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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESIGNED

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Astrology, 227:shall fall so that in the next sign certain designed results will occur. The following Virgo lifeAstrology, 561:This Treatise, like The Secret Doctrine, is designed to instigate research and the power to delveAutobiography, 27:was called in those days "a governess cart," designed, I presume, specially for small children. OnAutobiography, 282:ashram, or group. Because the Arcane School is designed solely to train people to be conscious,Education, 119:it is a state of mind more than a peculiarly designed body. In time, however, any developed stateExternalisation, 142:your information, is a potent solar instrument designed to bring about changes and neededFire, 26:million hearkened to the call and took the forms designed. The rebellious ones laughed withinHealing, 325:there is a minus functioning? Will a meditation designed to integrate the personality automaticallyHealing, 472:imposed will of the soul which has completed a designed cycle of experience and is using normalIntellect, 135:some serious, persistent, intellectual training (designed to create mental alertness andMagic, 406:recognized as part of the hierarchical program, designed to produce a certain situation, to bringMagic, 425:nor the organizing of any activity designed to lure these disciples, who have chosen thus to workMeditation, 156:you have some of the lesser foundation outlines designed for working on the lower mind. These formsReappearance, 147:times until he has achieved the desired and the designed perfection and can manifest on earth as aTelepathy, 87:with the deliberate creation of thought-forms designed to produce specific effects, and with theirTelepathy, 129:brought to Himself the substance needed for His designed expression. That started the chain of
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