for the new world religion. R.S.U. has also been designated for this work of preparation and - inDiscipleship2, 657:necessarily exoterically) from his chosen and designated task and from all past achievements andDiscipleship2, 668:rating, are upon the line of this contact or designated service. By the training given, theseExternalisation, 511:momentum and will before long enter upon their designated task. The Masonic Movement when it can beExternalisation, 570:also by those disciples who will be chosen and designated to implement Their efforts and so willFire, XVI:"The Secret Doctrine" by H. P. Blavatsky is designated by the initials S. D. The page referencesFire, 643:with that important group of devas who are designated in some works as the "devas of the shadows."Fire, 1150:that certain forces are kept in abeyance until a designated group work has been accomplished.Healing, 9:and that it has its roots in what is largely designated "cosmic evil." This is a perfectlyMeditation, 311:preparatory and advanced, in the different designated centers under one of the four branches of thePsychology1, 150:expression of the activity of that Being Who is designated in our hierarchical archives as the "OnePsychology1, 223:would eventually discover for [223] himself the designated events; but it would take much time andPsychology2, 263:second category of human beings, who, are here designated as personalities, is also becomingRays, 26:- and of a fourth application which is best designated by the words "the response of the integrated
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