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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESIRE

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Fire, 557:will be less and will become transmuted into desire for creation on mental levels only. This isFire, 558:becomes more mental, and as His cosmic desire nature becomes transmuted, the force that playsFire, 558:seen in the Moon in a most interesting way. The desire of its Occupant was no longer for physicalFire, 559:be the result of thought impulses and not desire impulses; the process will be then (once theFire, 569:plane. It aims at the transmutation of the desire nature, and links it up with the greaterFire, 572:Round, which is the fourth, is the one in which desire, or response to contact and sensation isFire, 574:on the physical plane, and inspired by astral desire, the reflection of the buddhic. 4th Root-RaceFire, 594:perfected manifestation. In System I, Activity, Desire for Expression, and the Impulse to Move wasFire, 595:present time, the most important for us, for in desire - not corrected or transmuted - lies theFire, 608:of electricity, radiance and motion, of will, desire and action. Only thus will the true nature ofFire, 608:Thought. Love. Astral body. Solar fire. Kama. Desire. Activity. Physical body. Fire by Friction.Fire, 620:the Son. Materialization proceeds through desire, and the form grows and evolves, becoming moreFire, 623:the astral plane, viewing it as the sumtotal of desire, of feeling and of sensation. They are,Fire, 629:the aggregate of the expression of His desire, or love nature. The seven Spirits are the sumtotalFire, 632:he builds of mental matter and vitalizes by desire, and which he holds within his aura, thusFire, 644:from the lower, or originating in the active desire of the lower to embrace or contact the higher.Fire, 651:fresh air, and sunlight, and the greater desire for vegetable, and nut foods, will resultFire, 658:essence, and as the vitality energizing the desire elementals of all that is sentient. Viewed inFire, 658:plane to the "devas of the shadows," for the desire bodies of all human beings are composed ofFire, 659:the solar system is a "Son of Necessity," or of desire, so the physical bodies of all that existFire, 659:bodies of all that exist are the product of the desire of some greater or lesser entity within theFire, 661:to his astral polarization, and to the place desire and feeling play in his development.Fire, 661:reciprocal vibration, and the place therefore of desire (which is the going out after sensation)Fire, 661:and of feeling (which is the reflex of that desire) is of real importance; they put man constantlyFire, 670:plane. This will involve the transmutation of desire into aspiration, and will produce eventuallyFire, 670:to a close. Withdrawal of the force of desire results likewise in the cessation of man's physicalFire, 674:particular planetary Logos, and His emotional or desire nature can thereby be somewhat studied byFire, 675:astral plane, thus getting in touch with the desire nature of the God. This method naturallyFire, 675:and which reveals - when triply blended - the desire nature of our Heavenly Man, and of anyFire, 677:physical matter. A group of devas, who form the desire body of that great entity who ensouls theFire, 677:(divorced from mentality) of animal desire in its incentive impulsive aspect. Certain devas who -Fire, 677:the impulse, or instinct, back of physical sex desire. They were peculiarly dominant in the fourthFire, 679:vibratory capacity who make up the bulk of the desire forms of every kind. The devas ofFire, 679:of these deva lives, and the "transmutation of desire" into aspiration, and by the purificatoryFire, 685:and the "Son of God," the expression of the desire and love of the Logos, is born. 24, 25 TheFire, 687:eventualities become possible. The "Sons of desire," logoic or human, can learn certain lessons,Fire, 691:As the logoic will is gradually transmuted into desire and thus the physical incarnation isFire, 692:emanating from the mental plane; then desire, emanating from the astral plane, producingFire, 701:When the WORD sounded forth which produced desire in the Triad for self-expression, and when theFire, 709:of high aspiration (which is simply transmuted desire affecting mental matter) turn it into theFire, 721:concerns the latent "consciousness of desire," and works under the Law of Attraction; it is the lawFire, 754:action, peace on earth. The transmutation of desire into aspiration, and the transformation of lowFire, 754:into aspiration, and the transformation of low desire into high desire, will be some of theFire, 754:and the transformation of low desire into high desire, will be some of the effects, while theFire, 758:great sacrifice, and taken a Russian body in the desire to act as a peace center in that distractedFire, 760:the solar Logos Himself. In the first two cases, desire for sentient existence, or desire forFire, 760:two cases, desire for sentient existence, or desire for service to humanity, are the factors whichFire, 760:the other through a conscious act of the will). Desire for sentient existence is but the latentFire, 766:metaphysicians as to which demonstrated first, desire or will, and as to the distinction betweenFire, 766:of sensation and its reflex in consciousness, desire, which produces rebirth. Sensation, being aFire, 767:into incarnation through egoic impulse, based on desire and on the relation of the second aspect toFire, 770:Second, on impulse based on the will, tinged by desire, of the Life animating a man's egoic group.Fire, 770:egoic group. Third, on impulse, based on the desire of the Ego for physical plane manifestation. AsFire, 770:of a man with his group becomes matured the desire impulse becomes modified until it is eventuallyFire, 772:no more a downward pull for the jiva concerned. Desire for lower manifestation and experience hasFire, 773:subject of consideration. The Ego, driven by desire for physical experience, has made the initialFire, 799:yet a darkness which is potent with energy. Will-desire is the cause of incarnation; the will-to-beFire, 799:reacting on substance (whose main quality is desire or responsiveness to sensation) produces theFire, 799:which it embodies. The life influence of the desire or astral body, the strongest karmic agencyFire, 805:turns its attention to the working out of desire, and its transmutation into the higher aspiration.Fire, 805:body that the two form one united expression of desire. The mental body [806] remains comparativelyFire, 806:system; in the second stage he is the victim of desire, or of his own love nature. In the thirdFire, 842:back for another cycle. Lotuses of passion or desire. They are so called because their fundamentalFire, 849:rules. The man, weighed down by much misplaced desire, seeks for the object of his heart'sFire, 850:of Learning intellect rules and seeks to guide. Desire of a higher kind, the fruit of manas and itsFire, 859:[859] His ability to employ it or not as he may desire. It is under his control. The centers withFire, 859:of the generative organs into the center of desire, the solar plexus, with the aim in view ofFire, 866:of that which all men seek in order to gratify desire. Only he who desires naught for himself canFire, 889:maleficent creation according to the underlying desire, motive, or purpose. It is essential that weFire, 889:not impelled to the creative act through selfish desire, or uncontrolled activity. Fire, 895:of life. First. Certain groups of devas who desire to pass into the human kingdom, having developedFire, 900:microcosmically interpreted. The cessation of desire. The direction of fire to the throat centerFire, 900:her work of body-building under the impulse of desire. The true relation between the astral planeFire, 900:the deva essence takes due place; the factor of desire, or of astral motion, and its reflex actionFire, 900:be seen actively engaged, under the influence of desire, in the work of building, nourishing, andFire, 901:expression through the force of water, or desire. All this is revealed to esotericists in theFire, 903:and occultly constitutes the transmutation of desire into thought. The gaseous devas becomeFire, 904:plane and the constellation whence emotional and desire energy originates. The cosmic mental plane,Fire, 908:reaction against physical marriage, and for the desire evinced by highly evolved men everywhere toFire, 924:as in all manifestation, is the result of desire, acting upon the creative faculties and producingFire, 926:Divine thought - The cosmic mental plane. Divine desire - The cosmic astral plane. Divine activityFire, 928:directed downwards. The logoic Song of Love or Desire - The Sixth plane - A poem in forty-twoFire, 951:from lower levels, and is the result of powerful desire based on physical attraction. The desireFire, 951:desire based on physical attraction. The desire bodies, and not the mental bodies of the majorityFire, 952:family are directed from egoic levels only, when desire is transmuted, and the fifth principleFire, 953:energy exerted by men is mostly kama-manasic or desire coupled with lower mind, with aFire, 953:with a preponderance, as might be expected, of desire force. This is to be inferred from the secondFire, 957:The one who - in time and space - through desire and love, directs that thought form, vitalizes itFire, 958:a certain measure of thought control, and who desire to understand the process of creation withFire, 959:plane. Their reactions are largely based on desire, and are emotional. Intellectual men utilize theFire, 959:activities are energized by mind and not by desire, as in the earlier cases. Aspirants on theFire, 962:is, therefore, the energy of will, plus that of desire, fed by the energy of the physical brain.Fire, 966:of the pituitary body, the second element of desire or of the form-building energy, becomesFire, 968:and based largely on the accomplishment of desire, all is carried on with great rapidity, and leadsFire, 969:impulse takes to itself its primary form. On the desire or astral plane, the process ofFire, 969:system) is dependent upon the persistence of desire, and the strength of the desire. On the ethericFire, 969:persistence of desire, and the strength of the desire. On the etheric levels of the physical planeFire, 970:not through any mental apprehension or "vital desire," but because it is the thing to do. In thisFire, 971:is kama-manasic in origin, being neither pure desire nor pure mind, and is a purely human product,Fire, 971:period is entered upon, and the vitalization by desire is begun. The interplay of mental impulse
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