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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESIRABLE

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Astrology, 16:the planetary influences where it is deemed desirable to control the personality reactions. ThisAstrology, 122:stage where another and major change is deemed desirable and this is the result of the many lesserAstrology, 155:produces an inflow of force which would not be desirable, except after due preparation andAstrology, 222:plane (the world of material values) is not desirable. Therefore, the influence of the third ray isAstrology, 234:do as they will and as seems to them right and desirable. This is of itself of a basic usefulnessAstrology, 235:men of the world, the search for a balanced and desirable point of view will come to an end. Out ofAstrology, 235:they will tip the scales in the desired and desirable direction. Of this there is no question ofAstrology, 236:of the solution and the appearance of desirable attitudes and conditions wherein sex can find rightAstrology, 237:of all law-breakers) is being regarded as desirable and taught in our schools, so it is beginningAstrology, 362:struggles sees the issues clearly and achieves a desirable point of equilibrium through the wiseAstrology, 372:this for the greater good of the whole. For this desirable attitude there is worldwide preparationAstrology, 372:nature. This must produce undesirable as well as desirable results on account of man's presentAstrology, 392:the will of God or the Plan is seen as the only desirable objective but as yet the man has notBethlehem, 97:from much that has hitherto been deemed desirable, is going on in the world, and none of us canBethlehem, 121:illness has its uses and may be a profoundly desirable blessing. Poverty and financial stringencyBethlehem, 207:on to the lower and to that which was humanly desirable but divinely rejected. Evil thereforeDestiny, 15:activities or enterprises where that is deemed desirable in the interests of the whole and if whatDestiny, 30:gripped by the idea that life holds for them no desirable future, all that they have learnt toDestiny, 30:chaos. They must materialize those new and desirable conditions which will conform to theDestiny, 35:and rightly directed towards constructive and desirable ends. In the realm of this conflict, theDestiny, 94:for some reason, is regarded as holier and more desirable in its expression than the head. All thisDestiny, 119:plane, the etheric or energy levels. Of this desirable consummation, the Philosopher's Stone is theDiscipleship1, 11:and remain untouched by the revelation of the desirable or the undesirable qualities. If you areDiscipleship1, 118:much to do. Is their effect upon you of the most desirable kind? Your interrelation with those whoDiscipleship1, 143:for you, close contact with others is not desirable - not only from the standpoint of your healthDiscipleship1, 184:is it not? A more positive contact would be desirable. I do not here refer to a personality contactDiscipleship1, 185:potent usefulness. As an exercise to foster this desirable process of effective radiation, I wouldDiscipleship1, 192:elimination of non-essential activity is for you desirable at this time; it will bring about anDiscipleship1, 209:the first to admit that both these qualities are desirable. [210] PERSONAL MEDITATION Relax andDiscipleship1, 230:your aura (your personality emanation) is most desirable for it is through the right use of theDiscipleship1, 230:next ten months, the following procedure will be desirable. See to it that by the time the sunDiscipleship1, 261:your astral body. This [261] stimulation is not desirable and must be avoided by you at all costs.Discipleship1, 344:for disciples in training, fanaticism is not desirable. In this brief analysis of the ray forcesDiscipleship1, 430:in which I seek to work? Would this effect be desirable, and do I desire it? Is this review aDiscipleship1, 430:this quality of discipleship? Do I feel it a desirable thing to try out now? Can I be indifferentDiscipleship1, 444:those results of observation which may not be desirable? Can I observe myself mentally, unbiased byDiscipleship1, 444:observation a fair trial? Do I feel it now to be desirable? Why? What basis can I find in myDiscipleship1, 589:to you - I will take whatever action may seem desirable. You can reply to those questions either byDiscipleship1, 648:health for another eighteen months, is most desirable; the tension, incident upon your innerDiscipleship1, 668:come those moments when powerful action seems desirable or violent protest or words are deemedDiscipleship1, 748:are, therefore, negative. This is frequently desirable where accepted disciples are concerned whoseDiscipleship2, 370:I have personally no time to do, even if it were desirable, but it will be obvious that what I haveDiscipleship2, 380:that might be regarded as good and useful, as desirable and joyful. This revolt has colored theDiscipleship2, 390:and this is usually on the side of the least desirable, the more material and the easiest. There isDiscipleship2, 448:then your work will move ahead towards a most desirable fruition. Like all creative workers, myDiscipleship2, 459:about those conditions which will produce this desirable expanded consciousness. But they oftDiscipleship2, 473:now doing; feel free to change where you deem it desirable and seek constantly and daily a closerDiscipleship2, 479:not attract them to you - a thing which is never desirable. Then say with all the outpouring loveDiscipleship2, 481:lacks some needed characteristic, or some desirable quality, either in his emotional nature or inDiscipleship2, 555:intensify the inner silence within which it is desirable that you should live. Think humbly, speakDiscipleship2, 635:in and out of his study, whenever he deems it desirable. This arrangement requires the advancingDiscipleship2, 739:and has a definite physical effect which is not desirable. I foresaw this risk, and it was for thatDiscipleship2, 758:you a year ago, this theme of liberation, of a desirable divine loneliness, and of a search for aEducation, 8:to discriminate the right from the wrong, the desirable from the undesirable, and the essentialEducation, 73:- an individual (which seems at all times so desirable and necessary) - and in which the entireEducation, 80:must strengthen those aspects which are good and desirable; we must develop the new attitudes andEducation, 104:of a whole is rapidly developing and all this is desirable and right and contained within theEducation, 109:of the individual to the whole, and the new and desirable trends in education. I would ask you toEducation, 113:ideas. The ability to sense the unknown, the desirable and the desired. The consequentEducation, 118:to their inclination, type and ray - to be desirable. These individuals in the fields ofEducation, 120:and a feeble hope that some reward (in a desirable and usually material form, such as the heaven ofEducation, 131:immediate and individual disasters, has been a desirable thing and has prepared the way for theEducation, 133:before the race are not the highest or the most desirable. The necessity of the times willExternalisation, 28:it to the process of mentation, made it desirable, and then have seen it come into being throughExternalisation, 28:desire of the masses for that which is deemed desirable and their mass reorientation towards aExternalisation, 84:understanding and of the intangible and more desirable standards of living. Pouring through theExternalisation, 121:a sensed unattainable and for that which was desirable. This was fostered in the people by theExternalisation, 129:boundaries, to impose some culture deemed desirable, to prevent economic destruction, to conserveExternalisation, 138:for a prolonged war may cause a change in this desirable attitude, and much drastic experience mayExternalisation, 151:told you) via the Hierarchy. Today, it is deemed desirable that it should be ascertained whetherExternalisation, 155:of terrorism, the quicker the end which is desirable and right; they hold often that the more direExternalisation, 174:the Prince of Peace will be potent in evoking a desirable reaction, and will serve also to blendExternalisation, 209:restoration of the ancient landmarks which is desirable, but the restoration of national and racialExternalisation, 210:first interlude that we are now concerned. It is desirable to get into immediate touch with thoseExternalisation, 240:intervention is possible, but it is not deemed desirable by the Forces of spiritual knowledge. TheyExternalisation, 280:of the dominance of matter for all time. Such a desirable [281] condition may come very slowly,Externalisation, 331:the future world order. Concentration on this is desirable. Continue with the work of finding andExternalisation, 356:ideas in terms of the whole, in terms of a desirable world order or federation, [357] and theirExternalisation, 385:Later, these lists can be amalgamated, if deemed desirable, and form a vast mailing list of peopleExternalisation, 454:facing the Hierarchy is how to further these desirable ends without infringing on human freedom ofExternalisation, 457:and of future possibilities than may seem desirable to the impatient. These new and livingExternalisation, 498:material destruction; this was inevitable and desirable; old forms (obstructing the good) have hadExternalisation, 498:must ever precede the building of the good and desirable and the longed-for emergence of that whichExternalisation, 618:they must accept. I say not that these desirable objectives must be accomplished facts on earthExternalisation, 620:that what he contributes of help to these desirable objectives is little indeed. He knows that hisExternalisation, 643:of the Christ to force men to take some desirable action. Man's free will must be preserved. In anExternalisation, 653:disciples into Their Ashrams, and as fast as is desirable and permissible (for the Hierarchy worksExternalisation, 680:and the Christ, for that is not needed or desirable. The unity of aim, the desire to serve, theFire, 269:of the coming of the Lords of Flame. It is desirable now to make certain facts clear which mustFire, 516:easy to make this distinction clear, nor is it desirable at this time; the true facts of the caseFire, 518:Fire b. The Planes and Fiery Energy It seems desirable [519] that we should here discuss theFire, 537:Force We shall again reach the clarity of vision desirable if we study the subject of monadicFire, 545:of unfoldment. It is neither possible nor desirable to follow each line of this threefold evolutionFire, 654:aspect. We have recapitulated thus, as it is desirable to have the thought clearly defined. We haveFire, 756:and its true significance in the occident is desirable, and opportunity will be offered to all whoFire, 891:man in any way to contact them, nor would it be desirable. When they have pursued theirGlamour, 85:some), producing reactions and effects that are desirable or disastrous. It is naturally necessaryGlamour, 163:ideas in terms of the whole, in terms of a desirable world order or federation, and their capacityGlamour, 217:personality, for a negative attitude is not desirable. The retained light and power, combined withGlamour, 226:nature upon the Path of Return to God. It is desirable and aids an easier and more concentrated
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