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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESIRE

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Discipleship2, 380:happiness and a joyful process of making desire "holy" is absent: theologians refuse to recognizeDiscipleship2, 426:the Scriptures that at the end of the age "the Desire of all Nations" will come forth. The movementDiscipleship2, 426:is therefore a joint movement, qualified by the desire and the motivation of the united HierarchyDiscipleship2, 443:ever faintly glimmered you. The arousing of the desire to serve and the kindling of the flame ofDiscipleship2, 448:whole. Is your creative work the result of a desire to create, or is it impelled by love ofDiscipleship2, 464:complete freedom and liberation which you deeply desire. Only those who have achieved freedom canDiscipleship2, 486:will enable them to impress others with the desire to discover truth and to persevere until theDiscipleship2, 494:ray astral body (which is in fact transmuted desire) and its intelligent expression, and throughDiscipleship2, 512:the significance of my remarks. Your intense desire to serve us and your deep love for humanityDiscipleship2, 528:of energy for yourself - free from emotion, desire for recognition, and in response to human need.Discipleship2, 540:fulfilment and the meeting of deep seated desire. Therefore, search your motives and the nature ofDiscipleship2, 545:body - a thing which you are the last to desire but which is due to the dominance of the first rayDiscipleship2, 545:release from conflict through the control of desire, or through evasion or through inhibition. TheyDiscipleship2, 545:with your problem, my brother, for your sincere desire is to follow the path of spiritualDiscipleship2, 559:planes of such a meditation process, if you so desire. Will you join with me, my brother, in thisDiscipleship2, 560:you six statements which can form, if you so desire, six seed thoughts upon this particular themeDiscipleship2, 579:carried forward. One of the things which I desire to see in all the members of this group in myDiscipleship2, 589:note of love and understanding must express the desire and sensitive subjective aspects of theDiscipleship2, 602:brother, as you can shift the emphasis if you so desire and become entirely unconscious of racialDiscipleship2, 618:she has learnt, a form of false humility and a desire to have people realize that you are not proudDiscipleship2, 619:are the hope of the world at this time. Of your desire to serve, of your inherent determination toDiscipleship2, 624:so often in the theosophical books, kama-manas - desire-mind - for all feeling-emotion inevitablyDiscipleship2, 624:- for all feeling-emotion inevitably evokes desire. If the emotion evoked by the mind's recognitionDiscipleship2, 624:in the astral body) is pleasurable, then desire is evoked for the continuance or the repetition ofDiscipleship2, 624:pleasurable, but painful, then the reaction is desire for the cessation of the experience andDiscipleship2, 624:liberation from it. This is the basic human desire, leading to desire for liberation (in the firstDiscipleship2, 624:it. This is the basic human desire, leading to desire for liberation (in the first and earliestDiscipleship2, 624:plane, on and up to that great and final desire which is for liberation into life itself. ThisDiscipleship2, 635:when he has arrived at this point, that all desire to contact the Master for his own satisfactionDiscipleship2, 662:full of information, indicative of your soul's desire or plan for you, and full also of esotericDiscipleship2, 671:expression, and that I know is what you yourself desire. Relation to the inner Ashram. TheDiscipleship2, 682:to the group; she also sensed your sincere desire. I wonder, my brother, if you realize that theDiscipleship2, 692:days for the remainder of your life. To this desire of your soul you must happily reconcileDiscipleship2, 695:for you. Your help is needed. You can, if you so desire, move forward into a clearer and closerDiscipleship2, 700:existence with a different and more adequate desire nature - a desire nature which has everDiscipleship2, 700:a different and more adequate desire nature - a desire nature which has ever conditioned yourDiscipleship2, 700:body and militated against higher conditionings? Desire has ever driven you; at the same time, highDiscipleship2, 701:first ray personality is strongly linked to the desire nature. All this you know, for there isDiscipleship2, 702:your aspiration and negate and render futile all desire. I look to see you strengthen the tieDiscipleship2, 709:only to me, your Master (for that you yourself desire), but a greatly increased sensitivity to yourDiscipleship2, 709:than heretofore. This I know would be your own desire; I have here given you the clue to itsDiscipleship2, 712:lift [712] burdens off her shoulders, if you so desire. She never troubles about the inevitable andDiscipleship2, 714:This, brother of mine, is not your intent or desire. What then is wrong? Let me tell you simplyDiscipleship2, 715:talked over with A.A.B., but only if you so desire. If you will follow out these instructions, youDiscipleship2, 716:that I know, my brother, is what you yourself desire. I am only attempting to help you to measureDiscipleship2, 732:time for any reaction to glamor; your mind and desire [733] (your kama-manasic nature) will be -Discipleship2, 733:I have given you all these years. I earnestly desire to see you achieve success; I have been sorryDiscipleship2, 734:disturbing element to you. You neither like nor desire this psychic sensitivity or the knowledgeDiscipleship2, 734:psychically controlled by the glamor of selfish desire and material aims will have made a real stepDiscipleship2, 751:that rebellion may be based on purely selfish desire for a way of life which your personality mayDiscipleship2, 753:strengthening the will-to-do, directing the desire nature [754] in the right direction andEducation, 8:emotional reactions set in motion by the feeling-desire nature; to the thought world, in which theEducation, 8:child is taught to rationalize his emotional and desire impulses, and to discriminate the rightEducation, 11:in the outer world of phenomena, Brain and desire impulses, plus emotional reactions, Brain andEducation, 12:to the instinct governing the animal and desire nature, and to human tendencies. Response to theEducation, 16:and to produce that which will meet man's lower desire - but we shall not have a humanity which canEducation, 16:truly think. As yet, the mind reflects the lower desire nature and does not attempt to cognize theEducation, 18:for His use and for the meeting of His desire, a certain measure of the substance of space andEducation, 20:result of this creative activity of the soul's desire nature, limited by form. Ponder on this. TheEducation, 22:each time demonstrating his devotion to a desire, to a personality, to an ideal, and to a vision,Education, 30:plane. Their reactions are largely based on desire, and are emotional. Intellectual men utilize theEducation, 30:activities are energized by mind and not by desire, as in the earlier cases. Aspirants on theEducation, 41:ideas based on material perception, material desire and material purposes - is receiving theEducation, 41:to mental attitudes towards life, with the desire to make the material life of the citizen of everyEducation, 77:prompted by a thwarted inquiring spirit, by the desire to retaliate for some injustice (based onEducation, 78:of others, the encroachments of individual desire upon group requirements and conditions, and theEducation, 89:It can be started very simply if the parents so desire; it can be carried forward progressively ifEducation, 90:far ahead but the fact that we can speak of it, desire it and plan for it is surely the guaranteeEducation, 112:act blindly and ignorantly, prompted by selfish desire, by love of power or by hatred; there isEducation, 116:animated by love of humanity and by a desire to help the race. Such a man is a spiritual man." AEducation, 119:of humanity is the transmutation of selfish desire into group love. This can be seen working outEducation, 120:quality of detachment, in order that its desire and plans shall no longer be oriented to formEducation, 121:a stronger will. The idea of the satisfaction of desire. Above everything else, the Piscean Age hasEducation, 123:grasp of beauty to the satisfaction of selfish desire, should not prevent the realization that theEducation, 128:life of [128] man. This consists mainly of desire, aspiration, ambition and mental activity, andEducation, 136:being based upon fear, expediency and the desire for improved racial attributes and physicalEducation, 138:an uncontrolled response to the sex urge and desire, and the unthinking procreation of children.Education, 147:the standpoint of intelligent awareness and the desire fully to express himself, the process isExternalisation, 11:as mediums to satisfy the love of sensation or desire for comfort of their almost equallyExternalisation, 12:which foster love of power, and those germs of desire and personal longing (which divide groups)Externalisation, 16:realize that it is fear of other leaders and the desire that their group should be numerically theExternalisation, 22:if it reaches the world of emotion and of strong desire - the sacrifice required to bring the hopeExternalisation, 23:and sincerity. Do I really and in truth desire the establishment of this closer interplay betweenExternalisation, 23:understanding brings that Plan into the world of desire, and that love releases the form which willExternalisation, 23:can serve in these three ways, if you so desire. The objective of all the work to be done at thisExternalisation, 25:each night and morning, with all your heart's desire [26] and with the attention of your mind asExternalisation, 26:and control, and originating as the result of desire. [27] Their focus has been outstandinglyExternalisation, 27:in the new age. They are not the result of desire, as the term is usually understood, for they areExternalisation, 28:foster its growth; the many would eventually desire it and it then could manifest experimentallyExternalisation, 28:Another method was the evocation of the desire of the masses for that which is deemed desirable andExternalisation, 32:decades. The masses are negative to the plane of desire and of feeling, and the civilization of anyExternalisation, 32:human family: Masses - Negative - responsive to desire - Civilization Intellectuals - Positive -Externalisation, 32:itself through or calls forth the higher type of desire which we call aspiration. This producesExternalisation, 41:of the planetary Hierarchy - the next great desire of its Members. Externalisation, 42:which are of such a nature that the inner astral desire (and [43] therefore the lower desire) hasExternalisation, 43:astral desire (and [43] therefore the lower desire) has eventuated in physical disease, experiencedExternalisation, 43:They may intensify the effect of the illusion of desire in the physical brain consciousness andExternalisation, 43:They have much mental theory and astral methods. Desire is the motivating power and not mentalExternalisation, 77:understanding of the Jew, his separateness, his desire for racial purity and his interest in thatExternalisation, 80:and among widely differing peoples, the same desire exists for understanding, for the establishing
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