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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESIRE

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Magic, 514:plane occurrences and the restlessness of the desire nature. 2. The ebb and flow of daily lifeMagic, 514:and the use of time for the satisfaction of desire. This never lets up [515] and therefore there isMagic, 515:physical and are so aware of the nature of desire that they have learnt to preserve a continuousMagic, 516:contemplation. The emotional nature is swept by desire to make objective the plans with which theMagic, 519:Thus they have wrought much harm. They have no desire to participate in the higher interludeMagic, 530:with that of will and its lower reflection, desire. Will is desire, formulated so clearly andMagic, 530:will and its lower reflection, desire. Will is desire, formulated so clearly and carried soMagic, 530:thinker, to truly self-conscious entities. Desire is instinctual or rather inherent in all forms,Magic, 530:outcome of the purposeful will and formulated desire of some thinking Being, and governsMagic, 541:be created in order to express purely selfish desire and mental matter would be swept into activityMagic, 542:mass ideas, the tendencies of [542] human desire and thought, are not at this time of the highestMagic, 544:one in the higher astral world. Selfishness and desire of a low order were the impulses back ofMagic, 545:They work, from the lower mental plane, on desire matter, and on the sentient desire bodies ofMagic, 545:plane, on desire matter, and on the sentient desire bodies of those on the physical plane who areMagic, 545:there have been many lives of selfishness, low desire, perverted intellectual aspiration, and loveMagic, 549:initiation. When he has done this, he can say: "Desire holds me not, with freedom now I stand. IMagic, 549:holds me not, with freedom now I stand. I desire all and nothing. I live and die, am offered up andMagic, 554:becomes a thinker and can formulate his thought, desire its manifestation and can energize "byMagic, 554:He will attract by his pranic energy, colored by desire high or low, and animated by the potency ofMagic, 554:that it is a result of his potent thought and desire and of his "recognition" of the four ethers.Magic, 557:it is a thought-form embodying the urgent desire of a man for selfish acquisition or thatMagic, 558:life on the physical plane. He is transmuting desire into aspiration and that aspiration [559] isMagic, 566:thought-form he has clothed with an astral or desire sheath, deliberately vitalized with hisMagic, 570:the astral body. This will be purely kamic or desire force and will affect primarily the centersMagic, 574:on any particular occasion were prompted by a desire to impose his will upon his hearers. ThisMagic, 574:would be one of detachment and he would have no desire to take prisoner the mind of his brother.Magic, 574:his words were prompted by self-will and by the desire to impose his ideas upon other people and soMagic, 575:himself and for the satisfaction of his selfish desire. In spiritual man, the hands are stillMagic, 579:of the will aspect, in the quality the desire aspect is primarily to be found. It is profoundlyMagic, 584:until he finds the Way, and nothing appeases the desire at the center of his being except thatMagic, 585:Instinct and intuition. Higher and lower mind. Desire and spiritual impulse. Selfish aspiration andMagic, 585:had a basically selfish origin, and resting on a desire for liberation or a distaste for theMagic, 595:hands of the general public, who are driven by desire for some new thing, and lack right poise andMagic, 618:are being swept into a vortex of spiritual desire, and ardently long for the life of liberation, ofMagic, 622:and his ambition. Need is truly realized. The desire to meet the need is genuine and sincere; theMagic, 622:there is no question as to willingness and desire to serve, the characters and temperaments areMagic, 624:a form which in reality embodies what they desire, what they think to be right, but which isMeditation, 10:persists until the pain is so severe that the desire to reach out and up, to ascertain somethingMeditation, 22:considered, one purely of aspiration and lofty desire. Consider wisely this sentence I have justMeditation, 24:body and is learning to be controlled by his desire body, the body of feeling or of emotion. He hasMeditation, 24:in the emotional body and when lower mind desire is being developed. Later Atlantean days hold theMeditation, 26:body and each life he builds a better; he has a desire body of more refined requirements (note theMeditation, 30:coordinated, when he had an emotional or desire nature sufficiently strong to form a basis forMeditation, 43:that liberation is achieved, and the body of desire becomes transmuted into the body of the higherMeditation, 44:Cultivate daily, therefore, that supreme desire that seeks solely the commendation of the innerMeditation, 44:to be touched. The single eye, the unalloyed desire, the consecrated purpose, and the ear thatMeditation, 44:the aim for the disciple. I say no more. I but desire that you do not dissipate needless force inMeditation, 56:volatile essences of the emotional plane, the desire faculty clothed in matter, the watery aspectMeditation, 59:necessary communication between the emotional or desire plane and the intuitional plane, and findMeditation, 63:matter and the rendering of the emotional or desire body more colorless, so that it will be a trueMeditation, 73:the sun, if his emotional body is moved by high desire, and open to the downflow of force from theMeditation, 85:and engenders but little of the rose of human desire. In the whirling of the force through theMeditation, 86:will stand before his Lord, with purified desire, consecrated intellect, and a physical body thatMeditation, 88:which instills into the wise student the desire to submit to the necessary rules, to conform to theMeditation, 88:practical experiences in daily life. This desire is wise and right, and the object of all that hasMeditation, 89:for the majority are but animated by selfish desire and would misuse it for their own ends. It isMeditation, 91:to manipulate thought matter. Only as he has no desire save to find out the plans of the Master,Meditation, 98:The reason for this is that the vibration of desire has dominated, not only the human kingdom butMeditation, 98:forms of the fifth or spiritual kingdom, this desire vibration has to be eliminated, and selfishMeditation, 105:of the brain and of the nervous system. I only desire to give general indications and warnings andMeditation, 108:dependents; or it may be the transmutation of desire by the method of meditation on the path. It isMeditation, 109:aloof from world affairs; be does not fulfil the desire of the Ego, but misses opportunity; heMeditation, 129:in the evolution of devas and of men. I only desire to point out that danger for human beings liesMeditation, 134:for the personal self acquire that which they desire. [135] The dark brother considers not whatMeditation, 140:of Form collectively. [140] Your very natural desire to have me give you in this sixth letterMeditation, 141:the lower that is the aim of all evolution. I desire to leave in the minds of those who read theseMeditation, 145:consciousness is so stable that the lower mind, desire and the physical elementals, become soMeditation, 152:and a wielding of the law from curiosity or desire for power have to be burnt out of him before theMeditation, 181:of such involutionary lives as the physical or desire elementals), and death through water, earthMeditation, 198:coupled with intensest aspiration and ardent desire - results in a downflow of force from above.Meditation, 198:of people is thus animated by a single high desire, when their auras blend and form one unitedMeditation, 220:been considered as the color of kama, or evil desire, and the picture of the dark and lurid reds inMeditation, 223:of the emotions, and in the transference of desire from that plane to the buddhic comes the abilityMeditation, 260:into mind pure and unalloyed, has transmuted desire into intuition, and has irradiated HisMeditation, 269:has somewhat to give. He must show that his one desire is to be a benefactor and [270] to serve,Meditation, 271:and to reject immediately, every thought and desire unworthy of the Self and thus harmful to theMeditation, 277:these letters except the intensification of the desire to meditate with correctness, the object inMeditation, 303:school or under another Master." Should a pupil desire so to do he is perfectly free to seek outMeditation, 334:an Ego from an earlier period. Hence the Masters desire to use those of you who live now to healMeditation, 334:hold thought for consideration by any who may desire to help In preparing a soul for service theMeditation, 337:It receives the impress of every passing desire. It contacts every whim and fancy in itsMeditation, 338:the winds of [338] thought, or rise the tides of desire. What words should describe the emotionalMeditation, 338:vibrations, such as fear, worry, personality desire of any kind, personality love of anything orMeditation, 344:grip of God's plan, coupled with the strong desire to serve the Great Ones, in physical planeMeditation, 354:of something which gratifies a personal desire. Kumaras The highest seven self-conscious beings inPatanjaliis freedom from longing for all objects of desire, either earthly or traditional, either here orPatanjaliuntouched by limitation, free from karma, and desire. 25. In Ishvara, the Gurudeva, the germ of allPatanjali, 9:control of the emotional body and therefore of desire, and control of the mental body, andPatanjali, 9:The student should remember that uncontrolled desire and an unregulated mind shut off the light ofPatanjali, 10:are made. The "psychic nature" is kama-manas (desire-mind), the emotional or astral body, tingedPatanjali, 13:of the rapidly changing forms of thought and desire fades away, and the realm of the soul, the truePatanjali, 14:or of mind tinged with feeling, of the desire-will of the lower man. The goal of the Raja YogaPatanjali, 19:own mental auras, energized by their will or desire [20] and are consequently dissipated whenPatanjali, 24:upon the physical plane. Kama-manasic (or desire-lower mind) images of past desires and theirPatanjali, 24:of teaching, and which is not purely based upon desire, but which has its basis in intellectualPatanjali, 28:is freedom from longing for all objects of desire, either earthly or traditional, either here orPatanjali, 28:of water, the symbol of material existence, and desire, the quality of the astral plane, whosePatanjali, 29:for any object whatsoever, and where there is no desire for rebirth (ever the outcome of longingPatanjali, 30:remember that heaven, the object of aspirational desire, which is the outcome of traditionalPatanjali, 30:plane which is the concretion of the longing and desire of the aspirant for rest, peace and
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