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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESIRE

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Intellect, 67:the main characteristics of [67] prayer, with desire dominant, and the heart involved. It is theIntellect, 67:types of prayer that all have their roots in the desire nature, and that the fourth brings theIntellect, 67:carries the work forward into the mental realm; desire gives place to the practical work ofIntellect, 67:started his long career and life experience with desire as the basic quality and who reached theIntellect, 76:pleasure, forms of those [76]we love, forms of desire, forms of knowledge - the list is endless!Intellect, 92:in place of emotional application and feverish desire. The heart activity has its place, however,Intellect, 93:involves the idea of fire. It denotes a burning desire, and a fiery determination which eventuallyIntellect, 94:of the emotional body, and the turning of the desire towards the Way: Abednego means "a servant ofIntellect, 99:present to some degree or there would be no desire to meditate. It should be pointed out, however,Intellect, 100:eliminate, no matter how strong may be his desire to do so. The same ideas that Meister EckhartIntellect, 109:is always associated with and affected by desire of some sort. In this state of consciousnessIntellect, 109:of some sort. In this state of consciousness desire is transcended, just as later in the stage ofIntellect, 111:what the ear hears, they offer forthwith to desire. This offers it again, in the ordinary course,Intellect, 133:lasts but a fleeting moment, or the agony of desire for the continuation of the experience. ThereIntellect, 139:It is there that we must seek Him if we desire to find Him and by the shortest way. Then the spiritIntellect, 160:or, in the language of the esotericist, in the desire or feeling body, we have the registering ofIntellect, 168:absorption of the self in the one idea, the one desire, is so profound - and in the case of theIntellect, 168:page 434. It will be noted how the idea of desire, of feeling and of duality characterizes theIntellect, 179:experience and through the process of sensory desire and subsequent awareness, the man exhaustsIntellect, 199:attention. First: Can anyone, who has the desire, profit by and master the technique of Meditation?Intellect, 202:has steadily grown. Through the use of desire, feeling and the reactions of the emotional nature,Intellect, 202:point where they have been driven to transmute desire into aspiration, feeling into sensitivity toIntellect, 203:to that which occurs in the realm of the desire nature, must inevitably take place, and hasIntellect, 204:learnt to coordinate the emotional-feeling-desire nature and the physical body, so much so that theIntellect, 204:body is now simply an automaton, the creature of desire - high or low - good or bad - as the caseIntellect, 207:we prove our mettle and the strength of our desire. It will be seen, therefore, that no neglect ofIntellect, 225:use of the imagination and visualization, the desire body, the emotional nature, is brought intoIntellect, 225:our meditation work. The physical body and the desire nature, in their turn, sink below the levelIntellect, 234:achieved, there must be a genuine and persistent desire, a clear picture of the value of theIntellect, 241:through" goes forward. Then the quality of desire begins to enter in, and there is an emotionalIntellect, 241:energy of the soul and of the mind and of the desire nature correlate with the energy of matter,Intellect, 244:and it is quite possible to see just what we desire to see, even if it is not there at all. TheIntellect, 244:to see, even if it is not there at all. The desire of the aspirant to make progress, and hisIntellect, 244:psychic plane, the plane of vain imaginings, of desire and its illusory fulfilments. In that realm,Intellect, 246:which they know but cannot break; there is the desire for fame and power; there is ambition. TheyIntellect, 259:prostitution of the physical nature to animal desire, is evil and wrong. If the goal of our effortMagic, 13:of the powers of the animal soul. All I desire to do here is to show the two senses in which theMagic, 25:body through a study and right use of the desire nature. It is a form of pride, and a refusal toMagic, 68:nor logical, discerning reason seem to help. The desire is only to do the right thing; the intentMagic, 69:the interest of others, untrammeled by selfish desire, then [70] your just obligation will be met,Magic, 70:way ambition can be fed, nor the manner in which desire for selfish advancement can be gratified.Magic, 75:one. "The heart no longer beats in tune with low desire, nor wastes its love upon the things thatMagic, 75:away. Kama and heart are close allied; love and desire form one whole - one seen at night, theMagic, 83:but where may He be found? The masses say, We desire not a God constructed by the brains ofMagic, 84:materialism, of concentration upon form, and a desire for the things of the present moment, littleMagic, 86:physical. The physical body, the instrument of desire, is swayed and controlled by desire, - desireMagic, 86:of desire, is swayed and controlled by desire, - desire for physical life, and desire for theMagic, 86:of desire, is swayed and controlled by desire, - desire for physical life, and desire for theMagic, 86:by desire, - desire for physical life, and desire for the acquisition of the tangible. The relationMagic, 121:minds; when intelligence will be stronger than desire, and when thought powers will be used forMagic, 136:begging all of you who earnestly desire to hear these words to study the Introduction to the book,Magic, 147:eye upon the familiar phenomenal world of desire. He becomes insensitive to its vibratory impactMagic, 147:world of the Self assumes paramount place in the desire nature. Little by little, using theMagic, 147:the outer worlds of form, and an atrophying of desire in that direction. All seems arid andMagic, 160:mind, for it will lack that motivating power of desire which is necessary to carry it forward toMagic, 160:emotional world to gather to itself a body of desire (the impelling force which produces allMagic, 160:thought-form passes downward on to the plane of desire and emotion, it contacts only the seethingMagic, 160:of hatred, of vicious or purely physical desire. These being more potent than the little form,Magic, 161:They are not the victims of personality desire and aims, and are comparatively free from theMagic, 161:form - fear, expectancy and a climaxing desire (in the human family) for material possession. NoteMagic, 161:the word "climaxing". The summation of human desire for material happiness has been reached, andMagic, 161:happiness has been reached, and the peak of that desire has been passed; thus mankind has achievedMagic, 162:with other disciples and later with the Master. Desire for material possession must be supersededMagic, 162:There are forms of thought, unencumbered by much desire matter, which, failing to pass downward,Magic, 163:disease. Pure thought, right motive and loving desire are the true correctives of disease, andMagic, 163:the true correctives of disease, and where the desire for these (which does animate many) is raisedMagic, 163:elimination of disease. As yet, though many desire, few think. Let it never be forgotten that theMagic, 163:the Great Ones do not look for those who only desire and aspire. They look for those who blend withMagic, 163:aspire. They look for those who blend with their desire the determination to learn to use theirMagic, 163:the emphasis is laid on right thinking, loving desire, and pure, clean living. Only thus can theMagic, 188:probably misinterpret. Spiritual ambition, the desire to function as the center of a group, theMagic, 192:plexus - expressions hitherto of the potent desire nature, feeding the emotional life of theMagic, 193:directly out of the realm of feeling and of desire into that of the intuition, but leaving theMagic, 194:the knowledge that he has centers, and with a desire for purity of character. He is assured byMagic, 195:life of the man, and the force through which his desire nature expresses itself, until such time asMagic, 196:transmutation and reorientation of his emotional desire nature. Then the heart awakens intoMagic, 205:dangerous where there is wrong motive, such as desire for personal growth and for spiritual powers,Magic, 205:of pride, lurking in the valley of selfish desire. Meditation is dangerous when the desire to serveMagic, 205:selfish desire. Meditation is dangerous when the desire to serve is lacking. Service is anotherMagic, 219:emanating from the plane of the emotions and of desire. More and more however are awakening, andMagic, 220:Six rules on the mental plane. Five rules on the desire or astral plane. Four rules on the physicalMagic, 221:however, the word became identified with Kama or desire, and so was used for the plane of emotionalMagic, 222:in astral matter, and the potency of human desire and of world desire produces that constantMagic, 222:and the potency of human desire and of world desire produces that constant "outpicturing" and formMagic, 222:concrete effects of astral matter. Individual desire, national desire, racial desire, the desire ofMagic, 222:of astral matter. Individual desire, national desire, racial desire, the desire of humanity as aMagic, 222:Individual desire, national desire, racial desire, the desire of humanity as a whole, plus theMagic, 222:desire, national desire, racial desire, the desire of humanity as a whole, plus the instinctualMagic, 222:of humanity as a whole, plus the instinctual desire of all subhuman lives causes a constantMagic, 222:out of or towards incarnation, add the potent desire, purified and intelligent, of all superhumanMagic, 225:is of an astral nature; it is the outcome of desire and the result of a certain selfish use of theMagic, 225:make our climate in one significant sense. When desire has burnt itself out, planetary life comesMagic, 230:of the warrior upon the battlefield of the desire plane. It should here be noted that in theMagic, 231:earth-weary aspirant who has to struggle with desire, with glamor, with ambition and with hisMagic, 232:with dispassion and are prompted by love and the desire to serve. [235] Magic, 235:is wrought. The intelligent and constructive desire of the white magician, acting under theMagic, 237:the soul will use the astral body, and mould desire into line with divine purpose. It is of valueMagic, 238:a reflector of that light and by the quelling of desire, through the subjugation of theMagic, 238:Illusion. These are: First, the force of selfish desire. This involutionary energy plays a big partMagic, 239:as ambition and love of power, backed by frantic desire and unscrupulousness form the "Dweller" for
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